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Wicked Reads Reviews – Jock Auction by Alex Pendragon

Sexy high-school footballer Kyle has two big blind-spots: first, he assumes he’s straight, and second, he doesn’t know quite how much his shy, geeky classmate Craig lusts after him. When the two are thrown together after a charity slave auction, however, how incredible the sex is turns out to be hard to miss. Problem is, Kyle’s awakened sexuality is on a collision course with his hot teammates, and not everyone in his conservative Midwestern town is quite so open-minded.

When Kyle unexpectedly gets up close and personal with another closeted jock, and realizes in the process that there’s more than just teenage hormones between himself and Craig, he’s faced with a choice: walk away, or fight for what until now he didn’t know he wanted. Meanwhile, Craig is learning that there’s more to his appetite for athletic guys than playing the meek submissive, and Kyle’s mea-culpa arrives right on time for him to explore some of the kinks he never knew he had.

Hard bodies meet even harder truths as two very different guys discover that, while you can buy someone’s time, you still have to win their heart.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

If you're an m/m fan who likes really dirty, hot scenes then you will love Jock Auction. This is a story of a Kyle, a jock, who starts to realise that he might be gay, when he is purchased at a charity auction by Craig, who has a crush on him.

The story of Kyle's awakening never takes itself too seriously and was fun to read. But mostly this story was about lots and lots of naked guys and lots of steamy scenes. Jock Auction is a good time and a book I am definitely going to be re-reading.

When Kyle is forced into an auction that will support his football team, he is surprised who ends up with the winning bid. Most guys will be doing odd jobs around the house, cleaning gutters, raking leaves. What will Kyle end up doing for Craig, the gay emo in his senior class?

Craig has always lusted after Kyle. When he found out about the auction he knew it was his chance to spend time with Kyle. They never quite hung out in the same social circles. Kyle doesn't know what to expect when he gets to Craig's house for his slave weekend. Craig kissing him is the last thing he thought would happen.

When push comes to shove Kyle is thoroughly enjoying Craig's attention. He is just finding out what this new found life means, he's a horny eighteen year old who makes a mistake. A mistake that costs him what he didn't even know he wanted. Can he make it right? Will his big reveal gain support or lose friends and those that he thought loved him most?

“You don't know what it's like to grow up knowing you're gay, that you don't get to have the person you want, that you can't even look at them without running the risk of getting beat up. How that makes you long for it even more.”

Eighteen year old horny boys. Yeah, that kind of explains a whole lot about this story. There is sex, an unbelievable amount of sex, I-was-actually-jealous-they-were-getting-so-much-action-amount-of-sex sex. I was worried that the plot would get lost in the sex scenes, but it didn't. There really was a sweet love story underneath all the other stuff. I enjoyed the read, it was hot.

I felt sure this would be a hit for me, given it is a sports story and MM, however I found it to be short on romance. Probably not the top of an 18 year old's agenda when thrown into confusion about his sexuality, but it was difficult to see a bond between the lead characters. It was hot, absolutely no doubts there, off the charts even, but no so much of a connection. Interesting story and good read, just not quite how I expected it to be.

Early on in life, Alex Pendragon realized that while looking at cute guys is hot, stories about them are even hotter. A filthy imagination, not to mention the discovery that others would be just as interested in reading about the mischief his characters get up to as he was in writing about it, propelled him down the path to Loose Id.

In Alex’s world, the guys don’t always get off easily, but they generally get off. British-born, he currently lives in California. – Loose Id bio

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