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Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye

From the ruins of an abandoned church comes Baltimore’s hottest and most exclusive BDSM club. Twelve Masters. Infinite fantasies. Welcome to Blasphemy...

He wants to dominate her senses—and her heart…

Quinton Ross has always been a thrill-seeker—so it’s no surprise that he’s drawn to extremes in the bedroom and at his BDSM club, Blasphemy, where he creates sense-depriving scenarios that blow submissives’ minds. Now if he could just find one who needs the rush as much as him…

Cassia Locke hasn’t played at Blasphemy since a caving accident left her with a paralyzing fear of the dark. Ready to fight, she knows just who to ask for help—the hard-bodied, funny-as-hell Dom she’d always crushed on—and once stood up.

Quinton is shocked and a little leery to see Cassia, but he can’t pass up the chance to dominate the alluring little sub this time. Introducing her to sensory deprivation becomes his new favorite obsession, and watching her fight fear is its own thrill. But when doubt threatens to send her running again, Quinton must find a way to master her senses—and her heart.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F BDSM Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

Cassia has suffered a great trauma and she's trying to get her life back on track. When she heads back to Blasphemy, she is doing so with the hope that someone will be able to help her conquer her fears. What she finds is so much more than therapy – she finds her true center again.

Quinton is a good dom who loves what he does. However, he also yearns to find someone who will be able to be his partner in and out of the bedroom. When he sees Cassia again and hears why she is back, he wants nothing more than to help her.

This is a short story, but is full of hot scenes and a friendship that develops into a relationship very quickly. You do get to see other characters from the other books, so I would suggest that you read the other ones too.

Cassia Locke hasn't been to Blasphemy since the accident, but she thought that she might be able to work through her fear by going in the dark room at the club. But when a panic attack hits her, she can't help but feel that her world is falling down around her. While the masters come running, they automatically think the man in the room with her is at fault. But when Cassia realizes whose lap she is sitting on and who is holding her, she can't believe the feelings he is stirring up and it has nothing to do with her fear. Quinton Ross is the master she was supposed to play with but the accident happened. And he likes to play with your senses and being left in the dark is something she can't handle.

Master Quinton Ross loves being part of Blasphemy and part of the BDSM world. Sensory deprivation is what he enjoys most because when you take away one sense, it will heighten the others. So when he realizes who the sub is sitting on his lap having a panic attack, he wants to help her get over her fear and he knows he is the one to help her. But he has to make sure she understands that there will be no relationship after he helps her or outside of the club and she agrees.

Once they get started, it is hard for them both to not feel things for each other that are real. Can they accept the relationship as is or will they give in to real feelings?

I love this series and loved Master Q and Cassia's story and can't wait for more. I love that each story is about a different master, good thing there are 12 of them. If you like a good story with a little BDSM thrown in, then this series is for you.

Really liking the Masters of Blasphemy! This is Quinton and Cassia's story. Cassia was trapped in a collapsed cave for several days and has severe PTSD because of her harrowing experience. Wanting her will and freedom back, she decides to head back to Blasphemy and try the sensory deprivation room, hoping to overcome her newfound fear of the dark. The first time went horribly wrong and Quinton had to rescue Cassia from the scene. Having played with Cassia before, Quinton remembers the spitfire that Cassia used to be and wants to help her recover that part of herself. Doesn't hurt that Quinton loves a good mindf*ck and enjoys sensory deprivation play with his subs. The two spark some heavy chemistry in this installment!! I found the scenes between the two to melt the pages with seat squirming hotness! *fans self* Thoroughly enjoyed this and the pages flew by with ease.

Cassia Locke hasn't been to Blasphemy for a few years. She was in an accident that left her with severe PTSD. She's so tired of living her life in fear and figures if she is at Blasphemy, somewhere she trusts the masters and can be cared for, she can overcome her fear of the dark. Her first attempt going into the dark room, she goes with a someone she hasn't played with before. Her fears become too much and she panics.

Quinton Ross never thought he'd see Cassia again. She was supposed to play with him over two years ago but never showed up. He was sad their time ended but he knew he wasn't at fault. When he rushes to one of the sensory rooms when a sub gets in trouble, he never expected to find Cassia needing his help.

Mastering Her Senses is a quick sexy read. I loved Quinton and Cassia. They complement each other so well and I always love diving back into Blasphemy. Such a great BDSM series!

This is the second in the series, and is another solid addition to the Blasphemy family of stories. Fans of book one will be glad that we get a few glimpses of Griffin and Kenna too.

I really liked that Cassia came by her phobia due to a pretty scary work incident, as it made it much more real and played with the reader's mind too. Quinton is so careful and caring in trying to help her, and to being what she needs rather than taking what he wants. I enjoy BDSM stories, but love those which mix some fun with the D/s elements. There needs to be scope for people to be real for a romance to ring true, for me. And Cassia certainly has a sharp and witty mind, which helps the relationship develop and grow very quickly.

This is a hot, fun, sexy, and romantic story from the Blasphemy stable – and I am looking forward to reading the next one very soon. 

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New York Times and USA Today bestseller Laura Kaye is the author of over twenty books in contemporary and paranormal romance and romantic suspense. Laura grew up amid family lore involving angels, ghosts, and evil-eye curses, cementing her life-long fascination with storytelling and the supernatural. Laura lives in Maryland with her husband, two daughters, and cute-but-bad dog, and appreciates her view of the Chesapeake Bay every day.

Laura is a member of the Romance Writers of America, the Maryland Romance Writers, and she is past president of the RWA-Contemporary Romance Writers.

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