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For What It's Worth by S.M. James Release Blitz

They say there are no rules in love, but will three be a crowd?

Rory García is terrible at making choices.

Dating Micah has been the best decision Rory’s ever made. Micah calms his wild side by bringing Rory back down to earth. They’re perfect for each other.
But when Rory’s Australian crush randomly shows up to stay with him, Rory’s torn between the boyfriend he maybe loves, and the guy he thought he was over.

Micah Holtz is the most loyal boyfriend in history.

Since the day Micah first saw Rory, he fell hard. There’s never been a moment where Micah’s doubted his feelings and when they finally start to date, Micah plans to hold on with both hands.
But then Justin arrives from Australia and Micah finds his single-minded attention starting to slip…

Justin Anderson has a plan for everything.

Showing up on Rory’s doorstep is the most adventurous thing Justin’s ever done. He’s lowkey sick with nerves, but knowing Rory’s there makes it all worth it. Until he finds out Rory has a boyfriend. Which was never part of the plan.
Suddenly Justin’s back to his usual game of second guessing everything, including Rory’s flirting and Micah’s lingering looks.

When Micah’s childhood haunt is set to be torn down, the three of them join forces to try to save the historic building. But will the teamwork add cracks to an already unstable friendship, or bring them closer than they ever imagined?

For What It’s Worth is a standalone story.

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Book 5
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Justin pretends to shudder. At least, I think he’s pretending. “Kill me now.”

“Nah, you’re way too pretty to kill.”

Those mismatched eyes meet mine and we’re just a pair of awkward losers staring at what we can’t have. I should probably take my words back and make out like ha ha jokes but I’m not joking. I spent way too many late nights thinking about that face… before Micah, of course.

Justin being here serves to remind me that the world is a fucking big place.

We switch off the TV and I scoot closer, craving him like fucking air and I still can’t work out exactly why. “You’ll be totally fine. Just be yourself. You won Micah over easy enough, and me, and Ari.”

He scrunches up his little nose. “Sure, my friendship group has grown to three, what an achievement.”

“Excuse me Mr. Sarcasm, but how long was that group at one for?”

Justin doesn’t answer, just screws his lips up to the side like he gets my point.

“Exactly. A fucking long time. And now you’ve tripled that number in just a few short months, like are you kidding? You’re on a roll, you charismatic piece of shit.” The name calling comes naturally to me, and at first I worry Justin won’t take it in the affectionate way I mean, but he cracks a smile that brings up those little dimples on either side of his chin and damn I want to touch them. “Plus Ruby and Grace think you’re the cutest thing ever.”

Justin shakes his head like he doesn’t believe a word coming from my mouth but he’s still smiling. “Just Alexis to go then.”

“With how much I talk about you she already thinks you’re best friends so there’s nothing to worry about there.”

“Talking about me, hey?” He’s leaning against the back of the couch, head tilted toward me. The teasing that flickers across his face is just beautiful. His hazel eye is on this side and I love how he looks slightly different depending on which side I look at him from.

“When I got back from Australia, Alexis literally banned your name from conversations.”

His lips twitch. “You’re lying.”

“I’m not. She was allowed to punch me every time I said it.”

“How many bruises did you get?”

“All down both arms.” I smirk. “Totally worth it.”

A laugh hiccups from him and he opens his mouth to say something, then stops.

“No, no.” I lean in closer. “You’re not allowed to over think, remember? Whatever you were going to say, say it.”

That gorgeous tint starts to rise on his cheeks as he swallows.

“Say it or I’ll tickle you.” I’m totally lying, but I wish I wasn’t. Every time he’s around I’m itching to get my hands on him and if that means tickling him like we’re in middle school, I’ll fucking do it. But what I won’t do is make him uncomfortable.

He buries his face into his hands. “Now you’ve made it into a thing.”

“And I’ll keep making it into a bigger thing until you tell me.” The fact he’s avoiding it just makes me even more curious. And once I get my mind stuck on something, I’ve got to know.

His hazel eye peeks out at me. “I was just going to say…” His side expands as he takes a deep breath. “That if I had any friends, they would have banned your name too.” His face disappears into his hands again, but he can’t hide how his neck goes all read. “See? Dumb.”

I slide closer, until I cross that invisible barrier he keeps locked in place and lean down so my face is near his. “Justin?”


“Look at me.”

He hesitates a second before he lifts his face, sucking in a sharp breath when he realizes how close I am. Something skitters across my chest as he pins me with his rare eye contact. I’m barely aware of my lips moving until I hear my own words.

“Nothing you ever say is dumb.”

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a very sweet and almost angst-free young adult/new adult romance. All three of the boys are interesting and engaging characters and I enjoyed the family and community that surrounds them. This is poly writing with a focus on emotions and relationships.

There is angst free romance and there’s romance that lacks conflict. And there are moments when this book actually needs a little bit more conflict. These teenagers are a little bit too selfless, a little bit too reflective, and their communication skills are a little bit too good to be convincing. The boys are sweet together but I’m not sure readers ever really feel any real chemistry between them.

I feel like the plot wanders a little in this story. The central conflict around the sale of an old church feels like an add-on and it doesn’t necessarily develop the romance element of the story at all. Lots of plot threads are introduced but not always followed through with. I’m still a little fuzzy on Justin’s touch issues and I’m not sure Rory’s high school escapades add much to a story about his relationship with two older guys. The story lacks the heat I’d expect from a new adult romance but with one of the main characters still in high school, the new adult/young adult lines get a little blurry. Even as a young adult read, the characters are probably a little bit too pure to be really believable. I’m just not sure all the parts of this book come together in a coherent whole. I enjoyed the characters and their coming of age decision making, but this book somehow lacks the tension I need in a good romance.

S.M. James writes books for teens about squishy sweet characters.

While not writing, S.M. is a readaholic and Netflix addict who regularly lives on a sustainable diet of chocolate and coffee.

Unapologetically dishing out HEAs for LGBT+ characters.

Connect with S.M.

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Calling on Quinn by Blue Saffire

He's trouble—of the very best kind

Quinn Blackhart is a private investigator, former cop, and no-nonsense, take-charge kind of guy who adores his sprawling Irish family. He likes to check all the boxes, and his niece's gorgeous driving instructor just earned a place at the top of his to-do list.

Alicia Rhodes has had a tough, chaotic year, and she's ready to put the past behind her and find happiness in the present. When handsome Quinn Blackhart shows up at a driving lesson, she can see he's the very best kind of trouble—but is she game? Now isn't a great time to get involved with a man—even if he's the most romantic, supportive, understanding, magnificent man she's ever met.

So between unfinished business of Alicia's, and a dangerous case threatening the Blackhart family, Quinn is determined to both woo Alicia and keep her safe—which is going to make for one wild, sexy ride.

First in a hot new interracial contemporary romance series from bestselling author Blue Saffire!

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Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F Romance and Mystery

Quinn comes from a large Irish family and he takes his responsibilities serious. His lists throughout the story endear him to you and that accent is just delicious. I really enjoyed watching Quinn pursue Alicia. He was determined and left nothing to chance. But when his sister is seriously injured too, he'll have to decide if he can change his ways just a little to make sure that everyone around him is safe.

Alicia has had a rough year. However, I absolutely love her character. She's strong and determined and didn't let her past wilt her spirit. She is quite hilarious on the job and I really enjoyed her close friends.

Quinn and Alicia have an attraction that extends beyond the physical. They see each other and just get each other. It's a connection that you can feel on the pages. I really enjoyed watching Alicia and Quinn figure out their relationship. It was real and down to earth for a mystery romance.

I cannot wait for the next book in the series and really hope we get to see these brothers in action.

Quinn is a man set in his ways. The main thing that keeps him sane is his list-making and sticking to them. Coming from a large Irish family, he knows what it means to protect his family. When he takes his niece for a driving lesson, the instructor has Quinn all tongue-tied and he wants to get to know her. But when she puts him in his place, this just makes Quinn more interested in knowing her.

Alicia is having a bad day but when she shows up late for her driving lesson with Mckenna, she didn't expect the gorgeous man to step out of the car. Quinn has her flustered for a minute until she catches herself and puts him in his place. She thinks she will never see him again, but he keeps coming back in her dreams.

Can Quinn win Alicia over? Will Quinn, with all his protectiveness, be too much for Alicia? Can Quinn keep her and his family safe? Who is after Alicia and who hurt his sister?

This is a first for me from this author and I liked it and can't wait to see what happens with the next brother. If you like good romantic suspense, then this one is for you.

This is the first in a new series and I will definitely be looking out for future installments, as the Blackhart Brothers are most definitely worth reading about! The world building is done very effectively, and we get fully immersed in all things family and business.

Alicia has not had the happiest of times, and has decided that other than her two very best friends and roommates (who are fun) she will not be trusting anyone for a good long while. So when she meets Quinn and immediately feels a strong attraction, she is annoyed with herself and reluctant to accept any of the advances he makes. But Quinn has set his heart on winning her over and it is great fun watching the two of them dance around each other.

Quinn is a list maker and the family organiser. He and his brothers are deep in an investigation following the shooting of their sister and brother-in-law. Having Alicia on his mind is distracting, and even becomes part of the mystery. I really liked that he made time for her, but also did answer his phone and did sort out work issues, so that Alicia recognised that he was a serious man. I enjoyed when she surprised him, and that he was more entranced rather than judgmental as she expected.

The only thing which I did not enjoy, and it is absolutely a personal issue, is that I do not enjoy having to read thick dialected speech. I completely understand that the Irish brogue was totally in keeping, but it slowed down my reading, as I had to slowly work it out, and that drew me out of the story a bit. As I say, nothing to do with the story itself, but just a personal preference.

Looking forward to finding out what the deal is with Kevin... and following the underlying investigation.

Blue Saffire, award-winning, bestselling author of over thirty contemporary romance novels and novellas, writes with the intention to touch the heart and the mind. Blue hooks, weaves, and loops multiple series, keeping you engaged in her worlds. Every word is meant to have a lasting touch that leaves you breathless for more.

Blue and her husband live in a home filled with laughter and creativity, in Long Island, NY. Both working hard to build the Blue brand and cultivate their love for the arts. Creativity is their family affair.

Connect with Blue

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Calling on Quinn (The Blackhart Brothers #1) by Blue Saffire to read and review.

How to Love Your Elf by Kerrelyn Sparks

Raised in isolation on the magic-shrouded Isle of the Moon, five girls became five sisters. Now women, they are ready to claim their places in the world—and perhaps change it forever...


Sorcha knew the mission was dangerous. Leaving the safe grounds of her brother’s kingdom and parlaying with the elves across their border... well, treachery seemed at least as likely as true peace. But to support her sister, Sorcha would brave far more than the underhanded ways of the elves. Or so she thought, before she was taken hostage.

Of course, her captors didn’t count on her particular abilities—or on the help of the Woodsman, the mysterious thief who made his home in the forest. He saw the battle from the trees, saw the soldier attacking against incredible odds to save a comrade—and then saw the valiant fighter revealed as Princess Sorcha of Norveshka. He can’t tell if he wants to kidnap her or kiss her. But despite Sorcha’s stubbornness, his inconvenient honor, and a rebellion on the cusp of full war, something burns between them that neither can let go...

This book is set in the same world as The Embraced series.

Book 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.75 Stars
How to Love Your Elf was an interesting, if not slightly confusing, romantic fantasy story. I would have appreciated knowing that there were books that preceded this, prior to picking it up.

Apparently, in this world there are multiple kingdoms that are ruled by different types of beings (e.g., humans, dragons, elves), and the elves are the least liked in the world. When the Norveshka enter the elven lands, all hell breaks loose, and Sorcha is among the casualties. This story really picks up once we meet the Woodsman. The magic comes alive, and the characters all have a story to tell!

The world building was mediocre, some areas were well built while others were just okay. The action scenes were told rather than shown. The romance was quick to take, with both characters quickly falling for the other, but of course it's denied.

Overall, I liked this world and the characters. I enjoyed Sorcha's wit and sass! I am disappointed that I started in the middle of the series and I think I may just start The Embraced series from book one.

3.5 Stars

How to Love Your Elf is the first installment in the Embraced by Magic series, while also the spin-off of The Embraced series, listed as the fourth novel. Since I hadn't read its predecessor, I can confidently say I was prepared to go on a long diatribe in my review over how I found confusion, like I was dropped in the middle of a book, with events laundry listed for me, info-dumpage, which is what made me drop my rating to 3.5 stars. After reading and discovering this was the fourth installment, I do wish to go back and start at the beginning. BUT, and this is a huge BUT, I wish I had known that from the start.

My recommendation to readers who haven't read The Embraced series yet, go do that first to save yourself a ton of confusion, frustration, where you'll be emotionally connected to the story by starting at the beginning. This would add to the entertainment value.

Yet to figure out why authors/publishers do this to their readers.

It's been a good decade since I read a Kerrelyn Sparks novel, and I was more than curious once this debut in a brand-new series popped up (until I came to Goodreads to post my review, I didn't know it was a spin-off, to be honest). As I said, I'm swallowing down my need to vent over a mega pet-peeve of mine...

What to expect when reading Kerrelyn Sparks: romance, action, suspense, paranormal elements to bring the excitement, banter and push-pull between the hero and heroine. But the one signature element is humor. Sometimes it's cheesy slapstick, usually it's self-deprecating, with plenty of moments where the reader experiences secondhand embarrassment for the narrator. If this was Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I'd say the humor is Just Right.

Sorcha is stubborn and independent, which are good traits if not used to make a heroine who is willful and fiery at the expense of logical thinking. I'm all for an empowered heroine, because that always strongly resonates with me. But Sorcha's actions and reactions could be a bit difficult to swallow at times. Other than Sparks telling the reader that Sorcha is fiery in spirit, I didn't really see it. The traits didn't match her mindset and actions.

How about that Woodsman, eh? (blushing smirky face) (being vague to avoid spoilers)

While I was entertained, and mostly frustrated, I'm glad I read the novel, as it gave me a taste of an author I hadn't read in many, many years. It put The Embraced series on my radar, which I'll will eventually get around to reading from the start.

I do highly recommend to fans of the author, as How to Love Your Elf is a good representation of her writing style. I definitely recommend that you go back and read the original series first to avoid confusion.

A note to publishers and authors: STOP doing that bait and switch BS. If it's a part of another series, don't call it a debut and brand-new. Just saying... you'll lose readers like me who have that at the top of our pet-peeve lists.

Kerrelyn Sparks is best known (so far) for the Love at Stake series, which has hit as high as number 5 on the New York Times bestseller list and 22 on USA Today. Kerrelyn lives with her family in the Greater Houston area of Texas.

Connect with Kerrelyn

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of How to Love Your Elf (Embraced by Magic #1; The Embraced #4) by Kerrelyn Sparks to read and review.

In the Garden of Discontent by Lily White Blog Tour

This is a love story.
It’s brutal.
Heart wrenching.
Terrifying, honest, and raw.
But a love story nonetheless... because it is so beautiful.


Noah Carter was the type of guy that every girl wanted.
Gorgeous. Talented. Smart and kind.
He was the world that revolved around me even though I didn’t deserve him.
But then something went wrong.
He snapped maybe, just lost his mind.
I found him the night my family died, their blood staining his hands.
I put him in prison. I got my revenge.
But then years later he broke free and stole me away from my life.


You couldn’t know Ensley without wanting to strangle her.
She was beautiful. She was wild. She was the girl next door.
I grew up with her by my side.
I watched her destroy herself while I held on.
I protected her when she had been blind to the danger that surrounded her.
I let her go once, only to find her again.
She would see me this time no matter what.

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~  Also Available with KindleUnlimited  ~

Leaning down, Noah trapped my bottom lip between his teeth, the hold a punishment, the sting a balm. A part of that ugliness inside me fractured, that tiny amount of pain enough to knock something loose until it was rolling around and rattling.

Opening my lips with his, he swept his tongue into my mouth, filling me with his taste.

I was held up only by his grip on my shirt, balanced only by the strength of his arm and shoulder. My head fell back as he kissed along my jaw and down my neck, teeth scraping the skin, his bite sinking into my shoulder.

Lifting his head, he pressed his mouth against mine and moved to shove me against the wall, trapping me in place.

“I won’t fight you anymore, Ens.”

Noah spoke against my mouth, his knee coming up between my legs, spreading them until he could bring it up further. I rubbed against him, desperate to soothe the throbbing pulse that beat for only him, but he grabbed my hip with his other hand and held me still.

“Not anymore. You want to feel something? You need a release? I’ll give it to you, but not like this. I’m not a teenage boy whose hand can be forced. Not by you, and not by anyone.”

Our pain had raised the boy, but prison had shaped the man.

Tears welled in my eyes, the need so overpowering, that I slapped at him with my hands. He didn’t wince at my blows, he only pushed me tighter against the wall trapping my body with his own.

“Please...” The word tumbled from my lips, my body crumpling against him.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
M/F Dark Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Ensley had a rough life growing up. With a family life that left a lot to be desired, Ensley thought that she had found her kindred spirit in Noah, the boy next door. But when tragedy strikes and Ensley is left reeling, she'll be held captive for years by her own memories and psyche.

Noah wants nothing more than to love Ensley. He wants to protect her, love her, survive with her. But when the worst happens, he'll stop at nothing to make sure that Ensley knows that truth and how much he loves her.

This is a haunting story that will keep you guessing. While it is a strange romance, make no mistake, it is a romance. Without giving away too much, you'll want to cheer for Noah and Ensley, while cursing everyone else. I'm still reeling from the story, but I enjoyed it a lot.

“Give me your pain, Ensley, and I’ll carry it for you.”

Lily White delivers with this one. It's dark, it's gritty, the longing, the hate, it's the kind of love you crave but no one understands. It was everything I wanted and needed.

“That’s right, Ens. Make it hurt. Just like you always have. Make it hurt so fucking much that I carry more scars because of you.”

I was kept on the edge of my seat going from present to past and loving each directional change. Ensley and Noah were a perfect fit. I want to shout about this one but don't want to give anything away. I could have honestly highlighted entire chapters they were written so brokenly beautiful. It's a must read but there are triggers, for me that is what makes it an awesome read, for others it may be what destroys you. Read at your own risk.

"...I listened when she cried. When she was abused. When she needed someone—anyone—to love her. I hadn't stopped listening, not once. But she still insisted she was alone. There were messages out there I needed to hear. The ones buried..."

Sweet baby Jesus. Strap yourselves in for one hell of a ride. This book was an emotional rollercoaster. So much hurt, hate, and even love. My heart broke for Ensley and even Noah. These two are broken, but so good for each other. The author has such a way of sucking you in from the first page and you'll be on the edge of your seat the entire time, while holding on tight with all the twists and turns. The reader gets Ensley and Noah's points of view in both past and present situations and it flows so well. This was an amazing story that will run you through the ringer but so worth it.

This is so difficult to write, almost as difficult as it was to read. I love a dark story and thought I had quite a tolerance for such subject matter, but I found my limit.

In the Garden of Discontent is a cruel tale of two people who find what they need in one another at an early age. Abuse comes in many, MANY forms in this story and I will highly warn you that if abuse toward children bothers you, then look no further. If you are able to stomach this warning, you will find a well written, dark story filled with suspense and ultimately love.

As I have found in many books written by Lily White, the story pulls you in and the suspense keeps you guessing. I can't summarize this, nor will I go into the characters, as any bits or pieces of the story can take away from the overall picture.

I can promise this story affected me and I will have difficulty moving on from it. For that reason, I rate this five-stars, but I won't be re-reading this anytime soon.

Lily White is a romance writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series, Target This, Wishing Well, and Asylum. In addition to dark romance Lily writes contemporary romance, taboo romance, and psychological thrillers. Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

Connect with Lily

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Lily White Books Facebook Group

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of In the Garden of Discontent by Lily White to read and review for this tour.

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The Hookup Equation by Roxie Noir Blog Tour

Teach me everything.

My whole life, I’ve been a good girl. I follow rules like nobody’s business. I obey guidelines like I was born to it. Show me a line, and I’ll toe it.

I’m even a twenty-two-year-old virgin. Good is my middle name.

And then, I break one tiny little rule. Miniscule. Inconsequential.

Next thing I know, I’m trapped with an incredibly handsome stranger. He’s got eyes like cut emeralds, biceps that makes my head spin, and a smile that has me rethinking all my life choices.

We escape a bar bathroom together. We go on an impromptu date. We share the hottest kiss I’ve ever had, one that leaves me panting for more. We promise to see each other again.

Turns out, we see each other the next morning.

In my calculus class.

Which he’s teaching.

My handsome, sexy date is Professor Loveless, and we’ll be seeing each other plenty. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday all semester.

There’s no choice but to call it off. We both have too much at stake: I could lose my scholarship, and he could lose his entire career.

But I can’t call off the way I feel.

I can’t call off the way he looks when he rolls up his sleeves and explains imaginary numbers.

I can’t call off the heated glances, or the way our hands touch when I hand in my homework, or the memory of his body pressing against mine that night.

I’m a virgin.

He’s my professor.

And if we give in, it could cost us both everything.

But I’m so tired of being a good girl.

The Hookup Equation is a complete standalone romantic comedy with enough steam to fog your glasses.

Book 4
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“I’m sorry I was a jerk on Friday night,” I start over, moving closer. “I still think that what I said was valid, but I didn’t have to —"

He steps closer, leans in.

“—I didn’t have to be an asshole about it,” I say into his ear.

“I think I deserved it,” he says. His lips brush my ear, and my eyes flutter closed.

Don’t, I tell myself. Don’t do a single thing that isn’t apologizing for your behavior.

As if I didn’t seek him out. As if I didn’t drag him into this tiny, cramped back staircase.

“No, you were right,” I tell him, automatically reaching out, steadying myself against his shoulder. “I found you at the banquet. I kissed you later. I gave you a bottle of wine.”

“But I’m the one who should know better,” he says, and then his hand is on mine, holding it against his warm chest. My heart beats harder, faster.

“You think I don’t?”

“I shouldn’t be giving you rides and walking you home,” he goes on. “Pretending that those things are perfectly fine and innocent, because they’re not.”

We shift in the tiny space and suddenly our bodies are touching from shoulder to hip, the jolt of his heat like an electric current.

“We shouldn’t be seeing each other at all,” I tell him, even as I close my eyes, press myself into him so softly I can tell myself I’m not doing anything, my lips millimeters from his ear.

“No,” he says. “The more I see you the harder it is to pretend I don’t like you.”

A hand on my hip, his fingers touching bare skin above my too-small shorts.

“And the harder it is to pretend I don’t want you,” he whispers.

My heart’s beating so hard and fast that it feels like my ribcage is rattling in my body. Outside and from above, the organ hums thickly, surrounding us.

“What if it were my fault?” I ask.

“What do you mean?”

I know I should walk away. I know that. I know my coworker Nathaniel got expelled for sexual misconduct and while I have no intention of making porn, I’m fairly certain that sleeping with my professor also falls into that category.

I know he could get fired and his career could be over.

I know a million things wrong with this scenario, and not one of them stops me.

“I mean,” I say, and plant a kiss on his neck, right below his jaw. His fingers curl into my spine.

“What if —" another kiss, higher up, “— it were my fault?”

The last kiss lands on his jawline, right below his ear, my fingers now woven through his hair, his slight stubble sharp on my lips.

He moves his hand until his palm is flat on my back, in the space between the shorts and my vest, underneath the jacket I’m still wearing. He swallows hard, his breath on my neck.

Then his hand is on my face, his thumb stroking my jaw, and he pulls me back, his green eyes nearly black in the dark, his lips parted, his gaze roaming my face. I don’t breathe. I don’t think my heart beats.

And he kisses me.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the fourth book in the series, but I have to admit that it is my first. I was hooked by the blurb saying that it involved a professor who taught calculus... I wondered if it would have some trick to help me understand integration. Sadly it did not, but there was reference to many students struggling with it!!

It is an enjoyable read, but I did find it a little predictable. The buildup was well done in terms of relationship building, making us believe they cared for each other enough to break the rules. It develops with a degree of suspense and anticipation of blame too, but at the same time it was inevitable that they would be caught. It resulted in the honourable course of action, but at the same time followed a slightly hackneyed route.

Having met the rest of the Loveless family, I am curious to look at the earlier books and add them to my list. I found that family dynamic to be interesting, and certainly less complicated than poor Thalia's.

I love writing sexy, alpha men and the headstrong women they fall for.

My weaknesses include: beards, whiskey, nice abs with treasure trails, sarcasm, cats, prowess in the kitchen, prowess in the bedroom, forearm tattoos, and gummi bears.

I live in California with my very own sexy, bearded, whiskey-loving husband and two hell-raising cats.

Connect with Roxie

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The Roxettes Facebook Group

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Hookup Equation (Loveless Brothers #4) by Roxie Noir to read and review for this tour.

Unforgiven by Jay Crownover

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Marked Men series comes an irresistible and suspenseful romance between a tough Texas Ranger and his first love—a woman in danger who insists she doesn't need his protection.

Hill Gamble is a model lawman: cool and collected, with a confident swagger to boot. Too bad all that Texas charm hasn't gotten him anywhere in his personal life, especially since the only girl he ever loved has always been off-limits. But then Hill is assigned to investigate her father's mysterious death, and he's forced back to the town—and the woman—he left behind.

When Hill left Loveless, he broke Kody Lawton's already battered heart. And now that he's working on her father's case, avoiding him is impossible. She can handle Hill and her unwanted feelings—until he puts his life on the line to protect her. Suddenly, Kody realizes that Hill could be taken away from her... for good.

Includes the bonus novella Cowboy to the Rescue by A.J. Pine!

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The prologue to Unforgiven gives us details of Kody and Hill’s shared past and connection to Hill’s little brother. I found the prologue to be pretty powerful and had me hooked right from the start. These two are opposites. Kody is impulsive and lives her life how she wants, acting first and dealing with the consequences later. Hill is a Texas Ranger, stoic and in control. It is easy to see why sparks fly when they are around each other. But this was one of those stories that had me wondering how they’d possibly end up together.

There is more to this story than the romance. Hill is back in town investigating a murder that leads to secrets from Kody’s family being revealed, which puts Kody in danger. I love the chase for a killer, and the romance and suspense in this story work well together.

I loved the love story, the drama, and the danger in Unforgiven. Kody and Hill are imperfect and strong, and I was left wanting to spend more time with them and desperate for more time with Shot, head of the local motorcycle club, who we learn will be the hero in the next book in this series. Unforgiven gets 4 stars from me.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
I must say that I've been in a book drought for a while. When I flipped my Kindle on and started this book, I knew my drought would be over – at least for a little while.

The attraction between Hill and Kody has been simmering for years. He knew from a young age that Kody was the woman for him. He backed off and stayed away because he knew Aaron needed Kody in a way that Hill hoped would ease Aaron's pain. After Aaron's death, guilt and wanting to do what made Kody happy was all that mattered to him, even if it meant walking away from the woman that he loved.

Kody's anger issues are notorious. After Aaron's death, her moods became even darker – to the point that people stayed away from her when she was upset. The losses in her life have left her bitter and she takes that anger out on the people she loves the most. Kody knows it's wrong, but she can't tolerate being pampered or smothered. She takes any sign of compassion towards her as people believing that she is weak, when in truth, the hurt she hides is slowing killing her. When Hill walks back into her bar and he sees her tears, she knows that he's the one.

I adored this book, the characters, and the mystery that surrounds the murder of Kody's father. I can't wait for the next book. I have to admit, Shot is one of my new book boyfriends.

Also Available in the Loveless, Texas Series

Book 0.5
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Jay Crownover is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Marked Men Series, the Saints of Denver Series, the Point Series, Breaking Point Series, and the Getaway Series. Her books have been translated in many different languages all around the world. She is a tattooed, crazy-haired Colorado native who lives at the base of the Rockies with her awesome dogs. This is where she can frequently be found enjoying a cold beer and Taco Tuesdays. Jay is a self-declared music snob and outspoken book lover who is always looking for her next adventure, between the pages and on the road.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Unforgiven (Loveless, Texas 2) by Jay Crownover to read and review.

The Two-Date Rule by Tawna Fenske

Willa Frank has one simple rule: never go on a date with anyone more than twice. Now that her business is providing the stability she’s always wanted, she can’t afford distractions. Her two-date rule will protect her just fine… until she meets smokejumper Grady Billman.

After one date—one amazing, unforgettable date—Grady isn’t ready to call it quits, despite his own no-attachments policy, and he’s found a sneaky way around both their rules.

Throwing gutter balls with pitchers of beer? Not a real date. Everyone knows bowling doesn’t count.

Watching a band play at a local show? They just happen to have the same great taste in music. Definitely not a date.

Hiking? Nope. How can exercise be considered a date?

With every "non-date" Grady suggests, his reasoning gets more ridiculous, and Willa must admit she’s having fun playing along. But when their time together costs Willa two critical clients, it's clear she needs to focus on the only thing that matters—her future. And really, he should do the same.

But what is she supposed to do with a future that looks gray without Grady in it?

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Book 1
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Entangled Publishing

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Grady loves his job. It runs in his blood. His father and brothers are all part of the smokejumping lifestyle. When he's out one night with his buddies, he runs into the beautiful Willa. Grady doesn't make it a habit of going on many dates. He saw how his chosen career was a strain on his parents' lives. But he can't help himself when it comes to Willa.

Willa is obsessed with stability and running her business. She has some great friends who understand her need for control, but they also push her to relax too. Willa's life was not easy when she was younger. With her need for control, she has set a very strict two-date rule for herself and anyone else she comes in contact with. She just doesn't have time for relationships.

Willa and Grady learn to get around her two-date rule. It was fun to see all of the different ways that they were able to spend time together, all while not on a real date. They both were able to see life from different perspectives and because of that, they learned a lot about themselves and each other. But with all things, there will be ups and downs. Willa's family life is kind of messy and Grady hates to plan anything. Will these two be able to compromise enough to find happiness? Or are they destined to be held back by their own issues?

This is the first book in a new series, and I will definitely be looking out for future installments. I really enjoyed how the world building was done as the story progressed, so that we learned what we needed to know at the same rate as the protagonists. The life of a smokejumper is not an easy one, but Grady certainly does not consider himself a hero. After you've read about how many ways they have to eat spam whilst on a mission, you may think that itself heroic! I loved the wider group of friends, both of Grady's and Willa's. It is fun getting to know them, and there is a lot of great humour, as well as some very moving moments.

Willa, we discover, is constantly working, building her business, giving her website clients the very best service, because she fears poverty. She has therefore developed a two-date rule so that a relationship cannot derail her priorities. As we learn why, it is both understandable and sad. But she does not consider herself a victim, but someone who is very risk averse. So Grady really is the complete opposite to her... in many, many ways. However, the chemistry between them is explosive and somehow they find a way to break her rules.

I most definitely recommend this excellent read to you – it is sexy, funny, and very romantic. I do hope that book two is out soon!

When Tawna Fenske finished her English lit degree at 22, she celebrated by filling a giant trash bag full of romance novels and dragging it everywhere until she’d read them all. Now she’s a RITA Award finalist, USA Today bestselling author who writes humorous fiction, risqué romance, and heartwarming love stories with a quirky twist. Publishers Weekly has praised Tawna’s offbeat romances with multiple starred reviews and noted, “There’s something wonderfully relaxing about being immersed in a story filled with over-the-top characters in undeniably relatable situations. Heartache and humor go hand in hand.”

Tawna lives in Bend, Oregon, with her husband, step-kids, and a menagerie of ill-behaved pets. She loves hiking, snowshoeing, standup paddleboarding, and inventing excuses to sip wine on her back porch. She can peel a banana with her toes and loses an average of twenty pairs of eyeglasses per year. To find out more about Tawna and her books, visit her website.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Two-Date Rule (Smokejumper #1) by Tawna Fenske to read and review.