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Blue Boys: The Boxed Set by Garrett Leigh Blog Tour

Three steamy bestselling novellas set within the Blue Boy world. All three novellas are set in and around the Los Angeles based Blue Boy Studio, an adult film company with a difference.


Levi is a power top with an alcoholic mother, and a chip on his shoulder. Sonny’s a dancer with attitude and the biggest heart. Their scene together is just another day at work until Levi realises he’s falling hard for the twink he used to hate. Enemies to lovers is inevitable.


Skater boy Cam is a veteran actor at Blue Boy adult studio. Nursing an unrequited crush on his boss, he’s never needed anything else until kind-hearted Sasha rides into his life on his BMX. They share more than mutual attraction, and when Cam find himself in need of some healing comfort, friendship turns to love.


Go-go dancer Kai has never been the object of anyone’s desire, at least not for real, away from the adult studio where he films scene after scene from the bottom. Then quiet Matthew enters his life. A scene with a difference comes to call, if Kai can figure out how to truly own Matthew, inside and out.

All three novellas guarantee a happily-ever-after.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a collection of three novellas which all link together, but tell three unique romances, with plenty of steamy times, which are not all in the shower!


As we get to know the men at the Blue Boy studio, and associated Silver bar – complete with a dance floor and poles – we start to appreciate just how much of a relaxed atmosphere there is, but also that the boss, Jon, is keen to follow the money. In this case, persuading top Levi to bottom. Fellow blue boy Sonny is worried about him – after all, not only has Levi never bottomed, but also because Rex is really not who one would want for his first! As the two men spend time together, they realise that there may be something more between them, something which neither has experienced before. I really enjoyed getting a behind the scenes view of the porn business and more especially why the men do it, and why they may also stop.


Cam has been close with Sonny and Levi for years, and whilst he is happy for them, he does feel that he has lost friends who he can confide in, as he feels he is being ever dragged into Jon's kinky private world. He is not entirely sure he wants to be there at all, and his dad is wondering when he is going to use his degree. Throw in meeting BMX shop owner Sasha and making a disturbing discovery in the shower, and Cam is feeling very unsettled. He is, however, not one to ignore the uncomfortable, and his active pursuit of solutions is endearing and encouraging. I was really impressed by his lack of procrastination. We also get to catch up a little on Sonny and Levi, and it doesn't seem to be quite as bright as in Bullet.


Things have changed at Blue Boys studios, which is definitely a good thing as Jon was really not so nice a guy. New owners Mac and Jude suggest that quiet, studious Matthew and dancer Kai might scene together, and that they spend some time together in preparation. This leads to a really sweet friendship and gives Kai in particular a chance to see beyond the limitations he believes he has. Having people who believe in him, and who even are prepared to help him get his GED, finally makes him feel valued. And after a life changing incident, he is ready to make Matthew the focus of his attention. I have to say that the descriptions of Kai's flat were far too vivid!!

Each of these novellas builds a picture of a close family, who are much more comfortable being close physically than most friends would be, but who both give space and support to each other. They are sexy, innocently romantic, and individual, and I really loved getting to know them all better.

I found myself really invested in the Blue Boys characters. I loved Levi and Sonny, but Cam and Sasha were my favorite. I was left wanting more in Bold because I needed to know what is going on with Sonny and how Levi is going to help fix it. I really hope there is more to this series. Quick sexy reads that aren't just about the sex make this worth the read!


Levi is a power top who doesn't give much regard to his bottoms. He goes through the motions to get the job done. Porn was always means to an end. Taking care of his alcoholic mother and his own bills is expensive. He loves working on motorcycles, porn was just his money maker. When he's told he needs to do a scene with Sonny, he isn't happy. Sonny is gorgeous but not someone Levi can stand. When Sonny questions Levi's style, he starts to see things from a different perspective. Can Levi trust his instincts with Sonny? Can Sonny be the one Levi needs?


Cam is the sweet top. He's worried about his bottom’s pleasure. All the bottoms love working with him and his big smile. He's been subbing for the owner of the studio but something just doesn't feel right with the relationship (if you can call it that) and within his scenes lately. When he meets Sasha, the owner of the bike shop, he's attracted to him. He's not in the porn business but he understands it's Cam's job. After an intense make-out session with Sasha, Sasha pulls away from Cam. Cam not understanding the reason is hurt and confused. Cam finds something he knows isn't right and the last person he expects to understand is Sasha. Can Sasha help him heal? Will Cam let Sasha help him through the toughest part of his life?


Kai worked as a go-go dancer before he moved over to the Blue Boys studio. He has a huge crush on Levi from one of Levi's last scenes. He's everything he thinks he would need but he's with his best friend Sonny. Kai has just been going through the motions lately. He needs more but he doesn't know what. The new owners of the studio, Mac and Jude, tell him to think about what he wants, and they can make it happen. Kai has no idea what that is until Cam brings up the idea of Kai topping the soft-spoken newest model, Matthew. Kai isn't sure this is something he can do but he is willing to try. One of his best scenes was with Sonny because they were friends first and it was just fun. Kai is hoping becoming friends first with Matthew will make it easier to be a top. Being around each other is easy and when they start experimenting, Kai can't keep Matthew off his mind. Can Kai really top someone? Is it what he needs?

Garrett Leigh is an award-winning British writer and book designer.

Garrett's debut novel, Slide, won Best Bisexual Debut at the 2014 Rainbow Book Awards, and her polyamorous novel, Misfits was a finalist in the 2016 LAMBDA awards.

When not writing, Garrett can generally be found procrastinating on Twitter, cooking up a storm, or sitting on her behind doing as little as possible, all the while shouting at her menagerie of children and animals and attempting to tame her unruly and wonderful FOX.

Garrett is also an award winning cover artist, taking the silver medal at the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards in 2016. She designs for various publishing houses and independent authors at
Black Jazz Design, and co-owns the specialist stock site M O O N Stock Photography with renowned LGBTQA+ photographer Dan Burgess.

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