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Wicked Reads Reviews – The Strong One by Stella Hunter

David Nobel has lusted over his sister’s friend Megan Scott since high school. Back then, she rejected the advances of the scrawny boy that he was. Now, he is a popular personal trainer and self-defense coach, which he credits to all the time spent in the gym after that fateful rejection. When David finds a scared, scarred Megan hiding out from her brutal ex-husband at his sister’s house, he must find a way to convince her just how strong she truly is—before his sister, Bethany, and her family get caught in the crossfire.

As David teaches Megan self-defense, his long-forgotten feelings return in force. The long sessions of close contact teach them both how to trust again. As Megan slowly takes back her life, David is left wondering if she’ll find any room in it for him.

With Megan’s ex-husband stalking her every move, David must show her that love is not a weakness, it is what makes her strong.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

When Megan Scott's marriage ended the last thing she thought she would have to do is hide at her friend Bethany's house. Megan's husband was abusive and doesn't take being her ex very well. He alienated her from everyone she really knew, with no one to turn to she turns to Bethany, one of her closest friends from high school.

Megan was the one girl that David never stood a chance with in high school. She is also the one he never got over. When he sees her at his sister’s, scared and tucked into herself, he knows he has to do whatever he can to help her. He needs to show Megan she doesn't need anyone's help to protect herself. Now he can get her to trust him not to hurt her.

The Strong One is a good quick read. I think because it's so fast I didn't get to feel the full connection between the two MCs. It's what was missing for me. The story itself is good, it's just missing that heat.

This is a painful story that is all too common in the real world. Megan Scott is hiding from her abusive ex-husband yet again. He keeps finding her and tries to take her back. Now she is hiding with Bethany. While Bethany's brother David has loved Megan since they were in school, he does notice that the fire she had back then is gone. He wonders what has happened to her. When he finds out, all he wants is to help her. He is a personal trainer and he can help her to be stronger and protect herself. While David is showing her how to protect herself, his feelings from years ago are coming back full force. What will happen when he tells Megan how he feels, will she reject him again? Can Megan trust any man ever again? This is a great story and a first for me from this author. I will be reading more from her.

I thought that this book tackled a difficult situation quite well. The reason that David was prepared to help was well explained and he stepped up to the plate. His consistency and devotion, as well as the kindness of his sister's family made all the difference to Megan's chances. There were some dramatic twists, but overall it is a sweet coming together of two old friends, one who has been damaged by her past.

Stella Hunter was born and raised in the South and makes Kentucky her current home. When not dealing with demanding kids (of the four-legged variety) or that crazy thing called life, she would happily spend all her time buried in books. She loves to write romance because she believes everyone is redeemable. Stella is the author of The Strong One, The Dom’s Game, and Rescuing the Bridesmaid.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Strong One (Plus One Parties #1) by Stella Hunter to read and review.

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