Wednesday, April 27, 2016

His Vampire Lover by Pascaline Lestrange

Beau went to the club looking for one thing. He knew what he wanted—who he wanted: Christopher. His lover, his companion, his vampire. Together they played a dangerous and erotic game of cat and mouse, one that only heated up more when it entered the bedroom.

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Sometimes they liked to play a game.

It was a dangerous game, a seductive game that Christopher and his lover, Beau, played.

Beau would pick a club, the kind with a heavy, thumping bass, filled with vampires, and slink his way sinuously into the crowd. He would single out the most attractive people on the dance floor. Men, women, sometimes both together. And he would grind and writhe against them, using them to tease his arousal higher and higher, before finally twisting away when they’d try to kiss him, grinning brightly as he left them hanging, only to slide into someone else’s space and begin again.

Christopher would watch him from afar, listening to Beau’s blood pounding, hearing the soft hisses and moans as Beau teased himself, smelling the arousal coming off him in waves.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

The book was a quick read. I liked it but felt it could have had a bit more story to it. I liked that it was a different take on the typical Vampire/Human story. The sex scene was pretty hot. I would recommend if you are looking for a quick, hot read.

Pascaline Lestrange is a lover, not a fighter. She has been writing stories since she first knew how to write and telling them since she first knew how to speak. At the moment, Pascaline writes MM erotica and romance, and occasionally forays into the paranormal. Pascaline is based in Canada, but, like her stories, has a tendency to wander.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of His Vampire Lover by Pascaline Lestrange to read and review.

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