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Fever by Jamie K. Schmidt Blog Tour

Readers of Fifty Shades of Grey and Bared to You will savor a visit to Club Inferno, the erotic playground where glitz and glamour mix with leather and whips.

Deep in the shadows of her exclusive fashion resort, Couture, Colleen Bryant presides over a much more intimate world: Club Inferno. The successful businesswoman and sex instructor has built an empire that caters to the BDSM elite, but now she finds herself longing for something a bit more ordinary: a man to love. She’s not sure how to find someone who will accept what she does for a living—or the kinks that drive her wild—until her old flame, ex-pro football player Chase Fairwood, comes back in her life.

There’s no woman as hot, sexy, or exciting as Colleen—and Chase knows it. He also knows he’s man enough to play her games, and to give as good as he gets. His return to Club Inferno reignites Colleen’s scorching demands, along with a new determination to test his resolve. Soon he’s competing against a rival Dom to brand Colleen as his own. But Chase has a secret weapon: the burning desire to offer his body—and his heart—in sweet surrender.

Fever is an erotic romance intended for mature audiences.

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Book 3
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Dante’s green eyes were his most striking feature and he played them up with subtle dark eyeliner. His short black hair, neatly trimmed beard, and mustache gave him a Mephistophelian air. It didn’t help the image that he sometimes stroked his mustache like a villain in the old black-and-white films.

“Don’t you have something better to do than hang around outside my dungeon?” Colleen asked as she kept walking. She mentally called up the Doms’ schedules and thought that he had an advanced breath play workshop about to start.

He stopped her with a gloved hand on her throbbing shoulder. She tried not to wince, but he was good enough to catch the slightest tremor.

“You should ice that,” he said, all hints of teasing gone. “Then get into the hot tub and let the jets pound out some of that tightness.”

Colleen turned around to face him as he let his hand drop. Blowing a blond wave out of her eye, she nodded. “If I get to it. Now, what did you want?”

“You. On your knees.”

A flare of amusement danced through her, and she felt a real smile stretch across her face. It was an old game between the two of them, two Doms who didn’t like to be topped trying to force the other one into a submissive position.

“You first,” she countered. “And if I like what I see, I might allow you to lick my boots.”

A hard flush started up Dante’s collar, and his eyes narrowed. Colleen knew that he didn’t like defiance, didn’t like that she didn’t tremble at his charisma. She deliberately stepped into his personal space and watched him check himself so he didn’t take a step back. His nostrils flared and he stared at her mouth.

“You can’t get to the next level as a Master if you don’t experience the limits of your submission,” he said.

“Thanks for mansplainin’ that.” Colleen rolled her eyes. While he was right that if you couldn’t feel empathy for the sub you were a poor Dom, Colleen had a feeling Dante wasn’t chasing her for altruistic reasons, so she could improve her craft. He was also assuming that she hadn’t experienced being a submissive. What he knew about her training could fit in his mouth like a ball gag.

She had started her career as a sub, but it wasn’t in her nature. She made more money on the other end of the whip and enjoyed it more. She had even married one of the most thrilling Doms she had ever met and gladly submitted to him. But after Alfie’s death, she found comfort in giving the orders. None of that was Dante’s business. Colleen earned her right to Domme the Doms in Club Inferno. It was her leadership that had grown Club Inferno, a secret BDSM club, into one of the hottest dungeons in the Northeast. And it was her bankroll that shielded them from unwanted inquiries by fronting a fashion resort called Couture, which was also one of the premier locations on the East Coast.

“What makes you think I need instruction from you?” She gave him a hard shove back, needing to work out some aggression and knowing Dante wouldn’t mind.

He grabbed her wrists to pull her in for a kiss, but Colleen twisted at the last minute. Breaking his hold, she used his momentum to slam him face-first against the wall. She practiced judo every day with her bodyguard, Istvahn, an ex-Spetsnaz soldier who made sure Colleen could protect herself if he wasn’t around.

“I don’t have time to play with you.” She pulled back on Dante’s hair and spoke into his ear.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I was drawn by BDSM aspect in the synopsis of this book and since I haven't read any other books by this author or in this series I thought I'd give it a try.

I really enjoyed the Colleen and her 'world' so to speak. She is an excellent Domme who has perfected her craft. Chase on the other hand is as Vanilla as they get, but for his lost love he's willing to try anything. Their dynamic was excellent, I loved the way they played off each other and developed as a couple.

However, the very very very limited inclusion of BDSM left me wanting more, especially of her Domme side since she is supposedly the best. Also the fact that it is labelled as something for people to read after any other book left a bit of a distaste in my mouth because I felt like it was simply trying to draw off the success of other authors.

All said, I think the writing was good and I would read another book by this author.

This is the third in a series, and definitely follows on from previous storylines, however it is definitely strong enough to read on its own.

This is a well written, engaging read, which has a good mix of misunderstanding, miscommunication, jealousy and hot, passionate chemistry. I liked the way that Colleen's friends are at times defensive, but also do everything to ensure she gets her happiness. I loved the chemistry between Colleen and Chase, the compromise they negotiated, and the closeness that they could deny each other.

Highly recommend this book, but would suggest that you read all of the series in order, for a really good read.

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USA Today Bestselling author, Jamie K. Schmidt is a hybrid author who has over thirty short stories published in small press and ezines, and a variety of novellas and books online. Her Club Inferno series from Random House has been in Amazon's top 100 ebooks sold and Barnes and Noble's top 10. She has a dragon paranormal romance series at Entangled Publishing. Book one of the Emerging Queens series is The Queen's Wings.

Jamie holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the State University of New York at New Paltz in Secondary Education English, which is a fancy way of saying she went to college to teach high school English. When that didn't pan out, she worked as a call center manager, a Tupperware consultant, a paralegal, and finally a technical writer for a major conglomerate company. She is an active member in the Romance Writers of America (RWA). When not writing, Jamie relaxes with a mug of hot tea and knits or makes beaded jewelry.

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