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In the Moment: Part Three by Rachael Orman is Now Available & Reviewed

Ace managed to burn bridges with both Adam and Alicia. Adam doesn't even want to speak to him while Alicia doesn't know what she wants. Both Ace and Adam know they have a lot to work through if they are going to be able to make their part of the relationship work—with or without Alicia.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Tantalizing writing. I'm really not much for M/M love scenes but these are pretty tasteful. Ace finally has to reveal his bisexual nature, and some of the backlash lands on Adam. The couple seem to fight for a bit before settling in and Alicia seems to be on the outside for this part. I didn't like the cliffhanger in this one, or the mystery. We shall see in the next part where the story will go. Overall entertainment was three and a half stars.

The third in the series of novellas, I am now hankering for the happy that I want, but Ms. Orman is making us wait it out. The ending is particularly taxing as it adds an extra twist. The dynamics of trios and the fears that the parties imagine are well written.

I hope that the keyboard is being well used chez Orman, as I need my next installment, asap!

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
3 1/2 Stars rounded up to 4 Stars.
This is the third installment in the series about Ace, Adam and Alicia. In this installment we see Ace's reaction to the video that has been sent to his friends and others of he and Adam in the woods outside the bar. Adam and Alicia believe that Ace's reaction is due to the fact that he doesn't want others to know he's bi. When Ace explains to Alicia the reasons it’s hard for him to let others know about his relationship with Adam, she understands but knows that only Ace can fix this problem.

When Ace and Adam try to make amends with Alicia everything seems to be well until Alicia decides that rather than following in with their plans, she should have some say in this new relationship.

I'm ready for the next installment to see where this relationship is headed.

I really enjoy this series. We learn a little more about our sexy silent Ace's past as his relationship with Adam comes into the light. Alicia can't deny her attraction to both men, but is their attraction enough? I can't wait to see where Miss Orman will take this story.

When I first opened In the Moment Part Three, I couldn’t quite remember what had transpired at the end of the previous installment. However, within a page or two, it all came flying back – the sex, the video, the hot sex, the argument, and did I mention the HOT SEX! Considering Ace’s response to the long list of the video’s recipients, it’s not surprising that I was the only one in this situation thinking about the sex. Needless to say, Adam was not happy with Ace’s reaction to the video, surmising that Ace’s anger over it getting out meant that Ace would never be comfortable taking their relationship public. As Adam lives his life openly as a bisexual man, he refuses to hide who he is for anyone, especially the man he is in love with.

I loved watching Adam stand up for himself and how he let Ace know in no uncertain terms that he would not be anyone’s dirty little secret. While witnessing the demise of their relationship was sad, Alicia giving Ace a much needed kick in the arse re-instilled hope for Adam and Ace’s future. Much of this installment is Ace coming to terms with his past, what he wants for his future, and whether or not a relationship with Adam is possible, assuming that Adam will even give him another chance. Being as this is part three of five, I was not surprised that Adam gave Ace another chance and Ms. Orman rewarded readers with a fabulous bout of makeup sex between these two testosterone-fueled men. Bossy Adam is sexy! What did surprise me was Alicia’s reaction to Adam and Ace, but what really threw me for a loop was the freaking cliff that the author left me hanging from. Yes, In the Moment Part Three actually left me frustrated because I don’t know what’s coming next. And while I will probably be able to get In the Moment Part Four a few days early, I want it NOW!!! Well done Ms. Orman, that’s exactly how a serial is supposed to work – but please, for the love of all that is holy, please stick to your release schedule and don’t disappear on us before the end arrives (sadly, I have had that happen).

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