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Wonderland by Rachel Ember Release Blitz

The Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I left Vermont on the most painful day of my life and swore I’d never go back. Meadows Park–the shuttered amusement park that’s been in my family for generations–is the home of all my finest and worst memories. They all star Peter Landry–the best friend I ever had, and the only guy I’ve ever loved.

But then my eccentric grandfather buried two million dollars on the property and couldn’t remember where.

So I’m back, and asking Peter for help. He’s an Ivy League lawyer now. Still gorgeous, and able to gut me with a single smile. And I’m still a disappointment, living in the city and washing dishes to get by. As soon as we strike off down the first sunlit path, the Meadows Park magic begins to fill my heart with yearning, lust, and most dangerous of all—dreams.

I’m secretly relieved each time the day ends, leaving us empty-handed. I know it’s wrong—without that money, we could lose the park.

But if I find the treasure, I lose the guy...

Wonderland is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

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Wonderland by Rachel Ember

Book 5
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Living with regret about Peter Landry was part of my daily life, a familiar twist in my chest. But seeing him again had twisted me up in a whole new way.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Wonderland is the fifth installment in the multi-author world of In Vino Veritas.

Peter is mentioned in Aaron and Jeremy's book, Counterpoint, and I couldn't wait to get his story! Peter is a Harvard Law graduate back in Vermont but unsure of the path he should take. He was making a name for himself in L.A., but he panicked and came back home to Vermont to find where he should go from here. What he wasn't expecting was to see Riley Meadows, his best friend (and more) he hasn't had contact with for the last eight years.

When Riley's grandfather, Gene, asked him to come back to Vermont and help him, Riley was sure what he was actually helping with. Gene was just coming out of the hospital; over time he's found himself with a hoarder situation within the house and a tax lien on his property he can't pay unless someone finds the money he buried one night on the property. The property has been in the family for years and is an abandoned amusement park but holds the most special and hurtful memories for Riley. It was his and Peter's magical place when they were younger and as they grew into men. After an accident with Peter, Riley hasn't been back; it's been too hard, but now he's ready to face the past and the man he's always loved.

I love a second-chance romance story. Peter and Riley have a long history and chemistry about them that is so wholesome. I so enjoyed watching them reconnect and fall in love all over again BUT the missing money and digging gave me so much anxiety! I couldn't help fall in love with Lemon, too! That brought such a sweet light to the history of the property.

This is the fifth book in this series and I would recommend them all – and do go and catch up on the original Vino & Veritas collection because every book adds to the wonderful group of people living in Burlington, Vermont.

Riley is back in town, and finds that his grandfather has more than just health problems – he has forgotten where he hid his lottery win, and the tax man is not going to wait much longer. Already nervous of being back, he now finds out that Peter, the very reason he's been staying away, is also back.

I loved finding out about these two guys and how their relationship as youngsters involved enjoying the crazy of Meadows Park run by his grandparents. It was key to understanding how hard they were prepared to work to help find that money!

It was also fun to see Jeremy and Aaron again – they work at Peter's aunt's law firm – and we are all hoping that Peter is planning on staying because both he and Riley deserve their happily ever after.

Another good installment in this series!



I knew I should look away, but where Riley was concerned, I’d always had a shitty sense of self-preservation.


Author Bio]\

RACHEL EMBER lives in the Midwest United States with her husband, two sons, and a menagerie of pets. She has always loved love stories, and having the chance to share her own tales still feels too good to be true.

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The past was the past. But if that was true, why did all my feelings about Riley seem as strong as ever?


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