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Corbin’s Bend – A Holiday Ruse by Rayanna Jamison

Cecily has been telling little white lies for years, both to her husband Carlton, and her mother Venia. With her husband on another continent, and her mother across the country in Corbin’s Bend, what could the harm be?

Everything seems fine until Carlton gets transferred to Denver, and they decide to spend the holidays with her mom in Corbin’s Bend. Carlton doesn’t tolerate lying—and he refuses to stretch the truth to accommodate the lies she has already told, one of which is letting her mother believe that her and Carlton also practice domestic discipline. Cecily can’t bear to strain their already tenuous relationship by admitting the truth, so Carlton offers a solution. When in Corbin’s Bend, do as they do.

She doesn’t count on being there longer than a week, and she certainly doesn’t plan on falling for the town, the people in it, OR her husband’s new dominant ways. Will Cecily’s web of lies lead her to everything she has ever wanted?

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Book 4 – Season Four
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
What started out as a drunken elopement has turned into a three year marriage. Granted, most of it has been long distance as Carlton worked overseas and she was stateside. Since Carlton's return, Cecily has been thinking that the marriage of convenience could turn into a real one.

Spending the holidays with her mom and step-father for the first time in their married life, Carlton has no idea what to expect but it sure isn't the fact that numerous lies and half-truths that come to the forefront during their visit. Lies and half-truths that Cecily told to both him and her mother.

One of those lies was that he and Cecily practiced domestic discipline (DD), when in truth, Carlton knows very little about the lifestyle. When Cecily tells him that she wants to try domestic discipline on a trial basis, Carlton agrees and begins his research into the lifestyle.

Their journey into DD is not easy and the way that they handled it was very realistic.

I have enjoyed the Corbin’s Bend series; I have read all the books and enjoyed most of them. This one was just ok for me. I couldn’t connect with the main characters. Not sure what is up with all the lying in this series lately but it is getting kind of old for me. Like I said it was just ok for me, I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it.

Characters: Couldn’t connect
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Spanking/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Another from the reliable Corbin's Bend stable of books. This spanking community gets to celebrate Christmas a little differently this year.

Venia's daughter Cecily is finally coming for Christmas with her husband. Unfortunately, this will reveal some of the 'white' lies she has been feeding both of them. As it unravels, and both Carlton and Cecily consider just what DD might mean for them, an interesting story develops. I did like how the truth came out, and actually it made the situation more understandable.

Plenty of spanking, and lesson learning ensues, surprising both of them at the outcome.

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Rayanna Jamison is a happily married mother of two in her mid-thirties. She grew up in the PNW, but recently made a big life change and moved to the southwest. Part of that life change included getting back to her first love: writing.

Rayanna has been writing since she was able, and always dreamed of being an author growing up. She never thought she would write spanking romance, but she loves to read it, so why not?

When she is not writing, (which is much too often) Rayanna enjoys spending time with her family and dear friends, cooking, playing games, reading and exploring her new area.

Her favorite things in life besides her husband and kids are good friends, good food, and good wine. Her passions tend to be evident in the stories she writes.

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