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Counterpoint by J.E. Birk Release Blitz

One playboy. One perfectionist. So many secrets.

One playboy. One perfectionist. So many secrets.

I’m considered the biggest playboy in Burlington, Vermont. The party boy. The guy who lives in the moment and makes decisions with no thought for the future. But people don’t know my past. They don’t know why I make the choices I do. Even my best friend doesn’t know the truth about me. Actually, there are a lot of things he doesn’t know… like the fact that I had a one-night stand with his brother last year.

Did I mean to hook up with Aaron? Um, no. Mistakes were made, okay? But unlike most of my mistakes, this one has lasting consequences. Aaron works at the law firm where circumstances are forcing me to be their errand boy. Now we see each other every day. Aaron’s such a nervous wreck he keeps tripping over the copy machine. I’m surprised he hasn’t ended up in traction yet.

He and I are opposites in almost every way. He’s got a GPA higher than Mount Mansfield, and I’m barely going to graduate college. He grocery shops with a spreadsheet, and I’ve got YOLO tattooed on my body. But Aaron sees things in me that no one else does, and I see things in him he doesn’t see in himself. Before I know it, we’re sharing late-night office picnics, evenings out at the bar, and long, hot afternoons on my boat. I’m having the best summer of my life, but there’s no way this can end well. My bff will kill me if he ever finds out how thoroughly I’ve corrupted his brother…

Counterpoint is an opposites-attract forbidden romance featuring an incense-filled law firm, meddling friends, and angst and humor in (mostly) equal parts. It stars Jeremy Everett and Aaron Morin, who first appeared in the Vino and Veritas story Booklover, but Counterpoint is a standalone novel.

Counterpoint is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

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Counterpoint by J.E. Birk

Book 2
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Sometimes I think Jeremy is the most complicated puzzle I’ll ever try to put together, but right now, it almost feels like he’s handed me the corner pieces I’ve been searching for.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Counterpoint is the second book in the In Vino Veritas series. It can be read as a standalone without issue as it is a multi-author series.

This is a new-to-me author, so I did not read the book first mentioning these characters, Booklover, but was able to understand the character dynamic of these characters.

After Jeremy's dad is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, he promises his dad he will live every day. He takes this promise to heart and becomes a playboy. It's a reputation he's okay with because he's out there living his life every day.

When Aaron got into law school, he kept it a secret and ended up not talking to his family for months. His brother Jamie's best friend, Jeremy took it upon himself to contact Aaron to get him back to town. One thing leads to another, and they agree to never talk about it. But it gets awfully hard to not think about that night when they are working in the same office for the summer. Can they continue to act like that night didn't happen or will they fall into the feelings they are having for each other?

There was such a slow burn between Jeremy and Aaron it was almost painful to read. I wanted them to just talk it out, but the author draws it out just enough so when it finally does happen, it's explosive between them. Jeremy and Aaron both have some difficult issues in their past, Aaron not believing in himself and Jeremy with his family and his future. I loved watching these two characters help each other and push each other out of their comfort zone.

After reading Counterpoint, I will definitely be going back to read Booklover and others set in this world!

This is the second book in this new series based around Vino & Veritas, but could be read as a standalone. I’m very happy to be back in Sarina Bowen’s world and reading authors new to me and those well known. If you have read all the books in these series, you will be well aware of Aaron, who left Jamie struggling to help on the farm when he went off to study law, and of Jeremy, Jamie’s best friend.

These two men have a connection which they don’t quite understand and don’t quite know how to deal with, but it is a thread they don’t want to cut. But the complications of the present, as well as the past, make it difficult to imagine anything coming from it.

We learn that Jeremy uses his hook-ups to forget his problems with his family, and his intention to remain single is based on a fear of what the future could hold, suddenly he is not quite the playboy. As Aaron starts his legal internship at the same office as Jeremy is working for the summer, the opportunities for the two to be closer are inevitable. But can they live in the present, and what is Jamie going to think?

I loved catching up with Jamie’s family and seeing the rifts heal, and understanding permeates through the book, as distances are closed and relationships rebuilt. It deals with an incredibly difficult subject, and no one can judge the decisions of another when faced with such choices. Aaron was such a good friend and partner to Jeremy; it was beautifully written.

Another lovely installment in this series.



There aren’t many words that accurately describe how I feel when I see Jeremy Everett. Obsessed? Horny? Anxious? Terrified? All of the above?


Author Bio

J.E. BIRK was raised in Vermont and is now adulting in Colorado with intermittent success. She is a long-time lover of stories, and she writes and reads in worlds where imperfect characters find their happily ever after.

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I prefer the term rake to playboy.


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