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Code Yellow by Susan Laine

Two years have passed since that long, dark, night of despair and near death when English-lit geek Yancy Bell met dancing jock Curt Donovan. Now a couple living in New York, they appear happy and well suited to one another.

But appearances can be deceptive.

Yancy feels Curt is growing distant, and they barely see each other. At Juilliard, Curt has bonded with a new friend, Greg. Yancy fears his relationship with Curt is coming to a head. Meanwhile,Curt harbors a secret that could spell the end of Yancy’s love for him.

Yet neither man dares to confront his fears—or the other.

Will their fate be a code yellow or a golden opportunity?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The third in the series, and I think you would need to read the previous two to get the full story. I will assume you have in my review.

These two men met under the most difficult of circumstances, and through all their story it sits like a shadow. That element is definitely really well done, as I don't believe it would ever quite go away. It therefore makes Yancy's behaviour completely understandable, and the outcome even better than might have been expected. On that score I think the book does really well. I do, however, have a struggle sometimes with the language, which can get very flowery. Whilst Yancy may be a Lit major, he would not necessarily in times of stress use so many synonyms, when actually repeating of a word would be more powerful. It is a small thing, but at times distracted me from the story. I find some things to be slightly inconsistent too, which again are minor, but can just change the flow as I consider whether that fits with the previous chapter. The one thing that has really vanished is Yancy's toilet problem...even in some very stressful moments he seems to be fine.

I shall start book four with interest, as the main issue there would seem to be his, not Curt's for a change.

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SUSAN LAINE, an award-winning, multi-published author of LGBTQ erotic romance and a Finnish native, was raised by the best mother in the world, who told her daughter time and again that she could be whatever she wanted to be. The spark for serious writing and publishing kindled when Susan discovered the gay erotic romance genre. One of her books, Monsters Under the Bed, won the 2014 Rainbow Award for Best Gay Paranormal Romance.

Anthropology is Susan’s formal education, but she has set her long-term sights on becoming a full-time writer. Susan enjoys hanging out with her sister, two nieces, and friends in movie theaters, bookstores, and parks. Her favorite pastimes include pop music, action flicks, chocolate, and doing the dishes, while a few of her dislikes are sweating hot summer days, tobacco smoke, and purposeful prejudice.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Code Yellow (Heroes at Heart #3) by Susan Laine to read and review.

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