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Welcome to Wicked Reads!

We thank you for your interest in having Wicked Reads review your work, whether it's a short story, a novella, or a full length novel. We have a team of 12 ladies whose genre interests vary. So while we do not stick to one genre, most of the books we review fall within the romance genre.

If you wish for us to review your work we do not promise a favorable review. Each of our ladies reviews a book based on how she responds to it. If more than one reviewer chooses to read your book, you could receive a 2-star review and a 5-star review from our blog. A review is a reflection of the reviewer’s personal response to your book and, as such, may vary widely. But all reviews will be honest and will be posted on each reviewer’s personal Goodreads and Amazon account. As we currently have reviewers on three different continents, Amazon reviews may appear on Amazon US, UK and/or Au, depending upon where the reviewer resides. We strive to share the reviews on our blog as well in a timely manner, but tour schedules and other review requests dictate how quickly this will occur. Our current goal is to have it published on the blog within 12 weeks, but this is subject to change.

Please be aware that if a reviewer cannot get into the story, we do allow them to not finish the book. Some of our reviewers will “give it a go” more than once before “throwing in the towel,” but we do not force our reviewers to finish a book. This is neither fair to the reviewer or to the author. If a reviewer is unable to finish your book, they do NOT leave a review. We feel that a review should only be left when the book has actually been read completely.

If you are interested in having Wicked Reads review your book, please email us at NOTE: This is a new address.

Your email should contain the following:
~ Review Request and the book’s title as the subject line. For example: Review Request - Restraint.
~ The Goodreads or Amazon link for the book. If the book is not on either site, please include the book’s synopsis.
~ The genre(s) of the book. Please note that for our purposes, YA books MUST be suitable for a 12 to 16 year-old to read. Otherwise it is considered a New Adult book by us.
~ Word count and/or Page count (based on 250 words/page).
~ Any additional trigger subjects and/or themes that a reviewer should be aware of as potential triggers. Examples include: m/m, f/f, ménage, non-con or dub-con, incest, drug/alcohol abuse, domestic abuse, murder, human trafficking, underage sexual relations. Please Note: What is a warning for some reviewers is a "must-read" flag for others.
~ The book’s file format. We accept mobi (will no longer accept after June 30, 2022), epub, Word docs, and PDFs. We also allow books to be gifted via Amazon and Smashwords. Please note that PDFs are the least preferred format among our reviewers and often decreases the likelihood of your book being chosen for review. 

Subject: Review Request for [insert book's title]
Body of email must contain the following (please feel free to copy & paste to your email):
Title & Author:
Book's link:
Any additional information:

Subject: Review Request for Good Girl

Title & Author: Good Girl by Erica Chilson
Series: Blended #1
Book's link:
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
Length: 652 pages
Triggers/Warnings: BDSM, M/M, Drug use
Format: epub

Submitting a review request does NOT guarantee that we will review your book. When you submit a review request, the information will be shared with the review team to see if anyone is interested in reviewing it AND is available to review it. If a reviewer is interested, we will email you back to request a review copy and any additional information we may need.

Do NOT send your ARC unless we request it. Emails containing unsolicited ARCs may be deleted. Because we still receive unsolicited ARCs, we no longer delete such emails. But do understand, just because you send your ARC doesn't mean we'll review it.

Please note that we do NOT accept unedited ARCs as review requests. The file you send us should be the final version of the book and will be reviewed as such.  

We look forward to hearing from you.

Erica, Angela,
The Wicked Reads Review Team

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