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Finder's Keeper by Shira Anthony

The truth might ruin his dreams—or make them come true.

When Zane moves into an old gothic brownstone, he discovers the house comes equipped with a caretaker—Kit, who lives in the basement. Zane is immediately drawn to the charming and attractive Kit. But Kit is much more than he seems. He is a two-hundred-year-old half-human, half–red-fox spirit who guards a Gate between the mortal and spirit worlds—a fact Zane should recognize, but doesn’t.

Orphaned at a young age, Zane never learned he comes from a long line of mystical Keepers. Kit needs Zane’s help to protect the Gate, but how can he tell Zane of his legacy when that will crush Zane’s dreams of traveling the world? If he takes up the mantle, Zane will be bound to the Gate, unable to leave it. But when Zane realizes Kit’s true nature, and his own, he’ll have to make a choice—fight to protect Kit and the Gate, or deny his destiny and any chance of a future with Kit.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 stars

This is a sweet paranormal romance. When Zane inherits a house from his uncle, he doesn’t expect to share it with a fox spirit and a demon. Zane is surprised to learn that he is to be the next keeper of a gate to the spirit world and he is even more surprised to find himself attracted to Kit, a two century old fox spirit.

Zane and Kit are both quite loosely sketched. Zane is an engineer. He and his twin sister grew up in foster care and remain close. Little bits of Kit’s life and emotions are explained to readers but I didn’t ever feel very connected to either character. This is a relatively low heat story – the sex is sweet and intimate. Kit taking on some of his fox form in bed was a bit of a turn-off for me but otherwise, these two are good together.

The ‘gates’ in this book remind me of the portals in Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments books. I’m still not sure how I felt about a whole novel based around one element of urban fantasy lore. In some ways, it keeps the story contained and manageable in a single novel. But, it also keeps the story contained. Compared to most contemporary paranormal romance, there is little action and not much world building. Kit and Zane are tethered to a house – an interesting house with a gate to the spirit world in the basement – but it’s not the most exciting UF plot.

This isn’t one of my favourite Shira Anthony books. I’ve enjoyed her writing in several different genres and while this didn’t quite work for me, I’m sure other readers will be drawn to this sweet supernatural romance.

SHIRA ANTHONY was a professional opera singer in her last incarnation, performing roles in such operas as Tosca, Pagliacci, and La Traviata, among others. You can hear Shira sing an aria from a live performance of Puccini’s Toscaby clicking here: “Vissi d’arte

Shira’s given up TV for evenings spent with her laptop, and she never goes anywhere without a pile of unread M/M romance on her Kindle. When she’s not writing, she is usually in a courtroom trying to make the world safer for children. Her favorite place to write is at the Carolina coast aboard Land’s Zen, a 35’ catamaran sailboat, with her favorite sexy captain at the wheel.

Whether contemporary romance, high fantasy shifters, or time-traveling vampires, Shira writes what she loves and never writes a story without a HEA. Her Mermen of Ea trilogy book Into the Wind was named one of the best books of 2014 by both Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words and Hearts on Fire Reviews, and was a finalist in the 2014 Goodreads M/M Romance Member’s Choice Awards. Her Blue Notes series of classical-music-themed gay romances was named one of Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words’ best series of 2012, and the most recent book in the series, Dissonance, was named one of the best books of 2014 by Hearts on Fire Reviews. Her book A Solitary Man, coauthored with Aisling Mancy, won a 2016 Rainbow Award Honorable Mention for Best Gay Mystery/Thriller

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Finder's Keeper (Heart's Gate #1) by Shira Anthony to read and review.


  1. I think I am sitting in a gate right now. At work in a freezing cold office listening to a meeting so boring it can put you into another dimension.

  2. Probably the stockroom I used to work at, it was massive and always weirdly cold and damp the further you went to the back, it was really creepy so I think that would have been a great place for the last gate to the spirit world!
    shirleyann2400 (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. I am going to steal Jen's answer because OMG my office is also so freezing cold, and I think maybe I'm with a lot of spirits due to the coldness!

  4. My brother's basement is a spooky gate.

  5. My workplace is the gateway to a hell dimension!

  6. My parent's house has an old coal bin that had been cleaned and they use as storage. I hate gping in there. It's colder than anywhere else in the basement, no windows, poor lighting, and lots of boxes that probably hide a gateway.


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