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Dauntless by Victoria Denault Release Blitz

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, at the worst possible moment.

He’s everything I’ve ever wanted, at the worst possible moment.

One and done. That’s always been my motto when it comes to guys, because I’m not about to pull someone else into the closet my parents have locked me inside. I’ve been waiting years to claim my inheritance and live the life I want to live–out, free, and oh yeah, rich.

So why is the universe dropping the sexy farm boy with the lazy smile into my life right now? When Bowen Whitlock says he’ll join my band, and later my bed, I know one time won’t be enough.

But loving Bowen is dangerous for me. And he has his own struggles, like keeping his family afloat and trying not to get fired from his job at Vino and Veritas. But he lives his life with an authenticity that gives me a tantalizing taste of living my truth.

My secret relationship with Bowen is everything, until someone betrays us in the worst possible way…

Dauntless is a stand-alone novel set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North.

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Dauntless by Victoria Denault

Book 6
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This is a different kiss than the first one. That one tested the waters. This one is a cannonball into the deep end.



Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Dauntless is the sixth and final installment in the In Vino Veritas multi-author world.

I am sad to see this come to an end but seeing as I didn't read the first go around, I am excited to see all the books I missed with the characters I've come to love!

Chase is being the man his grandfather wanted him to be to collect his trust fund on his 28th birthday, even if that means keeping a huge part of himself hidden. He hooks up, he never does repeats but something about Bowen keeps him coming back for more even though he knows it can't go anywhere, but Bowen makes Chase want to break every rule he's ever made for himself.

Bowen is a walking disaster working at Vino & Veritas but when he sits in for the band, he feels the most comfortable. The sexy lead singer helps with that. Bowen is out and has been; he refuses to date someone closeted after an ex destroyed him. But something about Chase and the reasons he's still in closet do something to soften Bowen's heart.

The chemistry between Bowen and Chase is explosive from the beginning, they were so drawn to each other. I loved watching what they had build throughout the story.

I hope this isn't the end and they bring all these characters back just one more time!

This is my first time reading Victoria Denault and I was blown away with these characters!

This is the sixth book in the series and a really good addition to it – I would recommend that you read them in order, so that you can get the full goodness of all these guys. Do go and catch up on the original Vino & Veritas collection because every book adds to the wonderful group of people living in Burlington, Vermont.

Bowen is working extra jobs to help get his brother elected as mayor. One of them is at Vino & Veritas and unbelievably, Bowen is even more clumsy than Molly... and that is, as any regular reader will know, pretty impressive. One evening, Chase and his band are about to have to cancel their show as their drummer has not turned up – Bowen offers to fill in, and for the first time in years he gets to use his musical talents. I enjoyed the band set up in this story – although it made me chuckle that there is still a farming element to the story!

Chase is in a difficult family situation, waiting for his next birthday so that he can get his inheritance. In the meantime, he has to behave in accordance with his grandfather's conservative wishes. That means that his attraction to Bowen should not be allowed to go any further, but really, that chemistry is impossible to ignore.

What is so lovely about this book is that these guys talk about things. I think that it is Bowen's background that makes that possible – but it is great that Chase gets to benefit from that openness too, after a life of having to comply to be acceptable.



If this guy is interested in playing with more than my drum kit, I’m not saying no.


Author Bio

Victoria’s debut novel, One More Shot, was released by Hachette June 2, 2015. Since then she hasn’t stop writing. She became a full-time author in 2017 and expanded from sports romance to contemporary, small-town, and M/M. In the near future she hopes to pen books in even more genres like historical, paranormal, book club fiction and thrillers.

Victoria’s love of books began at 12 when she picked up her first Sweet Valley High and the obsession grew from there. Her favorite childhood gift remains the 1930s typewriter her parents found at a garage sale which actually wasn’t a gift for her. It was meant to be a display piece in their front hall but Victoria snuck it into her bedroom and it was on that typewriter she first began pounding out her own stories.

Victoria, her husband Jack and their chihuahua Gus live in a 222 year old home with character, charm and more spiders than she cares to think about. When not writing books she can usually be found on a beach somewhere. Her favorite beaches are La Concha in San Sebastian, Spain, Zuma in Malibu, California and Ocean Park, Maine.

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Emotionally needy, sexually greedy Chase is the best Chase of all.


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