Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Eighty-One Days by Zoë Mullins

Jenna was there to mend Luke’s heart after Eric left town. Now that Eric’s back, how long will it be before Jenna invites him to share her and Luke’s bed?

Eric didn’t know Luke would be heartbroken when he left town to join a hotshot forest fire crew in Western Canada. They’d been best friends since kindergarten, had gone to school together, had bought their first car and a home together and had shared their lovers. At some point, friendship had turned to love.

Luke didn’t expect, when he brought his crazy cat in for stitches, that his heart would be mended by the sassy new veterinarian. Jenna may have been new in town but she’d heard the rumors and she liked the carnal fantasies he spun for her in bed of he and his best friend sharing her.

Of course, that was before Eric’s job brought him home and back into their lives.

Jenna isn’t sure she can be what they need, but she’s not going to give up without a fight. Even if that means inviting the sexy firefighter to share their bed. Surely there is enough love to go around.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F/M Romance

This is a story about finding love and keeping it, no matter what other people believe.

Jenna met Luke when Eric had gone away to take a job. When Eric returns, he moves in next door to Jenna and Luke. In this story, you get to witness how Luke and Eric feel about each other, how they feel about Jenna, and how Jenna feels about them.

Everyone had pretty good chemistry. This is a relationship from all sides. Luke, Jenna, and Eric all love each other.

We get to see how Jenna and Eric come together to see if they truly care for each other or if it's just the fact that they both love Luke.

The scenes are spicy and the relationship is a sweet one. I think this would have been so much more successful if it were longer and more. You catch glimpses of Jenna's family and I would have loved to see more.

I wish this had more to it, but it was a sweet story despite its length.

This is quite the sexy little story! Luke and Eric became best friends at university and they have shared almost everything since. When Luke starts a relationship with Jenna while Eric is away, he quickly realises that he wants to include Eric in their relationship. He just has to convince the other two…

On one level, this is basic erotica. Most of the focus is on the characters’ sexual relationships. The sex is explicit and the chemistry is hot. I love that the guys are interested in each other from the start and I enjoyed watching Eric and Jenna develop their own connection. However, the characters are unusually well drawn for erotica and I found myself wishing that Jenna, Luke, and Eric’s story had been developed a bit further and developed into a full-length novel.

I read this book during a summer where forest fires in BC had turned the sky grey and the sun an ominous orange as far west and as far south as Victoria. After choking on smoky air for a few weeks, I was fascinated by Eric’s job fighting forest fires. I loved the well-researched details but I did want to know more of Eric’s life beyond Jenna and Luke.

Similarly, Jenna’s work as a veterinarian is interesting but only really mentioned at the start. It isn’t often that the story and characters in erotica capture my imagination the way these three did. I loved their sexual connection and the relationship dynamics but the writing was so good that I wanted to know just a little bit more about their lives.

Oh this is a hot ménage romance for sure! Often a novella has to compromise to get a full story, but by clever use of previous friendship and some eavesdropping, the pace is really good here.

It is sometimes difficult to see the evenness of a trio, but Ms. Mullins has ensured that the balance is maintained. This is done by giving each person their individual place, rather than standardising the whole – which is really effective. And let's be honest, working out how they all fit together definitely heats up the blood! Here they fit together well, even in their town and family... wait for Jenna's secret from her past being revealed.

Big story in short book – I would happily have kept reading, which is always the sign of a really good read. Thank you, Ms. Mullins.

A prolific writer, even in elementary school, she was jotting down poems and stories whenever she had the chance – usually during math class.

After many years of working in corporate communications, Zoë decided in 2015 it was time to focus her energy on the kind of writing she loved – hot romances with strong, alpha heroes and quirky, independent heroines.

Zoë’s husband of nearly 20 years threw his full support behind that dream and loves to tell people his wife is a romance author. They live in Atlantic Canada with their two crazy collies. When not at her computer, you will find Zoë chasing after her muddy dogs, working in the garden or helping to renovate their money-pit of a house.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Eighty-One Days by Zoë Mullins to read and review.

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