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Driving Whiskey Wild by Melissa Foster Blog Tour

A captivating new sexy standalone romance by New York Times bestselling author Melissa Foster.

Special Forces veteran and Dark Knights Motorcycle Club member Bullet Whiskey lives to protect his family, their bar, and the residents of his small hometown. He’s rough, unapologetic, and haunted by a secret, painful past. He’s also a master at keeping people away, and when his sister hires gorgeous and sweet Finlay Wilson to help expand their biker bar, he knows just how to get rid of her.

After losing her boyfriend and her father, Finlay moves back to her hometown to be closer to the little family she has left. She needs her temporary job at Whiskey Bro’s to get her catering business off the ground, and she’s determined not to let the gruff, arrogant mountain of a man Bullet Whiskey scare her off.

Finlay is everything Bullet has never wanted. She’s afraid of his dog, afraid of motorcycles, and sweet enough to give him cavities, but as she weaves her way into the hearts of everyone around him, he’s powerless to resist her charms. Passion ignites, but trust doesn’t come easily, and when their pasts collide, Bullet finds out the true meaning of protecting those he loves.

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Book 3
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Finlay smiled and waved as she slipped into the dingy bar. “Hi. Am I interrupting?” From the scowl on Bullet’s face, she was not only interrupting, but she’d somehow pissed him off. Well, good for him. Let him be angry, the big, tattooed bully. What kind of man comes up to a woman at a wedding and says, Hey, sweetheart, whaddaya say I take you for a ride on the Bullet train?

She smoothed her sundress over her hips, trying to gather her wits about her. Bullet train. She had no doubt he had a train in his pants. The man was larger than life in too many ways to count, and when he set those cold, dark eyes on her, she swore they ignited right in front of her. Lordy, now my pulse is racing. She’d been thinking of that flash of heat ever since the wedding, and she couldn’t deny that it scared her and turned her on in equally frustrating measures. If she were honest with herself, she’d thought she was too damaged after losing Aaron to ever feel this type of spine-tingling excitement over a man again—and the fact that she felt it around a guy like Bullet scared the heck out of her. But this was not the time for honesty. She needed to pull herself together so she didn’t make a bad impression.

Dixie pushed past her massive brother to greet her. “Not at all! I’m glad you made it in.” She gave Finlay a quick hug and then glared at Bullet. “Right, Bull? Aren’t we glad she made it in?”

He lifted his chin in a half-cocked greeting before stalking around the bar and busying himself pulling bottles from shelves. Was he upset that she’d refused his magical penis ride? If so, he was going to have to get over it, and fast.

“Don’t pay attention to him. He had a rough night.” Dixie waved a hand as if Bullet didn’t matter.

Finlay forced a smile, knowing the big oaf mattered a heck of a lot. She’d grown up in Peaceful Harbor, although she was several years younger than the Whiskeys and she hadn’t known them then. She’d moved back into town two months ago, hoping to put down roots near her sister, Penny, after leaving to attend college in Boston nearly a decade ago. Penny had filled her in on the Whiskeys when she’d accepted the catering job for their friends’ wedding. Apparently, the Whiskeys and their motorcycle gang owned her small hometown. Only, according to Penny, it wasn’t like the stories she’d heard about bikers causing a ruckus or scaring people. No, the Whiskeys were known to be good folks, and apparently their gang was more of a club. She didn’t know the difference, but understood that they protected the community, keeping crime down and helping with bullies—except, apparently, for their own big, pushy son. From what Penny had said, they might look intimidating, but beneath all those tattoos and dark leather, they were kind, caring, generous people. She’d noticed that at the wedding, and in the weeks since, as she’d seen Dixie, her other brothers, and their parents around town. They were all as nice as could be. The jury was still out on big, bad Bullet.

But if she was going to spend any amount of time in his presence, he needed to respect her. This was why Penny had pushed her to take this job, wasn’t it? Because she’d been hiding behind her past, living a safe, comfortable, lonely life for so long she’d all but forgotten how it felt to be hit on? And how to handle it. Well, that ended now. She straightened her spine, the way she’d learned to do in culinary school, when top chefs came in to teach and they’d ream the students for the smallest errors. There was no room for thin skin in catering—and she’d be darned if she’d let Bullet Whiskey intimidate her one bit.

“It’ll be fine,” she assured Dixie, and walked directly behind the bar to the mountain of a man who was trying his best to ignore her. Every step made her heart beat faster. Holy moly, she hadn’t remembered him being that tall. She was only five three, but even though she had heels on, he was well over a foot taller than her.

She reached up and tapped Bullet’s shoulder. It was like tapping stone covered with a black leather vest. He turned slowly, his broad chest and massive arms suddenly taking up all the extra space. She stared up at him. His dark beard and eyes gave him a menacing look. She swallowed hard, steeling herself to say her piece. In the next second those angry eyes turned even hotter and hungrier than they’d been at the wedding.

Her traitorous insides flamed.

Oh boy. She was in way over her head. This man probably got everything he wanted from women with that look. He cast some sort of spell with his leather wrist cuffs, scary-looking silver and black rings, and go-ahead-just-try-to-mess-with-me attitude.

Forcing her sternest expression, she said, “Bullet, if we’re going to work together, I expect you’ll let what happened at the wedding go and get behind me on this project.”

He cocked his head, his lips curving up in a wicked smile that brought goose bumps to her entire body as he said, “I’m happy to get behind you anytime, sweetheart.”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the series and is an excellent addition to it. I would certainly recommend that you read them in order, but it would read well as a standalone too. A great mix of super sweet and hard biker romance.

Bullet has spent his whole life taking responsibility for everything and everyone. It is exhausting, guilt inducing, and has completely taken over his life. So, he cannot believe that the delicate, beautiful Finlay should enter his dark world. She however has a very different view on their differences, and similarities. I love how their worlds collide and then meld. They are two really special people, who definitely deserve the happiness that the other unconsciously offers them.

It was no surprise to me that this is another fabulous book from Ms. Foster – she has such a way with giving us people who allow us into their lives and hearts. Anyone who has read any MC / biker book will have smiled at Finlay's disregard of convention, and how Bullet gives her protection. Utterly delicious, and great fun.

Each of these books is very satisfying, and the series as a whole is on my reread list... but there are a few more to come before I give myself the pleasure of reading them all in sequence together.

This is the third book in The Whiskeys series and I think it might be my favorite so far. Bullet is the older brother of the Whiskey kids and he has always been the protector of the other siblings. But after years in the military, he has his own demons to deal with. He runs Whiskey Bro's, the bar that has been in the family and part of the Dark Knights MC for years. Bullet only wants to keep his family, his club, and the people of Peaceful Harbour safe. That puts a lot of pressure on a person.

Finlay decides to move back to her hometown after losing her boyfriend and her father a few years ago, she wants to start her catering company in Peaceful Harbour, which will put her closer to her sister, Penny. When Dixie, Bullet's sister, asked Finlay to help with the bar’s renovation and menu, she is drawn to Bullet but he is so intimidating. Finlay can tell he is a protector and he seems to be trying to run her away from the bar.

Bullet doesn't want Finlay around the hard bikers at the bar, she is too sweet and innocent. But when Finlay stands up to Bullet, it only goes to show him that she is not a delicate flower. He finds himself drawn to her. He wants to spend more time with her. But can he spend any time with Finlay without his PTSD getting in the way? Will Finlay be able to handle his past, his demons, and his pain?

I really loved Bullet and Finlay and felt their past and heartache. Even though Bullet had talked to his brother, Bones, and a therapist, he found it easy to talk to Finlay about his past and demons. And she was able to share her past with him too. This story can be read as a standalone but I would recommend reading the others in the series first, you don't want to miss a thing.

As always with the Whiskeys, they’re an addicting, swoon-worthy family and reading about them is always an adventure. Tru Blue has been my favorite book in this series but this book is my next favorite – it’s a quick read that I couldn’t put down!

Bullet Whiskey’s life is all about protecting – be it his family, friends, or absolute strangers. If they’re in need, Bullet is there to help. Finlay Wilson is new to the town and just getting her catering business off the ground. Bullet and Finlay first met at a Whiskey wedding where Bullet propositioned Finlay. Now, Finlay is going to be working at the Whiskey bar, helping revamp things while Bullet fights tooth and nail to keep her away from the guys at the bar – and to get her to give a fling with him a chance.

Bullet was one of my favorite characters that I’ve read in a while – he’s sexy, rough around the edges, and has quick wit that had me cracking up. Finlay is his perfect balance and the author did such a fantastic job with their banter. I’m looking forward to more from The Whiskeys.

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Melissa Foster is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling and award-winning author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented–perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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