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Reel Love by Julie A. Richman Release Blitz


The moment I laid eyes on Finn Parker’s headshot, I knew that if this guy could act, I wanted him for the hero role in the film being made from my book, Fleeing an August Moon.

The tall, blond, and ruggedly handsome actor looked exactly like the picture I’d seen in my head the entire time I was writing the book.

The studio, however, had different thoughts on a leading man.

Box Office crusher, Maverick Dailey, made it clear that he wanted the role. The producers, studio, and everyone involved were thrilled to score such a celebrity. Well, everyone except me.

And it’s my vote that counts since, according to my contract, I get final say on casting. Maverick is amazing, yet I’m just not sure…

It certainly didn’t help that Finn Parker and I seemed destined to cross paths. We ran into each other all over Hollywood. And the more time we spent together, the more the sparks between us flew. We had an intense chemistry, something I’d only ever read about in books like mine.

Which made me wonder, was I really falling for Finn or just living out a fantasy with a red-blooded, live version of my hot hero character?

It’s easy to confuse fiction for reality in Hollywood. Everything is not as it seems in this town.

Not to mention, Finn’s life would forever change if he landed the role. Which made me question how good of an actor he really was? Was he interested in me, or the role I had the power to give him?

Is this Real Love or just Reel Love?

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Don’t fuck this up. This is the chance of a lifetime. She just confirmed that the rumors are true and she is the final decision-maker on casting. Who knew she’d be an early riser and a runner. Yeah, Sebastian told me that’s where she was staying, but I didn’t think I’d run into her. Divine providence, maybe? So glad I asked her where she was staying, now I don’t have to worry about that slipping out and her wondering how the hell I knew that little piece of information.

C’mon, dude, convince her you are Griffin Chase. This is your chance.

“Anything you want to know? If I can answer it, I will.” She smiles at me and seems very sincere in her offer.

There’s a messy lock of hair that’s slipped out of her loose ponytail and it’s distracting the hell out of me, seriously interfering with my brain’s ability to come up with coherent questions, questions that will impress a writer. I have the urge to reach across the table and tuck the errant, loose blonde spiral behind her ear. But I’m kind of digging the sexiness of how real she looks with it all messy. This woman has never seen a plastic surgeon in her life and everything that is imperfect is actually refreshing. And beautiful. And I don’t usually have a thing for blondes. But this one, she’s really cute.

“But hold that thought.” She smiles, abruptly getting up and going to the counter at the front of the shop.

It’s impossible not to admire her tight bottom, muscular legs, and the natural sway of her hips. Damn, that is sexy. I wonder if she even knows she’s sexy.

Returning with a plate covered by two large cookies, she shrugs, giving me an impish grin. “They were called cowboy cookies. How could I not?”

I can smell the dark chocolate and butter as she sets them down. “What exactly are they?”

“Oatmeal with chocolate chip.” She breaks off a piece of the one closest to her.

“Raisins are overrated anyway,” I assess with my first bite as the dark chocolate bathes my taste buds. Like everything else this place serves, the cookies are delicious.

“I figure we’ve already run off these calories.” Washing her cookie down with iced Americano, she locks eyes with me and asks, “Okay, I’m ready. So, what questions can I answer for you?”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

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M/F Romance

Frankie is the new up and coming author... she is the IT woman of Hollywood right now. When her book that was an international sensation is being made in to a movie, Frankie wants to experience the whole process and has final say for who gets to play her characters.

I really enjoyed Frankie. She took no guff from anyone and despite knowing the score in Hollywood, she really didn't let it get to her. Frankie was strong and independent when it mattered, but also was able to show emotion and vulnerability too. It was a great mixture for this character.

Finn is another story. You meet him when he is auditioning for Frankie's movie. Immediately, you see the connection between them, but because Finn is an actor, you question whether or not he's playing a part or has genuine feelings.

These two have such a great connection. They are relatable and you can really see their love. I really enjoyed this story and loved the way the characters interacted. It leaves the reader feeling good and confident in love.

USA Today Bestselling author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an avid nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Reel Love by Julie A. Richman to read and review for this tour.

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