Monday, July 11, 2016

Didn’t You Promise by Amber A. Bardan

He always keeps his promises.

Angelina has sacrificed everything to be with the man she loves. Forced to abandon her family, and even her own identity, Angelina depends on Haithem as never before. With no more secrets between them, Haithem has become the source of all her needs. Sexually. Emotionally.

But not even Haithem can hide forever.

While they're sneaking across borders, avoiding persecution from everyone who would see Haithem dead and his prototype stolen, the media fascination surrounding Angelina's disappearance continues to mount.

For Angelina, it's a brutal reminder of what she's left behind and the pain she's caused to those who believe her dead or held against her will.

To Haithem, it's a warning: he stands to lose the one person left in his life he loves beyond measure. The hunt won't be called off until his enemies have destroyed him, his life's work and everyone involved—including Angelina.

He has only one choice. He's promised to protect her. And Haithem always keeps his promises.

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I couldn't wait for this book, I needed to know what happened to Angelina and Haithem. They were running for their lives, but at times it seemed as if they were only running. Who was chasing them? When Angelina learned his secrets, some of them anyway, she knew that she could not tell anyone or it would put people she loved in danger. Secrets and lies will destroy a person, and both of them will learn the hard way what it will take to maybe win back the other’s love. Or will the ones after Haithem finally catch him and kill him before he can give the world his prototype? What happens if love, betrayal, denial, and heartache comes crashing down on Angelina, will she give up on Haithem? Will there be a happy ending for them?

I loved this story and having both point of views was even better because it helped us see what Haithem was going through too. Looking forward to book three, about Angelina's BFF Emma.

Also Available in the Bad for You Series

Book 1
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After spending years imagining fictional adventures, Amber Bardan finally found a way to turn daydreaming into a productive habit. She now spends her time in a coffee-fueled adrenaline haze, writing romance with a thriller edge.

She lives with her husband and children in semi-rural Australia, where if she peers outside at the right moment she might just see a kangaroo bounce by.

Amber is an award winning writer, Amazon Bestselling Author, and member of Romance Writers of Australia, Melbourne Romance Writers Guild, and Writers Victoria.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Didn’t You Promise (Bad for You #2) by Amber A. Bardan to read and review.

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