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Wicked Reads Reviews – Inspire Me by Jenna Dales

A sexy contemporary romance with a woman who has ignored what she wanted and the smoldering hero who will open her eyes to everything she could have...

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On a stormy night in Portland, Oregon, cynical ad exec Lily Bishop crashes into a stunning classic car driven by a dark, handsome stranger with strong hands. His powerful touch makes her remember old dreams she thought she abandoned twenty years ago. Back then, she traded her MFA in photography for a lucrative advertising position that twists people’s deepest desires into just another data point.

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Though he’s struggling to take his hot rods to the big time, mechanic Raine Reyes won’t accept help from anyone -- certainly not an uptown woman like Lily whose miles-wide reckless streak brings out the repressed bad boy in him. He knows he should run from her offer to be the new face of her next expensive advertising campaign, but he’s too tempted… by her. He sees right through her to the forgotten needs, the neglected fantasies, and the woman she always wanted to be.

Warning: Contains sex and lifestyle scenes for adventurous adult readers only.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Career woman meets back on the tracks, off the scale gorgeous, but younger garage owner and sparks fly ...

There is a LOT of hotness in this book, but chapter 17 is off the scales ... Possibly one of the steamiest chapters I have ever read – and I read a lot!!

I really enjoyed this book; it mixes hardness with softness so stylishly and seductively. I am really looking forward to the next one.

Having recently read Kissing Drake (Butterfly Girls) also by Jenna Dale, she is definitely on my To Be Read list.

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
High powered ad exec Lily Bishop has her hands full trying to land a new account. Taking her frustration out during her afternoon bike ride, she plows through the stop sign and sends her bike into the path of an oncoming car. Thankfully, Raine Reyes is quick on his feet and manages to avoid hitting Lily. Her bike wasn't so lucky.

Lily thinks he's hot, but entirely too young for her. Snapping a couple of photos of Raine to be viewed at her leisure, she accidently sends them to one of her potential accounts.

Raine is not thrilled that he's being asked to model for some celebrity wannabes new fashion line, but quickly realizes it’s the best way he can keep in close contact with Lily.

Lily and Raine must overcome their own demons and insecurities to even attempt a relationship, but first, each of them must figure out what they want out of life.

Lily Bishop is trying to land an ad campaign for the Rebel A line of clothing and make-up. But there are other ad agencies trying to get the job. So she goes back to her office and her settled life. When she heads home on her bike, the wheels in her mind are turning even faster the normal. She runs through a stop sign and runs into a Coupe. The driver of the Coupe is more worried about her then his vintage car. He takes her back to his shop, where he restores old cars, and patches her up and a few other things. The sex between Lily and Raine is HOT! Lily wants him and only for the night will she give in to her fantasy. Raine Reyes is as sexy and muscled as the cars he restores. She takes a few pictures of him before she leaves but instead of sending the pictures to her personal email, she sends them to Arebella, Rebel A owner. And Arebella wants him as her spokesperson. And Arebella usually gets what she wants. Lily wants more with Raine but she sees the age difference as the main problem. He makes her want to change and not settle in her life. There are a few interesting things happening along the way. Can she see that he only wants what is best for her? He doesn't want to control her, just inspire her to do what makes her happy. Will Raine give up on her or fight to make her see what he sees? This is a first for me by Jenna Dales and I loved it. A great story and I look forward to reading Thrill Me (Hot Rod #2) coming soon.

Jenna Dales is the barely pseudonymous alter ego for author Jessa Slade. But that’s just between you and me, m’kay? Jessa found herself writing sexy contemporary romances that weren’t at all like her paranormal romances, urban fantasy romances, and award-winning science fiction romances, so to avoid confusing herself and others, she spun off a not-so-secret identity. She swapped out a few letters in her first name and rearranged the letters of her last name… and voilà! Jenna Dales! – Author’s blog bio

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Inspire Me (Hot Rod #1) by Jenna Dales to read and review.

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