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Beyond the Limit by Cindy Dees

Team Reaper has a new mission...
Train the first female SEALs

Navy SEAL Griffin Caldwell is not happy with his team's top-secret mission, training the first female SEALs. Griffin's determined to prove that that his trainee Sherri Tate—a former beauty queen no less—doesn't have what it takes to join the world's most elite warrior's club. Until he sees what she's capable of, and even this hard-nosed SEAL has to admit she's tough as nails. What he won't admit to is the attraction sizzling between them.

Navy media officer Sherri Tate is more than just a pretty face. When she's given the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a SEAL, she won't let anything stand in her way, not even her arrogant trainer, who is too sexy for words.

When a dangerous mission lands Sherri and Griffin in the cross hairs of the world's most feared terrorist, it's going to take everything they have to come out with their lives—and hearts—intact.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Military Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Whew, I really enjoyed the pace of this book. Sherri is a take-no-prisoners military woman who goes after what she wants. She has had to overcome her looks and show the men around her that she's more than just a pretty face. But when the opportunity knocks for her to try her skills at becoming a SEAL, she jumps at the chance.

Griffin is a tough, rugged SEAL and he is somewhat set in his ways. When he's called to a top secret assignment, he thinks they'll be shipped out to hunt someone dangerous down, not recalled to help train a few women to become SEALs. There are no women in the SEALs and Griffin believes that's the right call. But as he gets to know the women, he's impressed and awed by their grit and determination.

When a terrorist from his past comes calling, Griffin and his team will have to decide whether or not women can truly help them or if they will turn the women away.

I really enjoyed this story and loved the romance. It built and was steamy without being forced or fake. I am loving the military setting and can't wait to read the next book.

Griffin Caldwell is part of the Navy SEALs and his team is his family. When all the members get a message from their commander, they can't believe it is during their brother's wedding. They are all, except the groom, taken to a close airfield and flown off in the darkness of night.

Sherri Tate is a Lieutenant in the U.S. Navy, working in DC as the media officer for the Navy but she wants more than to be the pretty face. So she decided she wants to make something of herself that she can be proud of and that being the first female Navy SEAL would do just that.

As Sherri and two other women are trying to get ready to join the group to be Navy SEALs, Griffin and his team will train the three women to see who can make it. As time goes by, Sherri and Griffin grow closer together.

Will Griffin see that Sherri is determined to be a SEAL and help her in the end? Can Sherri show them all that she can be the first female Navy SEAL? What will happen when something goes wrong during one of the training evolutions?

I love good romantic suspense with a killer heroine and alpha hero that makes this story great. This is a first for me from this author and I can't wait to read more in this series. If you are looking for a new series with a kick, then this one is for you.

I really, really enjoyed this fast-paced, cleverly plotted story. The concept of preparing women to be SEALs, and the reality behind the seemingly good faith measure is really poignantly written. I enjoyed the story from the very first page, and even though I was confident that there would be a satisfying ending, there were some moments of doubt, which caught me unawares.

Giving us an insight into SEAL training, and the brutality to be honest of the methods used – wow, respect. How the three women coped with the intensity and drew on the teams just came over so well. And obviously Skylar – usually called Tate – was an incredible athlete, yet her description of dealing with the pain of stretching herself beyond her limits was crazy. That single-minded commitment is not something that many are blessed with, so reading about it was fascinating. Huge respect to Dees for getting it over with her writing.

Along with all that hard, physical work, were the ups and downs of working so intensely on one's mind. There were some lovely funny moments, and moments of darkness and fear – but all brought to life vividly. Having Grif's input, and his attraction in spite of his annoyance at babysitting these women, did give some idea of why women in the service could cause issues – but he also acknowledged that their strengths were aspects that he had seen lacking when out in the field. I loved that level of detail, it made the book so much richer for me – and was never done in a preachy way, rather fell out of incidents and conversations very naturally.

His constant attraction to Tate and its effect on his body was very funny, and he was swift to say that it was not the outside package, even if that was gorgeous, but her very being. Tate too had a strong desire for him due to his looks, but as they started to work together, a deep level of respect and friendship developed – the fact the chemistry was off the walls was almost a side benefit to their relationship (a great one, but not the only thing holding them together).

I am really excited about the next book in the series already, and will enjoy thinking about Tate and Grif and how they dealt with what they faced, and how it changed them both for the better. Thank you, Cindy Rees, for a special book.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
A female SEAL? Are they crazy? Nope and it's going to happen sooner rather than later.

Grif and his team of Reapers have been assigned to train the first three candidates for BUD/S school. They are not happy about it, thinking this training is going to be more about babysitting than actual training. This was supposed to be their leave and downtime before being assigned another mission.

Sherri Tate is one of the three candidates for SEAL school along with Lilly and Anna. They are excellent soldiers and exemplary athletes.

Grif is assigned to be Sherri's swim buddy. They are never apart during training. Grif does his best to encourage her to quit, to ring the bell, all the while he can't but help noticing that she's all woman. Knowing that any type of relationship between them will not only affect her shot at becoming a SEAL, it would also damage both of their careers. That doesn't stop them from indulging in a little hanky panky when they can get away with it.

When Sherri volunteers to be the first female to attend BUD/S training, she knows that she will become the poster child for the Navy if she passes. She will be paraded around at various events rather than being out in the field with her fellow SEALs.

A series of events befall her during training and when it comes to a head during Hell Week, Sherri must dig down deep to come up with the strength to survive.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters herein. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over sixty books, 2-time RITA winner and five-time RITA finalist, Cindy Dees writes military romance and romantic suspense. A former U.S. Air Force pilot and part-time spy, she draws upon real-life experience to fuel her stories of love on the edge. When she’s not heavily caffeinated and typing like a maniac, she can be found playing with her Doberman Pinscher puppy named Waffles, reading, gardening, and traveling. She loves to chat with readers.

Connect with Cindy

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A Rainbow Above Us by Sharon Sala

What will it take to bring people together?

Hurricane Fanny left no one in Blessings, Georgia unscathed--including Rowan Harper, the only surviving member of her family. Rebuilding her life now seems almost impossible.

Bowie James comes back to help repair his grandmother's house, but he doesn't intend to stay long. He and his mother were forced out of Blessings a decade ago, and he's neither forgiven nor forgotten those responsible.

But Rowan is kindhearted, beautiful, and lost, and Bowie discovers that he can entrust her with his deepest secrets. If only their love could bring hope and healing to everyone around them, maybe they'd be willing to give it a chance...

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Book 8
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I am always happy to go spend time in Blessings, Georgia. I love the language and the mannerisms of the people of Blessings, the feeling of community, and the strong sense of right and wrong. In A Rainbow Above Us, Bowie James returns to Blessings having fled with his mother as a teenager in horrific circumstances.

If like me you are a believer in karma, you are going to love this story. Bowie returns to Blessings to help rebuild his grandma's house following the recent hurricane. He is a strong, upstanding man who is after no trouble, but it finds him anyway. Bowie may not be in Blessings for revenge but as a reader, seeing the people who wronged him get what was coming to them, was deeply satisfying. The adages 'revenge is a dish best served cold' and 'success is the best revenge' were going through my mind as I made my way through this story.

A Rainbow Above Us is also a lovely, simple romance. Rowan has led a sheltered life and when she meets Bowie, she has the opportunity for love for the first time. Bowie has never let a woman close to his heart, but he quickly falls for Rowan. Reading about their happiness as they fell in love made me happy. It is beautiful seeing this couple open their hearts to each other and take care of each other.

Sharon Sala has given us another wonderful story from Blessings, Georgia. It gets four stars from me.

Also Available in the Blessings, Georgia Series
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SHARON SALA has over one hundred books in print and has published in five different genres. She is an eight-time RITA finalist, five-time Career Achievement winner from RT Book Reviews, and five-time winner of the National Reader’s Choice Award. Writing changed her life, her world, and her fate. She lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

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Once Upon a Bad Boy by Melonie Johnson


Sadie Gold is ready to take her career to the next level with the role of a lifetime. Finally, she can shake her reputation as a pretty face with more wealth and connections than talent. But Sadie is not prepared for the wild turn her own life is about to take. The man in charge of training Sadie for her most demanding role yet is none other than her first real boyfriend—the one who took her heart and ran away.


Bo Ibarra is as good-looking and irresistible as ever. Maybe even more so, now that everything once worked against them—Sadie’s pampered and privileged upbringing and Bo’s childhood in a family struggling to make ends meet—is in the past. But the future is still unwritten… and getting there, together, means coming clean about painful secrets and slashing through nasty tabloid rumors while trying to control the attraction that crackles between them. Maybe it’s finally time for them to walk off into the sunset and into a true and lasting love?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the third book in the series and is now the chance of actress Sadie to find her happily ever after. I would highly recommend that you read the books in order, as the characters are key to the story, even if each book concentrates on another of the college girlfriends. Whilst the first two are the result of people they met on their Europe tour, Sadie finds herself working with her first love, Bo, and that gives a whole new slant to the story.

Sadie has been the very worldly member of the girl gang. Her parents are super wealthy and she has been on a national TV series for a while. She finally gets her chance as a serious film actress, and cannot believe it when Bo, the man who told her on her prom night that they should NEVER see each other again, is her trainer. And she took him at his word, so has avoided all knowledge of him.

They give off such mixed messages when they first meet, yet it is clear that they are both jealous of others being near their one-time love. It was a lot of fun when co-star Ryan plays around, but even more amusing that he sets his sights on Sadie's BFF, Ana. There is definitely a story to be told there – which I am looking forward to reading soon (hint hint).

As we start to learn just what happened all that time ago, and why both of them were so badly affected by the breakup, some really rather sad and even shocking revelations are going to have to be made. Through this, Sadie rekindles her relationship with her beloved Nana, and I loved seeing how close they were and how grateful Sadie is at being given the chance to heal that bond.

A great story, with lots going on, and I have to say, some fabulous humour – I did spend a lot of time chuckling at some of the chaos that they manage to get up to! A lovely second-chance love, which brings the total number of loved up couples to three – a few more to go yet!

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
I love second-chance romances and this one delivers.

Sadie and Bo loved each other immensely although they only saw each other during the summers. She was the daughter of a wealthy family and he was the son of her grandmother's estate manager. Bo realized early on that being with him would only keep Sadie from achieving her dreams and he broke her heart.

Sadie left Chicago and never looked back for Bo. Telling herself that if he didn't want a life with her, she didn't need him. Closing the chapter and that box of memories, Sadie set out on becoming an actress – a star.

Ten years later, she's back in Chicago to film a movie and Bo just happens to be the stunt coordinator on the film. Not sure how to handle this, she does what she always does – turns to her best friend Ana for advice.

The movie gives both Bo and Sadie time to work out their problems, deal with the teenage drama/trauma, and realize that the people they are today are not the people they would have been if they had stayed together. Realizing that life happens for a reason, they accept the past and look forward to the future, until someone tries to sabotage them with a long held secret.

Taking advice from her beloved Nana, Sadie owns her choices and dares anyone to condemn her for them.

I enjoyed this book. The secret that Sadie held is one that both empowers and devastates the person making the choice. Bo makes up for his insensitivity by making a profound discovery about himself that redeems him in the end.

Also Available in the Sometimes in Love Series

Book 1
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For reviews & more info, check out our Getting Hot with the Scot post.

Book 2
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After earning her Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude from Loyola University Chicago, Melonie Johnson—aka #thewritinglush—taught high school English and Theatre for several years. An award winning author and a two-time RWA Golden Heart® finalist, she writes smart and funny contemporary romance and moonlights as an audiobook narrator under the pseudonym, Evelyn Eibhlin. She lives happily ever after with her husband, two redheaded daughters, a dog that's more like a small horse, and a pair of hermit crabs. Getting Hot with the Scot is her debut novel.

Connect with Melonie

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The Reading Lushes Facebook Group

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I Wished for You by Colette Davison Audiobook Tour

Three wishes.

Seb wants to be happy.
Matt wants to find ‘the one.’
Connor wants them.

Two drunken kisses.

Seb didn’t plan to kiss Matt and Connor, but he doesn’t regret it, even if it has changed their friendship forever.

Matt has never considered dating a man before, let alone two. Despite his confusion, being with Seb and Connor feels right.

One uncertain future.

Connor’s potential fate has stopped him living and loving. Can he face his fears to be with the men he loves?

***Warning: Contains explicit language and scenes***

Audiobook Details
Length: 6 hrs, 24 mins
Narrator: Piers Ryman

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"Wow," Matt breathed as a shooting star shot across the now dark sky, trailing a tail of light behind it.

"That's awesome," Seb said. "Hey, aren't you meant to wish on shooting stars or something?"

Matt stood, watching the sky intently. He'd finished his second can of beer and started on his third before he saw another shooting star.

"I wish I could find the one," he yelled at the star.

Anything was worth a shot. Every girl he'd dated had held the promise of being the one, but every relationship had fizzled out within weeks or months. He was getting close to believing he'd permanently be shut in the friend zone by every woman he knew.

"My turn," Seb said, leaping up to stand beside Matt. "Find me a star."

"There might not be any more," Connor pointed out.

A glance over his shoulder told Matt that Connor was still sitting, nursing a can of beer in his cupped hands. With their breath frosting on the air in front of them, Matt and Seb kept a fierce watch on the sky.

"There," Matt said, pointing towards the far right as a star shot across the darkness.

"I wish to be happy again," Seb yelled.

Matt turned to Connor. "It's your turn."

Connor shook his head.

"Why not?"

Connor met Matt's curious stare. "I've already had one wish come true. I figure I'd be pushing my luck to make a second."

Matt's eyebrows shot up. "Oh? Do we get to know what this wish of yours was?"

Pink splashed across Connor's nose and cheeks. He looked down, mumbling his answer. "I wished for friends. Someone I could count on. I met the two of you right after."

Matt's chest clenched. He tried to speak, but his voice stuck fast in his throat.

"Really?" Seb asked, staring intently at Connor as he sat in the middle chair.

Connor lifted his eyes again, staring at Seb and then at Matt. "Yeah." He looked to the sky. "I mean… it was probably a coincidence, but I wished for you, and there you were."

Tears stung Matt's eyes. He ran his hand over them and down his face, sniffing loudly. "Well, fuck, Con…" He wasn't even sure what it was he wanted to say. "I'm glad we met you, too," he managed. "I'm glad we could help you when you needed us."

"You still do," Connor said softly. "Every day."

"Okay, shut the fuck up now," Matt said, trying not to cry. He flopped into the third chair. "I'm not nearly drunk enough to be getting this sentimental. More booze!"

Seb handed him a full can, and together, they sat and watched the occasional light show of falling stars as they drank into the night.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Oddly enough, I Wished for You has proven to be a rather difficult audiobook to write a review for. I say it’s odd because I thoroughly enjoyed both the story and the narration but am at a loss for words to properly explain why. You see, for me, it’s so well-balanced that I’m not sure where to start. Colette Davison has written a story that gives me the perfect amount of romance, self-discovery, angst, drama, baggage, and love, and then went and topped it off with an extra guy. So, I’ve not only had the pleasure of listening to a story that has hit all my warm and fuzzy romance boxes perfectly, but she made it a polyamorous romance that develops among three guys who have been friends since school. It’s practically the perfect romance for me. That’s not to say that Seb, Matt, and Connor have it easy as I did say there’s the right amount of angst and drama, but it was enough of both to satisfy my appetite yet not so much that I was over it. While I’m trying to avoid specifics because I think readers and listeners should get to encounter the various obstacles and successes the guys encounter along the way on their own, I have to say that I think what really did it for me was that the guys were so considerate of one another’s needs – emotional and physical – and did all that they could to allow each other to move at their own speed. There was a concerted effort by each man not to pressure his other partners to move faster than they were ready for and I found that level of consideration to be… see, word loss, because heartwarming isn’t the word I’m going for, but I can’t think of the perfect word to express how much this touched me.

As for the narration, Piers Ryman was awesome. I believe this is the first audiobook I’ve listened to in which all the characters are British, and I adored it. Even though I love a British accent, I’ve been hesitant to listen to an audiobook in which all the characters are British (or maybe I haven’t found one yet), but upon listening to the sample and hearing the slur of a drunk, broken-hearted Seb, I had to hear the whole thing. While I’m not naïve (or ignorant) enough to say that all British people sound alike, I’m not educated on the specific accents, so I can’t even begin to suggest where the lads are from. What I will say is that despite there being three main male characters and Ryman having to perform them as both sober and intoxicated (as well as other heightened emotions) at various points in the story, not once was I confused as to who was speaking – this includes when I would cue the book back up after several hours to resume listening to it after work. Seb, Matt, and Connor’s voices were so distinct from one another that it made it far easier to listen to than I anticipated, which only made it even more enjoyable. I Wished for You is a first for me from both Colette Davison and Piers Ryman, but I certainly hope to be able to read and/or listen to more by both the author and the narrator.

Colette’s personal love story began at university, where she met her future husband. An evening of flirting, in the shadow of Lancaster castle, eventually led to a fairytale wedding. She’s enjoying her own ‘happy ever after’ in the north of England with her husband, two beautiful children and her writing.

Connect with Colette

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Piers Ryman

I am a British actor and narrator, with my own permanent home studio. In addition to audiobook narration, I have also worked in theatre, film and commercials for many years.

I especially enjoy working with period drama and romance, but am happy to work on any kind of material.

Connect with Piers

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Say No to the Duke by Eloisa James

Could she possibly refuse a duke’s hand—in favor of a sardonic, sinful rake?

Lady Betsy Wilde’s first season was triumphant by any measure, and a duke has proposed—but before marriage, she longs for one last adventure.

No gentleman would agree to her scandalous plan—but Lord Jeremy Roden is no gentleman. He offers a wager. If she wins a billiards game, he’ll provide the breeches.

If he wins… she is his, for one wild night.

But what happens when Jeremy realizes that one night will never be enough? In the most important battle of his life, he’ll have to convince Betsy to say no to the duke.

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Book 4
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Avon Romance

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Say No to the Duke is the fourth installment of The Wildes of Lindow Castle. It's best to read the series in order to get the most emotional investment and entertainment value. However, I do believe it would be easy to read as a standalone novel with little to no confusion.

Lady Boadicea feared her mother's reputation would follow her during her debut season, so she behaved prim and proper, when she is anything but. Betsy longs to be independent, not understanding why she must abide by such stifling rules for women. Understanding how the rules of society dictates your reputation, Betsy has used their rules against them to appear the opposite of her passionate mother who abandoned her to run off with a man who was not her father.

Betsy was a character who was easy to empathize with, her personality traits strongly resonating within me, making the pages fly by at an addictive pace. These more serious traits give a different vibe to the novel than previous installments. Sometimes the humor can come off as silly in past books, but it suited the characters. This vibe translates into the content, with Betsy's view of the world fueling the overall more mature and serious feel of the novel.

Betsy refuses to walk in her mother's steps, after having her mother's actions used against her, even by her own sisters. She has her whole life mapped out, until she meets an unexpected kink. Love. Unpredictable love.

Coping with the affects war had on him, Jeremy is suffering with PTSD. Seeking solace from his best friend, North. North just so happens to be Betsy's brother, putting Jeremy and Betsy in each other's orbit.

Their personalities balanced each other perfectly, drawing dormant parts out of one another. So much tension and banter, real human emotions. Jeremy feeds into Betsy's need for adventure and excitement, while her presence soothes his wounds.

Without hitting upon plot points, I was hooked from page one, not stopping until I hit
The End. Say No to the Duke was an engaging, endearing journey, where I truly rooted for the hero and heroine, believing their connection, finding unexpected humor in their bantering interactions.

Recommended to fans of Eloisa James. This was a novel befitting the author and the series. While not perfect, it did have the usual flaws that I've come to expect and accept from the author.

Also Available in The Wildes of Lindow Castle Series

Book 1
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Avon Romance

For reviews & more info, check out our Wilde in Love post.

Book 2
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Avon Romance

For reviews & more info, check out our Too Wilde to Wed post.

Book 3
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Avon Romance

For reviews & more info, check out our Born to be Wilde post.

ELOISA JAMES is a New York Times best-selling author and professor of English literature who lives with her family in New York, but can sometimes be found in Paris or Italy. She is the mother of two and, in a particularly delicious irony for a romance writer, is married to a genuine Italian knight.

Connect with Eloisa

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Adore Me by Kelly Elliott

Morgan Barrett is off limits.


She’s my best friend’s sister and insists that she isn’t interested in a relationship.

That didn’t stop us from sharing one incredibly passionate night together. However, one night was not enough for either of us.

I want more.

She needs more.

When we give in to the temptation, something amazing happens. But can we keep the past from destroying the future we both desire?

Adore Me is the last stand-alone novel within the Austin Singles series.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Adore Me is the third book in the Austin Singles series. It can be read as a standalone but is so much more enjoyable read in the order the author released them.

Adore Me is centered on Morgan, Nash's sister, and Blake, Nash's best friend. Morgan is the one girl that has always been off limits to Blake and the one girl Blake has always desired. When Blake moves back home, he runs into Morgan in the most unexpected place. Seeing Morgan sends Blake's heart into overdrive but when she has an idea she needs Blake for. he can't stop all the feelings he ran from slamming back into him.

I loved seeing Blake and Morgan fight through everything to get what they wanted. Kelly Elliott can write some of the best swoony characters and she didn't disappoint with Blake.

Adore Me is a must read. Trust me, you NEED this book, these characters, and this series in your life!! You'll thank me later. I promise!

Also Available in the Austin Singles Series

Book 1
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Book 2
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Kelly Elliott is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling contemporary romance author. Since finishing her bestselling Wanted series, Kelly continues to spread her wings while remaining true to her roots and giving readers stories rich with hot protective men, strong women and beautiful surroundings.

Her bestselling works include, Wanted, Broken, Without You, and Unconditional Love, to name just a few.

Kelly has been passionate about writing since she was fifteen. After years of filling journals with stories, she finally followed her dream and published her first novel, Wanted, in November of 2012.

Kelly lives in central Texas with her husband, daughter, and two pups. When she’s not writing, Kelly enjoys reading and spending time with her family. She is down to earth and very in touch with her readers, both on social media and at signings.

To find out more about Kelly and her books, you can find her through her website.

Connect with Kelly

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Adore Me (Austin Singles #3) by Kelly Elliott to read and review.