Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Twofer by Daisy Harris

Bottoms up!

If a college freshman can’t get laid in sun-drenched Miami, he’s doing something wrong. Frankie Perez is determined to help his roommate get some man action in any way possible.

When Frankie’s arsenal of dating apps, fashion advice, and playing-hard-to-get lessons doesn’t work, he realizes Jeremy needs remedial help. Except tutoring Jeremy in the art of sex gets steamier than Frankie expected—and it scares the hell out of him.

Jeremy’s not sure why he’s wasting his time hooking up when he’s only got eyes for the slinky, sexy roommate he comes home to at night. But the hotter their chemistry simmers, the quicker Frankie dances away.

In near desperation, Frankie suggests the two of them team up to find a third to top them both, forgetting that two bottoms aren’t immune from lusting after each other. In a world where every man is an option, choosing one to love can be the sexiest risk of all.

Warning: Contains questionable morals, copious immature hijinks, an X-rated photo shoot, and disastrous threesomes. Sex toys were misused (but not harmed) in the making of this book.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3 Hot yet frustrated stars

Twofer is going to be a difficult novella to review. Sweet. Humorous. Fluffy. Lusty. Innocent yet jaded. Not realistic. Did I read it like it was crack? Sure did. Did I want to smack Frankie & Jeremy upside the head? Every freaking scene, I did. Was the book hot? Flaming hot. 80% lusty antics and 20% storyline. But the 20% storyline didn't make a lick of sense.

Twofer was entirely irresponsible, illogical, flighty, just like two 19-year-old guys, I guess. This made for a frustrating read, and not in a good way.

Frankie was a fully-fleshed out character with a diverse family, a job, school troubles dealing with math, and a rich need for religion. A flirt, loving the freedom of no commitment hookups, but he slowly falls in love with his roommate. Frankie was all-around a great, flawed character that readers could either identify with or understand.

Jeremy is a bit one-dimensional. All the reader gets to know is he's socially awkward and a virgin who has never touched another person. Ever. But somehow he just knows he's a bottom. But there is no true emotional depth. Jeremy doesn't show the love, lust, and pain like Frankie was written.

Bottom line: the guys don't think they can make a go of it because they are both bottoms, so they ignore their feelings for each other while on a quest to get Jeremy laid by a top, leading to it being a twofer. Obviously someone was bound to get hurt. This bothered me as their emotions took a backseat to their need to get off (constantly), when they had no issue getting off with each other. The times they hooked up with others was awkward at best, and the scenes where they were together alone shined.

Recommended: If you're into a sex-fest of illogical proportions, this novella is for you. If you find awkward and uncomfortable hookups amusing or hot, give this a read. But if you're a reader who wants the narrators to show some growth, find a compromise, or are totally against an HEA that doesn't involve monogamy (or at least a compromise with someone other than a random hookup), then this book is not for you.

Genre: MM erotica | College |

Retired party girl and ’80s film enthusiast, Daisy Harris spends most of her time writing sexy romance and plotting the fall of Western civilization. Ms. Harris lives in Seattle, where she tortures her husband by making it rain. She enjoys watching bridges cause traffic, watching football games cause traffic and blithely wearing wool socks with sandals.

She has two little girls who’ve challenged Ms. Harris’s feminist tendencies by insisting that makeup and high heels are appropriate for every occasion, including rock climbing and camping trips.

Daisy writes M/M romance about go-go dancers, firefighters and college boys. She’s never missed an episode of Downton Abbey.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Twofer by Daisy Harris to read and review.

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