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Coen by Sawyer Bennett Release Blitz

Available Now. Pittsburgh Titans. Coen. Sawyer Bennett dot com.

Coen Highsmith was a league star, but he lost more than his team the day the Pittsburgh Titans’ plane crashed. Can he be saved from his downward spiral of guilt and regret to become the man he once was?

I had it all—a successful hockey career, the respect and adoration of the fans, a rotation of beautiful women warming my bed, and a feeling of self-worth and contentment with the direction of my life. But that all changed the day the team plane went down, taking my only chance of redemption with it. Now I’m left with the daily reminder of all my failures and my inability to correct them.

My new teammates are tired of my attitude and following my suspension, I hole up in a mountain cabin to get away from all of it. The isolation is exactly what I need to get out of my own head, and I’m beginning to think I could be content in this quiet forever.

Tillie Marshall isn’t the type of woman who would usually catch my attention, yet she manages to do so for all the wrong reasons. I’m here for the peace and seclusion but the quirky artist is hell-bent on destroying that by cutting down the trees that separate our properties so she can open a pottery studio. If it’s a fight she wants, it’s a fight she’ll get. I have the money and the time and no issues bringing her down through the court system. While I see flashes of steely determination within her, I’ve found that being a jerk comes naturally these days and she won’t be hard to intimidate.

Unfortunately, that gorgeous and somewhat odd neighbor who has been causing me grief is creating another type of feeling within me. And once that spark is lit, Tillie displays a faith in me that for the first time since the crash I desperately want to believe. Now it’s time for me to step up and become the man—no, a better man than I once was.

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Coen by Sawyer Bennett

Book 4
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Big Dog Books (Sawyer Bennett)



My name is Tilden. Tillie to my friends, but you don’t qualify. So, it’s Tilden or Ms. Marshall, but it’s not lady. That’s rude.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is one of the stories I have waited on, Coen was one of the three who were not on the fatal flight where all of the Pittsburgh Titans team died. Now he is left with guilt and turmoil that has left him feeling despair, dragging him down a rabbit hole that he did not know if he deserved to be rescued from.

Tillis is the new neighbor he literally runs into on one of the trails and soon he learns that she wants to remove some trees to make a road and destroy part of his peaceful haven. What he doesn't realize is Tillie, those trees, and a woodland creature might save him from himself and the hell he has decided he belongs.

While this story is heartbreaking, it is also filled with emotions that will have you laughing and crying because this author knows how to pull at your heartstrings. Once I started reading, I did not want to stop. I cannot wait to read the next one, bring on Drake.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
Coen Highsmith has struggled since the plane crash that took the lives of his best friends and members of the Pittsburgh Titans hockey team. His anger issues have gotten him suspended from the team and thanks to his friend Stone, Coen has found peace at his late brother's cabin in the Pennsylvania woods.

The longer he's there, the more Coen is able to heal, to start to come to terms with the plane crash and the loss of his friends. His only problem is that he's carrying a hurt so deep that he's unable to forgive himself for betraying one of his friends. His inability to make things right makes Coen believe he's not worthy of being on team or playing hockey.

Things begin to change for Coen when his new neighbor, Tillie Marshall, moves in next door. Tillie has the ability to see through Coen's BS and go toe-to-toe with him over the most trivial of things. The only real problem is that Tillie wants to cut down the trees between their properties. Coen doesn't want the trees cut down – he needs his privacy.

As Tillie learns more about Coen and the issues that he has faced since the plane crash, she can't help but fall for the man behind the gruff exterior.

All that may be moot if Coen can't face his demons surrounding the crash or his overwhelming guilt he feels for being unable to right a wrong.

Sawyer Bennett has done an amazing job of creating the world of the Pittsburgh Titans and I can't wait to read the next installment.

This is the fourth book in the series, and it is really the one that we have been waiting for... Coen has been impossible to deal with ever since the crash, but finally he gets his chance to both redeem himself from his bad behaviour and recover from the pain of not being on that flight.

Coen has been spiralling for months and finally has decided to hide away in the mountains. He is in avoidance mode, but it is safer than previous options. He is staying fit, but not expecting to ever play hockey again.

Then he meets his new neighbour, Tillie. She is the light to his dark, and yet she too has suffered loss, and has a completely different way to look at the future. Unfortunately, when her plans include removing some trees between their properties, they are at loggerheads. The legal complications notwithstanding, these two are attracted to each other big time. It is lovely to see Coen facing his demons and finally we find out just why he has been so very difficult since the crash.

I loved the openness of Tillie and how she brings Coen back to life – it was a pleasure to read from the very first page. I was convinced that he just needed a chance, and thankfully, Sawyer Bennett knew just how to write his perfect story.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance

Tillie is a dreamer. She's a dreamer with a down-to-earth outlook on life. With the death of her parents, her love of the arts, and great friends, she knows where she wants to go and how she's going to get there.

Coen is trying to figure out how to move forward after the death of his best friends. With extra guilt hanging over him, Coen is drowning in guilt. Coen knows that leaving hockey behind won't be easy. Now that he's bought a cabin, Coen is starting to gain more perspective on the world and his life.

When Tillie and Coen clash over some trees that separate their land, both will stop at nothing to get the other to agree to terms. Tillie is hilarious with her attempts and Coen is just downright broody. These two are very different, and yet, opposites attract.

It's a fun story of finding yourself, forgiveness, love, and friendship. It was well done with strong characters all around. You won't be disappointed.



“Holy fuck. You’ve got a chipmunk on you.”     “This is Chip. We’re buddies.”     “I’m texting this to the team right now.”


Author Bio

Sawyer Bennett. New York Times Bestselling Author.

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author SAWYER BENNETT uses real life experience to create relatable stories that appeal to a wide array of readers. From contemporary romance, fantasy romance, and both women’s and general fiction, Sawyer writes something for just about everyone.

A former trial lawyer from North Carolina, when she is not bringing fiction to life, Sawyer is a chauffeur, stylist, chef, maid, and personal assistant to her very adorable daughter, as well as full-time servant to her wonderfully naughty dogs.

If you’d like to receive a notification when Sawyer releases a new book, click HERE to sign up for her newsletter.

Sawyer also writes general and women’s fiction under the pen name S. Bennett and sweet romance under the name Juliette Poe.

Connect with Sawyer Bennett

Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  TikTok  ~  Website  ~  Goodreads
Facebook Group: Sawyer Bennett's Never Ending Party



I can’t look at Tillie without wanting to touch her. Mostly kiss her. I’ve never enjoyed the act of kissing as much as I do with her.

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Give Me Love by Corinne Michaels Release Blitz

Give Me Love. New York Times Bestselling Author. Corinne Michaels. Available Now. Read Free in Kindle Unlimited.

New York Times bestselling author Corinne Michaels brings a fake relationship standalone in the town of Rose Canyon.

My biggest mistake was falling in love with my fake husband.

It was supposed to be a marriage of convenience between two best friends in the military. Our plan was to collect extra money and stay stationed together.

But what failed? Me. I did. Because suddenly I wanted a man who was never meant to be my real husband.

In an attempt to remedy my mistake, I severed all ties and put my life as a combat medic and Emmett Maxwell behind me. I’ve lost too many people to open myself up to love.

Now I’m working as a private investigator, and fate has stepped in, forcing our paths to intersect again when I’m looking into the disappearance of a missing girl with ties to Emmett’s hometown. A case I fear puts his life in danger.

He gives me one week to prove my suspicions and then I need to sign the divorce papers and leave. The problem with that? The moment I see Emmett again, I realize how foolish it was to leave him, to think I could ever stop loving him. All I want is a second chance.

When the case threatens not only my life but also his, I’m faced with my worst fear. How many times can a heart break before it shatters beyond repair?

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Give Me Love by Corinne Michaels

Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

As with each of the books from this author, I am on pins and needles when a new book is getting close to release day. This may be the first book from author Corinne Michaels that I wanted to throw my Kindle, stomp it, and then hug it. Her stories are an emotional rollercoaster ride that will have your head spinning and your heart breaking and then you will be laughing at the banter between the characters.

I highly recommend reading the first book in this series because you do not want to miss anything from Rose Canyon and this great group of friends and the people they love. And you will love the ending, I cannot wait for the next book and find out what happens with Holden.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Second-Chance Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Emmett is the local sheriff who helps little old ladies with what they believe are crime sprees. Emmett's background is military, but now that he's made some great friends where he lives, he knows that he made the right choice in becoming the sheriff. What he doesn't expect is to see his wife again.

Blake is one strong, capable, badass woman. She's tough because she's had to be. When her friendship with Emmett takes a more serious turn, Blake knows that she should get as far away as possible. The people she loves die. It's just that simple and she can't take another loss.

This story is witty, flirty, steamy, and has just the right amount of mystery. You'll be cheering for the couple and booing the bad guy. Michaels does not disappoint in winding the tale of love and loss, redemption and forgiveness. You'll stay awake late just to finish this love story and you won't be sad you lost some sleep.



Author Bio

CORINNE MICHAELS is a New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of romance novels. Her stories are chock full of emotion, humor, and unrelenting love, and she enjoys putting her characters through intense heartbreak before finding a way to heal them through their struggles.

Corinne is a former Navy wife and happily married to the man of her dreams. She began her writing career after spending months away from her husband while he was deployed—reading and writing were her escapes from the loneliness. Corinne now lives in Virginia with her husband and is the emotional, witty, sarcastic, and fun-loving mom of two beautiful children.

Connect with Corinne Michaels

Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  TikTok  ~  Website  ~  Goodreads
Facebook Group: Corinne Michaels Books



Even in all the chaos, we were perfect.


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Dauntless by Victoria Denault Release Blitz

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, at the worst possible moment.

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, at the worst possible moment.

One and done. That’s always been my motto when it comes to guys, because I’m not about to pull someone else into the closet my parents have locked me inside. I’ve been waiting years to claim my inheritance and live the life I want to live–out, free, and oh yeah, rich.

So why is the universe dropping the sexy farm boy with the lazy smile into my life right now? When Bowen Whitlock says he’ll join my band, and later my bed, I know one time won’t be enough.

But loving Bowen is dangerous for me. And he has his own struggles, like keeping his family afloat and trying not to get fired from his job at Vino and Veritas. But he lives his life with an authenticity that gives me a tantalizing taste of living my truth.

My secret relationship with Bowen is everything, until someone betrays us in the worst possible way…

Dauntless is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

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Dauntless by Victoria Denault

Book 6
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This is a different kiss than the first one. That one tested the waters. This one is a cannonball into the deep end.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Dauntless is the sixth and final installment in the In Vino Veritas multi-author world.

I am sad to see this come to an end but seeing as I didn't read the first go around, I am excited to see all the books I missed with the characters I've come to love!

Chase is being the man his grandfather wanted him to be to collect his trust fund on his 28th birthday, even if that means keeping a huge part of himself hidden. He hooks up, he never does repeats but something about Bowen keeps him coming back for more even though he knows it can't go anywhere, but Bowen makes Chase want to break every rule he's ever made for himself.

Bowen is a walking disaster working at Vino & Veritas but when he sits in for the band, he feels the most comfortable. The sexy lead singer helps with that. Bowen is out and has been; he refuses to date someone closeted after an ex destroyed him. But something about Chase and the reasons he's still in closet do something to soften Bowen's heart.

The chemistry between Bowen and Chase is explosive from the beginning, they were so drawn to each other. I loved watching what they had build throughout the story.

I hope this isn't the end and they bring all these characters back just one more time!

This is my first time reading Victoria Denault and I was blown away with these characters!

This is the sixth book in the series and a really good addition to it – I would recommend that you read them in order, so that you can get the full goodness of all these guys. Do go and catch up on the original Vino & Veritas collection because every book adds to the wonderful group of people living in Burlington, Vermont.

Bowen is working extra jobs to help get his brother elected as mayor. One of them is at Vino & Veritas and unbelievably, Bowen is even more clumsy than Molly... and that is, as any regular reader will know, pretty impressive. One evening, Chase and his band are about to have to cancel their show as their drummer has not turned up – Bowen offers to fill in, and for the first time in years he gets to use his musical talents. I enjoyed the band set up in this story – although it made me chuckle that there is still a farming element to the story!

Chase is in a difficult family situation, waiting for his next birthday so that he can get his inheritance. In the meantime, he has to behave in accordance with his grandfather's conservative wishes. That means that his attraction to Bowen should not be allowed to go any further, but really, that chemistry is impossible to ignore.

What is so lovely about this book is that these guys talk about things. I think that it is Bowen's background that makes that possible – but it is great that Chase gets to benefit from that openness too, after a life of having to comply to be acceptable.



If this guy is interested in playing with more than my drum kit, I’m not saying no.


Author Bio

Victoria’s debut novel, One More Shot, was released by Hachette June 2, 2015. Since then she hasn’t stop writing. She became a full-time author in 2017 and expanded from sports romance to contemporary, small-town, and M/M. In the near future she hopes to pen books in even more genres like historical, paranormal, book club fiction and thrillers.

Victoria’s love of books began at 12 when she picked up her first Sweet Valley High and the obsession grew from there. Her favorite childhood gift remains the 1930s typewriter her parents found at a garage sale which actually wasn’t a gift for her. It was meant to be a display piece in their front hall but Victoria snuck it into her bedroom and it was on that typewriter she first began pounding out her own stories.

Victoria, her husband Jack and their chihuahua Gus live in a 222 year old home with character, charm and more spiders than she cares to think about. When not writing books she can usually be found on a beach somewhere. Her favorite beaches are La Concha in San Sebastian, Spain, Zuma in Malibu, California and Ocean Park, Maine.

Connect with Victoria Denault

Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  Website  ~  Goodreads



Emotionally needy, sexually greedy Chase is the best Chase of all.


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Making the Match by Kristen Ashley Blog Tour

Available Now. Making the Match by Kristen Ashley. Blog Tour. September 21st – 23rd.

From New York Times bestselling author Kristen Ashley comes the new book in her River Rain series, Making the Match.

Decades ago, tennis superstar Tom Pierce and “It Girl” Mika Stowe met at a party.

Mika fell in love. Tom was already in love with his wife. As badly as Tom wanted Mika as a friend, Mika knew it would hurt too much to be attracted to this amazing man and never be able to have him.

They parted ways for what they thought would be forever, only to reconnect just once, when unspeakable tragedy darkens Mika’s life.

Years later, the impossible happens.

A time comes when they’re both unattached.

But now Tom has made a terrible mistake. A mistake so damaging to the ones he loves, he feels he’ll never be redeemed.

Mika has never forgotten how far and how fast she fell when she met him, but Tom’s transgression is holding her distant from reaching out.

There are matchmakers in their midst, however.

And when the plot has been unleashed to make that match, Tom and Mika are thrown into an international intrigue that pits them against a Goliath of the sports industry.

Now they face a massive battle at the same time they’re navigating friendship, attraction, love, family, grief, redemption, two very different lives lived on two opposite sides of a continent and a box full of kittens.

Don’t miss our reviews of other books in the River Rain series!
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For book three, Taking the Leap, click HERE.


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Making the Match by Kristen Ashley

Book 4
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She looked beyond him and called, “Hey, Mom.”

Suddenly, Tom felt like he’d been punched in the chest, his breath not coming easy.

Dragging some in, he turned and saw Mika standing there.

She was wearing a kaftan dress with a low V at the neck, draping sleeves and a string through an empire waist that gathered the material. The print on a black background was mostly reds, oranges and pinks with bright accents of green and blue and turquoise. She had some flat, embroidered mules on her feet. And her still-golden hair was up in a messy knot on top of her head.

Even though she was dressed like she was hanging around the house, she wore makeup. Mostly neutral but with black cat’s-eye, drawing focus to her eyes and the startling sea-blue color of the iris. She had some delicate chain bracelets at her wrists and a number of piercings in her ears, with studs or small hoops running up the shell, and dangling beads coming from the lobe.

She looked the picture of what a poet, photographer, novelist, filmmaker would look like. An easy style that was not unique, but she made it that way.

She was also still one of the most attractive women he’d ever laid eyes on.

In fact, he’d go so far as saying she was in the top two, vying for number one.

“Tom,” she greeted.

“Mika,” he replied, and then was surprised yet again in his short visit to her home.

He saw a soft pink rise in her cheeks, the kind a woman got when she felt nervous or didn’t know what to do with flattery, something he hadn’t offered, unless she caught it in his gaze.

She looked to her daughter and ordered, “Scram, kid.”



“So you were pissed about the flirting,” I noted.     “Livid.”



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I don’t give a lot of five-star reviews, but Making the Match is definitely five stars for me. So why did I love it?

First, I loved having such a passionate and loving romance between a couple in their late 40s early 50s. As I am close to their age group, it was great to have a story where I could relate to the stage of life of the characters.

Secondly, I was fascinated with how the story dealt with the past relationships of Tom and Mika. Tom is divorced, after cheating on his famous actress wife. Mika has raised her teenage daughter after the man she loved was killed while she was pregnant. Dealing with their past and how that is affecting their present is a huge part of the story and had me in tears several times. Anyone who has read Kristen Ashley’s work would know she regularly writes about crazy exes, so it was so good to have a story where the former partners were still loved.

Thirdly, Mika… she is an amazing woman. Strong, creative, self-assured, beautiful, intelligent. I adored her. And Tom is a pretty great guy too. And together they are the perfect couple.

Fourthly, the wonderful cast of characters around them, some of whom we know from previous books and some, like Mika’s daughter Cadence and her bestie Nora, are new to us. I loved the hints of other things going on between characters and I absolutely cannot wait to get Hale’s story. Also, I devour every little snippet we get of Corey Szabo. He just breaks my heart.

I was completely enchanted by Making the Match. It is my favorite book in this series so far and I can’t wait to read more of this series.

This is the fourth book in the series – and I would definitely recommend that you read them in order to make sure you understand the complexity of the relationships in the story. I reckon you would enjoy it regardless, but it makes so many things clearer reading this after the earlier books!

I would have found it difficult to imagine how Tom could be restored to happiness and fulfilment, and yet, of course, Kristen Ashley does so and more. The relationships in this series have always been complicated and forgiveness hard to find, but here we get such a beautifully rounded story. Humans are fallible, but also capable of redemption.

I loved Mika and the closeness with her daughter – and the story of their lives being so deeply emotional and yet they are so eminently practical. That Mika and Tom finally get a chance was definitely a blessing, but it was easy to imagine why they would be skeptical and cautious!

Add in some real corporate intrigue and this book has it ALL – all the drama, all the feels, and all the love. Delicious outcome, smooth, page-turning writing... don't expect to get much of anything done until you turn the very last page!



“It’s Dr. Pierce.”     “What?”     He put his hands to her hips. “It’s Dr. Pierce, baby.”


Author Bio

KRISTEN ASHLEY is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of over eighty romance novels. She’s a hybrid author, publishing titles both independently and traditionally, her books have been translated in fourteen languages and she’s sold millions of books.

Kristen, born in Gary and raised in Brownsburg, Indiana, was a fourth-generation graduate of Purdue University. Since, she has lived in Denver, the West Country of England, and she now resides in Phoenix. She worked as a charity executive for eighteen years prior to beginning her independent publishing career. She now writes full-time.

Although romance is her genre, the prevailing themes running through all of Kristen’s novels are friendship, family, and a strong sisterhood. To this end, and as a way to thank her readers for their support, Kristen has created the Rock Chick Nation, a series of programs that are designed to give back to her readers and promote a strong female community. You can learn more about Kristen and the Rock Chick Nation on her website.

Connect with Kristen Ashley

Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  Website  ~  Goodreads
Facebook Group: Kristen Ashley – Rock Chicks Group!



Love is the heart. The heart is a muscle. And muscle has memory that doesn’t die.


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Wonderland by Rachel Ember Release Blitz

The Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I left Vermont on the most painful day of my life and swore I’d never go back. Meadows Park–the shuttered amusement park that’s been in my family for generations–is the home of all my finest and worst memories. They all star Peter Landry–the best friend I ever had, and the only guy I’ve ever loved.

But then my eccentric grandfather buried two million dollars on the property and couldn’t remember where.

So I’m back, and asking Peter for help. He’s an Ivy League lawyer now. Still gorgeous, and able to gut me with a single smile. And I’m still a disappointment, living in the city and washing dishes to get by. As soon as we strike off down the first sunlit path, the Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I’m secretly relieved each time the day ends, leaving us empty-handed. I know it’s wrong—without that money, we could lose the park.

But if I find the treasure, I lose the guy...

Wonderland is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

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For book two, Counterpoint, click HERE.
For book three, Unmanageable, click HERE.
For book four, Underdog, click HERE.


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Wonderland by Rachel Ember

Book 5
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Audiobook (US)  ~  Paperback (US)
~  Also Available with KindleUnlimited  ~



Living with regret about Peter Landry was part of my daily life, a familiar twist in my chest. But seeing him again had twisted me up in a whole new way.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Wonderland is the fifth installment in the multi-author world of In Vino Veritas.

Peter is mentioned in Aaron and Jeremy's book, Counterpoint, and I couldn't wait to get his story! Peter is a Harvard Law graduate back in Vermont but unsure of the path he should take. He was making a name for himself in L.A., but he panicked and came back home to Vermont to find where he should go from here. What he wasn't expecting was to see Riley Meadows, his best friend (and more) he hasn't had contact with for the last eight years.

When Riley's grandfather, Gene, asked him to come back to Vermont and help him, Riley was sure what he was actually helping with. Gene was just coming out of the hospital; over time he's found himself with a hoarder situation within the house and a tax lien on his property he can't pay unless someone finds the money he buried one night on the property. The property has been in the family for years and is an abandoned amusement park but holds the most special and hurtful memories for Riley. It was his and Peter's magical place when they were younger and as they grew into men. After an accident with Peter, Riley hasn't been back; it's been too hard, but now he's ready to face the past and the man he's always loved.

I love a second-chance romance story. Peter and Riley have a long history and chemistry about them that is so wholesome. I so enjoyed watching them reconnect and fall in love all over again BUT the missing money and digging gave me so much anxiety! I couldn't help fall in love with Lemon, too! That brought such a sweet light to the history of the property.

This is the fifth book in this series and I would recommend them all – and do go and catch up on the original Vino & Veritas collection because every book adds to the wonderful group of people living in Burlington, Vermont.

Riley is back in town, and finds that his grandfather has more than just health problems – he has forgotten where he hid his lottery win, and the tax man is not going to wait much longer. Already nervous of being back, he now finds out that Peter, the very reason he's been staying away, is also back.

I loved finding out about these two guys and how their relationship as youngsters involved enjoying the crazy of Meadows Park run by his grandparents. It was key to understanding how hard they were prepared to work to help find that money!

It was also fun to see Jeremy and Aaron again – they work at Peter's aunt's law firm – and we are all hoping that Peter is planning on staying because both he and Riley deserve their happily ever after.

Another good installment in this series!



I knew I should look away, but where Riley was concerned, I’d always had a shitty sense of self-preservation.


Author Bio]\

RACHEL EMBER lives in the Midwest United States with her husband, two sons, and a menagerie of pets. She has always loved love stories, and having the chance to share her own tales still feels too good to be true.

Connect with Rachel Ember

Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram  ~  Website  ~  Goodreads
Facebook Group: Rachel's Party Barn



The past was the past. But if that was true, why did all my feelings about Riley seem as strong as ever?


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Always Her Love by Melissa Foster Release Blitz

The Steeles at Silver Island. Always Her Love.

Some fates are too tempting to deny…

“I'm pregnant. It’s yours. I’m having it, and unless you want it, I’m putting it up for adoption.” Those were the words that changed Levi Steele’s life before he was even legally allowed to drink. There was never any question about whether he would keep his daughter, and eight years later, he doesn’t have a single regret. He owns a successful contracting company, he’s part of the Dark Knights motorcycle club, and Joey’s happiness is his top priority. None of that would be possible without the help of Joey’s beautiful and selfless aunt Tara, who’s going to be staying with them over spring break and who he’s been thinking about in ways he shouldn’t. But Tara’s older sister is Joey’s birth mother, and she’s the last woman the dirty-talking biker should want to get his hands on.

Tara Osten has been crushing on Levi for as long as she can remember. He’s a loving father, a loyal friend, someone with whom she can always be herself, and six-plus feet of deliciously hard, tattooed muscle. At twenty-four, she’s finally realized he will never see her as more than his baby mama’s younger sister. It’s time to let go of her lustful fantasies starring Levi Steele and move on with her life. Step one: Buy her own place and start dating. Step two: Survive spring break without falling harder for the one man she can never have.

If you love single-parent romances, you won’t want to miss Always Her Love, an emotionally gripping, funny, and sinfully-hot story of forbidden love, with a much deserved and epic happily ever after. Fall in love on the sandy shores of Silver Island, home to coffee shops, boat races, midnight rendezvous, and the sexy, sharp-witted Steeles. They have a penchant for pranks, a passion for loyalty, and a trunk full of secrets. All Steele novels may be enjoyed as standalone romances.

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Always Her Love by Melissa Foster

Book 4
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When it came to his daughter, the line between right and wrong had always been clearly defined by one simple rule: Don’t do anything to fuck her up. He had never wanted anything bad enough to let the line blur. Until Tara.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This story will grab you from the first page until the very end. Levi and Tara are close friends, although Tara would love for it to be more. Levi has never thought of her that way until it is brought to his attention and now, she is all he thinks about.

Tara has loved Levi for as long as she can remember, but her sister is Joey's mom and she didn't want to mess up anything for Joey if her sister decided that she wanted to be a mom and come back home. When Levi and Tara realize that they both have feelings for each other, the fireworks light up the skies like it's the Fourth of July. Their chemistry is off the charts and when Joey finds out, she is even happier. Is there a happily ever after for these three who deserve so much more?

I love this author, and her stories of Silver Island make me want to move there. Each story is of a different couple, and you still get all of the friends and families, which makes it even better. This one is filled with past hurt, pain, teen crushes, love, best friends, and forever families. Everything to make a story great.

This is the fourth book in this particular series but as any fan of Melissa Foster knows, all her books are interlinked and it is like re-entering a familiar world full of wonderful friends and people across the country who have connections which make them close, even if far away. I recommend them all to you!

Here we finally see Levi and Joey get their happily ever after with the one person who has been there all along – Tara. Both Levi and Tara were done a great wrong by her sister, Amelia, but finally there is a hope that they will be able to move beyond the difficult past and enjoy the family that they have been building for years.

There are obviously a few stumbling blocks and internal worries that cause them both to be concerned, but in the end, the love of their friends and each other gives them the courage and the strength to go for what they want, whatever the complications.

Another delicious installment in the Steeles of Silver Island series!



“Put me out of my misery, T,” he demanded. “Tell me whether I’m alone in this or if you feel it, too.”


Author Bio

MELISSA FOSTER is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling author. She writes sexy and heartwarming contemporary romance and new adult romance with emotionally compelling characters that stay with you long after you turn the last page. Melissa’s emotional journeys are lovingly erotic and always family oriented – perfect beach reads for contemporary romance lovers who enjoy reading about wealthy heroes and smart, sassy heroines.

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I have loved you since before I even understood what that word really meant.

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