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Promised at the Moon by Rebekah R. Ganiere

If he can save her from her past, she could be his future.

Natasha Moon is running for her life. Though she’s managed to evade a forced mating, she arrives at a California safe house with no idea if the parents who entrusted her to an enigmatic Alpha are alive or dead.

The lone wolf who gets her to safety draws her like a magnet. But to him, she seems to be just another shifter in need. Just another female he thinks he can boss around.

Liam Grey avoids attachments at all costs. With his own demons to fight, he sticks to relocating shifters in trouble, not playing social worker. But when beautiful, fragile Natasha shows up desperate for more than just a place to stay, his inner wolf howls for a chance to give—and be—everything she needs.

Liam has his hands full keeping Natasha safe from other shifters, and from his own desire. But when Natasha’s ex-boyfriend tracks her down, Liam will have to push beyond the brink to keep her for himself—or lose her for good.

Warning: Contains an Alpha who can’t help sticking his nose in where it’s not wanted, and a feisty female who secretly wishes he’d rethink his paws-off policy.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Promised at the Moon was an interesting start to a new shifter series by Rebekah R. Ganiere. The book jumps right into the action with the reader joining Natasha on her mad dash through the woods as she attempts to escape her ex-boyfriend, Daniel. The author hooked me right into the book with the action and made Natasha’s fear so strong, that I felt it as she ran toward freedom. When she heard two gunshots coming from her home, I felt her fear rise as her worry that Daniel has murdered her parents to keep them from preventing their mating. I felt her fear skyrocket when, only feet from the escape vehicle, Daniel steps out of the woods to thwart her escape. Fortunately for her, Natasha’s parents did not raise her to be a little princess, despite being the Alpha’s daughter, and she’s able to get away. And just as strongly as Ganiere was able to make me feel Natasha’s fear, I felt her despair once grief set in about her parents’ likely murder.

So you can see why I was hooked – the action and suspense of the beginning captured my attention thoroughly. Despite a major drop in action once Natasha made her way from Virginia to California, I was intrigued by the book as Ganiere’s shifters proved to be a bit different than what I’m accustomed to – but not in a bad way, just different. In the Shifter Rising series, packs live in very close proximity to one another, with an understanding between Alphas that they will oversee their own packs, even if their territory overlaps a bit. I’m not sure I’ve ever read a book in which more than one pack, in essence, cohabitated within the same territory. I’m accustomed to very possessive and territorial alphas, so this proved to be a refreshing change of pace. The difference that really threw me, though, was the lack of a mating drive (or fated/true mates). The absence of a mating call does not mean that a couple doesn’t mate for the rest of their lives, because they do via bonding. But this difference is vital to the storyline, to understanding why Natasha’s parents arranged for her to be relocated once it became clear that Daniel planned to force the issue of their mating.

I was surprised that Natasha wasn’t more vigilant after escaping Daniel. Considering his promise to find her and the injury she inflicted upon him, I would have expected her to be way more attentive to her surroundings. While this made part of the ending a tad predictable, Ganiere still managed to keep it fresh with other surprises. Promised at the Moon is a new adult romance, so be prepared for a bit more angst than you would expect to find in a paranormal romance because we’re dealing with college age characters, some of whom are still adjusting to being uprooted to California. Age, angst, and the lack of a strong mating call meant that the romance had a bit of trouble getting off the ground at first, especially with as hot and cold as Liam ran, and this gave it more of a human romance feel to it than I prefer. But eventually, Liam gets out of his own way and proves that he has what it takes to be the Alpha he was born to be. I was pleased with the ending and I will be looking out for the next book in the series.

Rebekah R. Ganiere is a bestselling, award-winning author whose debut novel released in January, 2014. Rebekah is either on the board of or a member of several RWA chapters including the Fantasy, Futuristic & Paranormal chapter, the YA chapter, and the Los Angeles and Orange County chapters. When Rebekah isn’t writing she can be found cosplaying with her four kids, and speaking on panels at San Diego Comic Con as well as Comic Cons all over the West Coast.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Promised at the Moon (Shifter Rising #1) by Rebekah R. Ganiere to read and review.

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