Monday, September 4, 2017

Secrets of the A-List: Episode 1 by Joss Wood

A billionaire on the verge of death. And his family? In free fall…

The wealthy Marshall family is untouchable. Or so they thought. But when a car accident puts patriarch Harrison in a coma, cracks appear in the family facade. It seems Harrison had an awful lot of secrets, and he’s not the only one. His wife, Mariella, and children, Luc, Rafe and Elana, not to mention nephew Gabe, all have things they’d rather keep hidden.

Enter a mysterious figure called the Fixer… Who is this person, and what is the Fixer’s connection with Harrison? And with those cracks becoming ever wider, what sins will be revealed?

Super Rich. Super Sexy. Super Addictive.

Secrets of the A-List—read all 12 episodes!

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Episode 1
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The first episode in this 12-part series introduces to the main characters in the Marshall family. Harrison, the patriarch, has had a car accident and is in a coma. His wife and matriarch Mariella is trying to keep it together as her husband, the man she loves, is fighting for his life.

Their sons, Luc and Rafe, who are very different and don't get along well and as tensions run high they end up fighting. No one can get in touch with their sister Elana, who is busy with her lover. Gabe, their cousin, seems to be the only reasonable one even while he is being treated as an outcast by his cousins.

In the background we have The Fixer. The Marshalls will soon learn that Daddy had a side business they know nothing about. What that means for the family we don't yet know.

The first instalment of this series is fast paced, highly entertaining, and full of family and relationship drama. I am eager to read the next instalment to find out where they go from here. I can already tell I'm going to love this series. I'm very happy we only have to wait a week for episode 2. Bring it on.

This is the first of a dozen installments in the story – which will be passed around for different authors to complete, which I think sounds like a fascinating idea.

I have recently read a couple of slow release books, and much to my surprise found that there is something rather magical about repeatedly getting short bursts of information about an unfolding drama. I guess that should not be a surprise, given that Dickens, Thackeray, and many classic novelists shared their stories that way... but in this world of instant gratification, and even binge watching of TV shows, it provides a novel form of entertainment – and I would recommend that you give it a try at the very least.

We are given some heavy clues as to the nature of the family members of the seriously injured Harrison, and some of his associates, either private or business... Paris anyone? But there is something strange afoot, and we can only wait till the next installment to find out just what it may be!

Fun concept which gets off to a good start!

Joss Wood's passion for putting black letters on a white screen is only matched by her love of books and travelling and her hatred of making school lunches and ironing. Fueled by coffee and craziness, Joss is a hands on Mom and, after a career in local economic development and business lobbying, she now writes full time. Surrounded by family, friends and books she lives in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa with her husband and two children.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Secrets of the A-List: Episode 1 by Joss Wood to read and review.

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