Thursday, July 28, 2016

Shane: Marshal of Tallav by Cailin Briste

Shane Tiernan, the Beast of Tallavan aristocratic society, needs relief from the matriarchal rules that are destroying his life. His hope lies in a female submissive, newly graduated from a top sex school. From her resume, she seems perfect. But profile and real life collide when he arrives to collect her. He’s stunned when he spots her vaulting over a bar and snatching up an ice chipper to defend herself against the giant who is chasing her. Her combination of warrior spirit and long-limbed curves fires his Dom imagination and the desire to bind her in his rope and have her under his complete control.

Adrianna Pacquin is sexually submissive, but don’t cross her outside the bedroom. She escaped the crime lord who plans to marry her once before. When it becomes clear he’s still after her, she doesn’t intend to get caught. A fortuitous decision to accept the contract of Tallavan Marshal Shane Tiernan promises safety until an attempt to murder him sets the pair on an investigation that will require complete trust in one another. With danger stalking their every step, the secrets they both hide could implode their blooming relationship and leave them exposed to their relentless foe.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This author creates new worlds in this book. Shane is Marshal from the world of Tallav, where the women rule with an iron fist. Men have few options when it comes to careers, it’s the Marshals, be a stay at home father, or live off world. Marriages must be sanctioned by the matriarch and only female heirs can inherit.

Shane has chosen the Marshals, content to be the second son of a strong willed and influential mother. He's had adventures and has learned and explored the erotic pleasures of BDSM. His friend, Maon, has encouraged him to seek out an assistant from the Opio Institute, where people are trained to embrace either their dominant or submissive sides.

Adrianna fled her home world after the death of parents and away from the powerful Benefactor that rules her planet. Seeking solace at the Opio Institute, she found herself, her true self, and the power being submissive gives her.

Through the book we are treated to wonderful vistas of new worlds and their cultures, and how both Adrianna and Shane must make sacrifices if either want to be happy. The true depth of Shane's attachment to Adrianna becomes apparent late in the book and he's forced to make a choice.

Cailin Briste has awaited the moment when she can move from recreational to full time eccentric. Some might say that moment came long ago. Her mother has always looked a little askance at her. Cailin’s children have made the best of living with a quirky mother, unaware that she’s been restraining herself until all five leave home for good. She is, after all, kind hearted. There are degrees of embarrassment they don’t deserve.

In her writing, Cailin likes to flip convention on its head, creating a universe in which each planet is a study in different what ifs. What would happen to alpha men on a matriarchal planet where the women are not Dommes in the strictest sense but certainly have the attitude down pat? How would society handle it if girls born on their new planet developed empathic senses? Cailin throws her characters into these settings, heroes and heroines whose kink is a major defining attribute of their personality.

Cailin keeps her own kink under wraps. Toys, rope, and implements of painful pleasure are tucked away under her bed awaiting the man of her dreams, her husband of thirty-seven years, to put them to good use. She always offers a swift denial when he asks, “Do you want to do this because of a scene you’re writing?”

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