Friday, February 2, 2018

Ruled by Anne Marsh

The Rebel vs. The Princess

Complete opposites who share the same burning passion!

Jaxon Brady of the Hard Riders MC has sworn to protect Evie Kent from a rival gang. His hard muscles and black leather motorcycle boots are a sharp contrast to the girlie dresses Evie wears for her successful party-planning business. Their instant attraction is magnetic, and their lust keeps them glued to each other’s side… but is it a dangerous distraction?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
I really tried to get into this book, but it was not an easy read for me.

The action between the motorcycle clubs was almost nonexistent and what was mentioned, lacked the depth of knowledge that I've seen in other books.

Rev and Evie's relationship seemed to start out okay, but Evie's constant theme of "I don't date bikers" was overshadowed by her inability to say "no" to Rev.

The ending to me seemed rushed and I'm not sure I'm invested enough to read the second book in this series.

I completely enjoyed this story. It was quick moving and fast paced with lots and lots of steamy goodness. I found Eve a bit all over the place pushing Rev away, then pulling him back. Rev's character was quite interesting; he claims not to be a nice guy, and proves that chasing after prey is a fun pastime that gets his motor running more than once. He's sworn to protect Eve and ends up kidnapping her to make an exchange with Eve's brother, who's in a rival MC. Eve is sort of clueless to her brother's dealings and defends him at every turn. It's up to Rev to prove to Evie that her brother isn't the innocent she thinks him.

There are some weird character lobotomies at times... a scene in particular in the bathroom where Eve's being held, kidnapped by Rev. I'm not sure Rev would trust a hostage's mouth in certain places! For me, the two do have some pretty good chemistry and a lot of "I want him but shouldn't" goes on, which I enjoy. So all in all, I was easily drawn in and entertained.

I have to say this book had a lot of potential and I did enjoy it. However, the plot was just okay. It had some really weak parts that could've been beefed up and really grabbed us more, what with the girl in the princess dresses who hates bikers, yet has a big weak spot for that same type of man.

Then there was all the biker club drama that was sort of built up to be something huge... and it was a letdown.

A lot of the book could've been better with just more meat. I mean, I certainly felt the sparks between the main characters, but that was the only thing that kept me going. But at times, even their relationship felt forced with rushed feelings. And the end, it sort of came out of left field for me because it really didn't feel like they'd reached that point before then.

And last but not least, there were many, many times when the story had errors – like putting on a 'raincoat' only to put on another one as if it hadn't been donned the first time half a page later or clothes that magically disappeared.

New York Times bestselling author Anne Marsh writes sexy contemporary and paranormal romances because the world can always enjoy one more alpha male. She started writing romance after getting laid off from her job as a technical writer—and quickly decided happily-ever-afters trumped software manuals. She lives in Northern California with her family and six cats.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Ruled (Hard Riders MC #1) by Anne Marsh to read and review.

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