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Bought by Nicolette Hugo

One woman fighting for her future, two men trapped by their past…

One taste of Jerricho Black, Dom for hire, and Scarlet Bailey knows she’s made a big mistake. It's not the sting of his crop but the intimacy that makes her come undone. The threat made all the more real when her husband hires his services for the next forty days.

Wrongly suspected of a crime he didn’t commit, on the run and in trouble, Jerricho needs the money Killian Bailey offers him. Sleeping with another man’s wife is nothing personal, but every day Scarlet slips deeper into his blood.

Killian tells himself he is not worthy of his wife, not after she got hurt on his watch, and not until he gets his revenge. Now he’s hired a man to give Scarlet what he can’t. So why does he want to hit the man?

Sometimes home feels strange and a stranger feels like home…sometimes the only redemption you find is the one you bought.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Scarlet Bailey and her husband, Killian, are both dealing with the aftermath of what happened ten months ago. While Killian is punishing himself for not keeping his wife safe by not being intimate with her until he finds who kidnapped her, Scarlet is missing the intimacy of her marriage and feels that hiring Jerricho Black, Dom for Hire, could give her the intimacy she craves. While Killian and Scarlet have shared lovers in the past, he is surprised because she didn’t tell him about Black. When Killian offers Jerricho a proposition, he knows he can’t refuse because it would mean he could pay his debt off and be free of the cartel. The cartel didn’t want to let him go because they could use his services as a doctor/surgeon, but Jerricho would not do that, he just wanted to pay them and be free of his debt. After spending time with Scarlet, feelings were becoming more, and Jerricho knew it was time for him to leave. While Scarlet didn’t want him to leave and Killian wasn’t sure, Jerricho found himself drawn to Killian in a sexual way too.

Can Jerricho finish his time with Scarlet and Killian without losing his heart? Will Scarlet leave Killian to be with Jerricho? Will Killian let Jerricho live once he realizes just what is going on with the cartel? Will they ever find out who was behind kidnapping Scarlet?

This is a really good story that will have you glued to every page just to find out what happens next. There is a lot going on in this story will all three main characters and it will keep you guessing.

This is a first for me from Nicolette Hugo and I can’t wait to read more from her.

Nicolette Hugo is a new to me author, but this will be one of many I hope to read from her. I absolutely fell in love with Jerricho Black. His character was so intriguing, so conflicted, I couldn't get enough of him. He's an ex-military doctor and a sadist, on the run after leaving Iran during the war. Fleeing his country, he finds himself taking on a helpless woman's debt as his own, during a drug cartel boat journey to Sidney. Having to pay off Dado and his men for his selflessness, he finds being a Dom for hire is at least something he likes to do and can make the money to pay the Cartel debt. Scarlett, after being kidnapped by the cartel is living a life of misery. They took her finger and almost cut out her tongue. Her husband, Killian, arrives to save her life, being shot in the process of the rescue.

The story starts with them trying to recover from the ordeal they've both been through. Killian is blaming himself for Scarlett's injuries and capture. He continues to punish himself by not allowing intimacy with his wife. Scarlett needs touch, she needs affection, and she seeks it by calling the number on the card she's been given. Jerricho Black, Dom for hire. Scarlett finds she's more than submissive, she's downright masochistic. Killian loves her enough to let her go to Jerricho for the dominance and affection she needs, they're no stranger to added people to their bed. The three of them together are off the charts chemistry! Turns out Scarlett and Killian have more in common with Jerricho than needing his dominance, he owes the man that kidnapped Scarlett, the man he's paying off every week, and Killian needs his revenge.

The story is downright brutal at times, there's quite a bit of violence along with dominance, but the characters show remorse and emotion enough to get me through it. I found them all written so well, their flaws and their strengths had me riveted to the story. Jerricho and Killian burned the pages up, and Scarlett's submission was sublime. Absolutely a page turner from cover to cover.

4.5 Stars

I have to say that this was a twisted as heck book…and I loved every second of it. Scarlet and Killian have sort of come to an impasse in their relationship because of what happened ten months prior, but once Jerricho enters the picture, things start to get interesting for all three of them.

I will say that I wish there was a bit more time spent on the 'previous partners' part of the story, but other than that, I loved this story. I think there were times where we could've gotten a bit more insight as to why Killian was turned on by Jerricho. But in the end it didn't really matter, I loved the story.

There are some harsh and cruel scenes in the book, but they were fitting for the characters involved. There are plenty of hot and sexy scenes between all three characters.

I do have to admit, that while the ending was nice, I still felt like Jerricho was still an outsider, but that could have totally been the way I took things and not come out that way for anyone else.

All in all, I've become a huge fan of Nicolette Hugo for sure!

This is a really intense read on a number of levels – I recommend it to you if you like a book which is dark, both erotically and plot wise. The story is cleverly developed, incorporates D/s and S/m in a complex story of kidnap, blackmail, and a lot of pain. For Scarlet, Jerricho, and Killian, we get to understand their background, their pain, their needs, and eventually, how everything inter links. It is quite hard to read at times, as it is graphic, both for 'good' pain and its sensual outcome, and not good pain and its harshness. It is difficult to believe that it is a love story, but it most certainly is. I was totally engrossed in this demanding tale, as I was reminded just how difficult life can be, and how the human need for love can win out.

Ms. Hugo is a talented author, and most definitely deserves success with this fascinating novel.

If love is the drug, sex is the pusher….

I write Erotic Romance with characters who walk amongst us but maybe step closer to the edge. All of my stories have some element of kink and even if they bruise you for a while, they all end in a happy-ever-after.

I love catching-up with readers so please feel free to contact me through any of my social media sites or email.

Thank you for taking the time to come and share my world.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Bought by Nicolette Hugo to read and review.

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