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Underdog by L.A. Witt Release Blitz

When his present and my past collide, is it too much to hope he’ll choose me?

Life in foster care wasn’t easy. Life after prison? Unforgiving. But I’m determined to stay out of trouble, and I’m gaining a foothold on the closest I’ve ever known to normal.

Then, thanks to a pair of escape artist dogs from the sanctuary where I’ve found work, I cross paths with my boss’s neighbor, Ty Adams. He’s a horse trainer, and winter is his quiet season. It’s also the season when he gets restless and lonely—two things I know all about. He’s not interested in love or romance. I’m just happy someone’s interested in me at all, even if emotions are strictly forbidden.

When we’re not together, I’m thinking about him. When we are together… Well, I’m definitely thinking about what he does to me and what I want to do with him.

As we keep each other warm through the Vermont winter, this feels a lot more than physical. Somehow he soothes my pain, and I wonder if I’m touching something deep inside him too. But Ty won’t let himself love anyone. I never had a chance. And now, with my past closing in, I could lose the one man I hoped I could count on. The one I thought might be different.

When his present and my history collide, is it too much to hope he’ll choose me?

Underdog is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

Content Warning: Sick horse and a minor accident involving a horse—no animal deaths or serious injuries/illnesses.

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Underdog by L.A. Witt

Book 4
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Anywhere and everywhere we could snag a few minutes and some privacy, it was on. Except in the hay. There was nothing sexy about a literal roll in actual hay unless you had a fetish for itching.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Underdog is the fourth book in the In Vino Veritas world. It can be read as a standalone since it is a multi-author world.

Landon is on parole. He spent almost ten years of his sentence behind bars. After being let out on good behavior and having his parole moved to Vermont to be with his sister, the only stable thing in his life, he finds employment at a dog rescue. While there, he meets the neighbor, Ty, and finds himself working on the neighboring farm. A lot of things in life have changed while Landon was on the inside, he's just trying to get his bearings and the best thing for him is working with the animals and his sexy boss.

Ty has an instant attraction to Landon and, for some reason, a gut feeling that he is really trying to get his life in order. He can't explain it to anyone who questions him, but he knows Landon isn't the criminal he used to be. Giving him a chance was never a hard choice for Ty and their chemistry was immediate and blaze worthy!

Landon and Ty fall fast and hard for each other, but I found myself getting bored while reading, skimming through some of the pages. Don't get me wrong, it was a good read but getting to Landon and Ty's commitment to each other seemed to take forever. And I missed Vino & Veritas; it seemed like the scene at the bar or the mention of Vino & Veritas was an afterthought. I missed seeing those familiar character crossovers from other authors that we have been getting throughout.

I did thoroughly enjoy the read but missed more of Vino & Veritas.

This is the fourth book in the series – but do go and catch up on the original Vino & Veritas collection because every book adds to the wonderful group of people living in Burlington, Vermont.

Landon is serving out his parole staying with his sister and her husband in Vermont. He is very cautious to behave as the last thing he ever wants is to return to jail. I will let you learn why he was convicted but am confident that you will understand. He is currently working at the dog rescue but could do with more hours to help with clearing his debts and paying towards his keep.

Ty is back from travelling around showing his horses and, as every year, the winter will drag as he stays home. He is used to the odd hook-up, but never being prepared to commit to anyone after living through the careless relationship his parents have even now. However, on meeting Landon searching from escapologist dogs, he is startled to find himself thinking of him and how gorgeous he is. Even more surprising, he offers him some work.

Ty's business is everything to him, and he is completely confused by his decision to offer an ex-con work. He looks after the valuable horses of clients, trains them, and teaches riding. The place is full of expensive equipment, as well as valuable horses. But he wants to give the man a chance, especially when he understands what happened to him.

I loved the set up; the blooming of the shy, quiet, and nervous man who had never been given a chance, and yet had a huge heart and a gentle nature. The opening of the eyes of Ty to the reality of his parents' relationship and the second chances that they both needed in life.

Great addition to the series, and fun to see Addi, Luke, and Scott of book three from Landon's side of the story.



Hiring him was a mistake. Not because of his past. Just the fact that I was never going to concentrate again.


Author Bio

L.A. WITT and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun. She now divides her time between writing, assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold, wondering where to put her next tattoo, and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon. Rumor has it her archnemesis, Lauren Gallagher, is also somewhere in the wilds of New England, which is why L.A. is also spending a portion of her time training a team of spec ops lobsters. Authors Ann Gallagher and Lori A. Witt have been asked to assist in lobster training, but they “have books to write” and “need to focus on our careers” and “don’t you think this rivalry has gotten a little out of hand?” They’re probably just helping Lauren raise her army of squirrels trained to ride moose into battle.

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I wanted Landon to succeed. I wanted him to stay out of prison. I wanted him in ways I had absolutely no business wanting him.


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