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Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance by Shellee Roberts

It’s all fun and games until you fall in love...

After Mariely Hinojosa and Cabot Wheeler both break up with their significant others at the same party, Mariely sees a way to get even with both of their exes. Everyone knows that the best way to get over a breakup is a hookup—a fake hookup, that is. Three weeks, all fun, no strings, and definitely no heartbreak at the end.

But somewhere between the sweet hand-holding and melt-your-mind kisses, their fake relationship starts to feel less like an act and more like the real thing...but Mariely’s a free-spirited girl from the other side of the tracks, and Cabot’s the hot trust-fund guy from the Hills.

They’d never work for real...

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains a kickass heroine, a boy so hot he’ll make you shiver, and a falling-in-love story fit for the big screen. You’ll want to settle in and have the popcorn ready.

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

5 Angsty, banterific, slow-burn stars

I found the Creative HeArts series with book #2 for review, and have been hooked ever since. Shellee Roberts is a new-to-me author. Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance was the perfect addition to the Creative HeArts series.

Mariely and Cabot narrate this story, both broken-hearted and in the need of feeling power over something. I won't explain the details, as that is why you read a book and I don't wish to spoil it for anyone, but it's a classic fauxmance turned real romance with the classic type of villains and support systems from friends. While a fun trope, it didn't come off as cliché. (Adults, you have to remember this is young adult, written for young adults)

Opposites attract, traversing social classes.

Mariely is a scholarship student who loves thrift shops to showcase her rockabilly style. Since she's an actress, she's into classic movies and uses some of the greatest actresses and actors as cuss words. Her family works hard, but is close to being destitute. Even though she comes off as over-the-top, she's extremely serious and determined.

Cabot is the child of two divorced parents, both living in huge mansions, where going to the country club is an actual pastime. He's seen as the rich boy without any substance, but beneath the cover is a depth of personality.

Together, they have more in common than what's on the surface, and Mariely and Cabot discover this amongst their plan. During dates, they are awestruck at times, warming the reader. Their banter is electric. And not a single moment of it feels forced.

The book was a heartstring tugger, completely giving me the feels. I teared up a few times, laughed ten-times more, and smiled through the pages. Fast-paced, cute and heartwarming, I was rapidly turning the pages. Often times, I find myself looking down at the percentage read – this time I was so into the story, reading it in one-sitting, I never once looked, only finding out when I hit the last page.

The characters, the school, and the characters' talents are a continuing theme from book to book, giving a highlight of the past narrators and what young adult angsty-ness they are up to, whetting our appetite for more.

I recommend this novel for those who are young, and those who are young at heart.

As a grown woman, I find young adult novels as a palate cleanser to reset how desensitized I've become while reading. But there is something about the innocent buildup in this series that I haven't stumbled upon before. There is no instant love/lust, real friendships are forged, and you can 'feel' your heart beat along with the narrators’ as they experience their first taste of true, first love. It's a feeling that if it could be bottled, we'd all be billionaires, and it's why we read to recapture the sensation.

Recommended Young Adult Age Range: 13+

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Book 2
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There are three things (besides her family) that Shellee loves more than Netflix: Dr. Pepper, OTPs, and book boyfriends (I’m looking at you, Gilbert Blythe).

Shellee has been told that her life goal as a writer should be to win prestigious awards that will grant her literary immortality, but as an OG shipper (Tad and Dixie—my first hardcore ship) all she really wants is to create two characters that people love so much they give them a cool mashup name.

Shellee spends her days living the dream with her family in Austin, Texas—and by living the dream she means waking up at the crack of dawn to go to work, chauffeur, walk dogs, do dishes, and fold laundry. At night she gets down to real business, basking in the warm, blue glow of her computer screen and bringing the stories in her head to life on the page...or watching shipper fan videos on YouTube till 2am. Tomorrow she’s definitely going to kick that procrastination problem to the curb.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Crazy, Stupid, Fauxmance (Creative HeArts #3) by Shellee Roberts to read and review.

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