Saturday, September 2, 2017

This Devil is Crazy by Pauline Hornsby

To reunite with her kidnapped son, a reclusive bookkeeper infiltrates an outlaw biker club, only to fall for one of the members.

When Jenna Mitchell enters the world of the Devil’s Prophets Motorcycle Club, unlike most women before her, she is not there to land herself a biker. After the late president of the MC kidnapped their baby and murdered her sister, Jenna could only look on from the sidelines as another woman raised Jack. Now is her chance to finally reunite with her son, and nothing will stand in her way.

Try telling that to Ali, the club’s enforcer. The stunning, quiet bookkeeper is like the start of his favourite sex fantasy, the part just before the secretary whips off her glasses, and shakes down her hair. One short meeting, and she’s all he can think about.

First love at thirty-two seems unlikely, yet Jenna can’t help falling for the sexy, dirty-mouthed biker. But it’s not all MC parties and off-the-chain hot sex for this interloper. When the man that wants you demands your secrets too, it’s only a matter of time before he will find them out.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes involving underage drinking, mentions a minor being offered for sex, the mentioned rape of a minor, murder and suicide.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
In some ways, this is a hard book to read. Jenna was a victim of a sexual assault at age 14 and due to a dismal home life, returned to the man who raped her after finding out she was pregnant.

The reader finds this out in bits and pieces over the course of the book, but the reader gets hints of what happened to her and can put the pieces together before the author spells it out. Jenna is hinted to be about 32-33 and has accepted a job with a MC to be closer to her now 18-year-old son.

As Jenna becomes immersed in the MC world, she begins to realize that not everyone is like the man who assaulted her; her new problem is trying to decide who she can trust and how far. Ali is one man that she feels that she trust with her body, but not with her secrets.

Her only friend is Casey, whom she just met, but we are not privy to how their friendship began. I kept waiting for Casey to be a "plant" – someone who befriended Jenna for their own agenda. Turns out the joke was on me because the truth behind what really happened to Jenna as a child was even more heinous than the readers were led to believe.

A good story, perhaps a little too much world building, but I will read the second book in the series.

Pauline lives in a quaint country town where she writes, reads, and is lucky enough to, live romance. Having found the love of her life early, she has no issue with her friends reading her stories, and being unable to make eye contact with her for weeks after. It’s all about love, and the trials of finding a happy ever after in her world.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of This Devil is Crazy (The Devil’s Prophets #1) by Pauline Hornsby to read and review.

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