Wednesday, April 6, 2016

After the Hurt by Shana Gray

Shana Gray’s provocative novel features a resilient fighter going round for tantalizing round with the one that got away—a headstrong woman bent on seduction.

Pepper Chapman refuses to throw in the towel. Six months ago, she made the biggest mistake of her life. Blinded by grief after her mom’s death, Pepper abandoned the man she loves. Now she wants a second chance at everything she gave up: strong hands driving her to ecstasy...a deep voice whispering naughty promises in her ear...the future they’d planned since they were teenagers. So Pepper comes home looking for forgiveness, ready for a new beginning—if he’s willing to give her a shot.

Retired MMA star Tank Sherman may be used to low blows, but Pepper’s emotional sucker punch left him reeling. Trying to ignore the pain and forget the pleasure of her body beneath his, Tank is prepared to ring the final bell on their relationship. Then Pepper shows up out of the blue, radiating pure sex. But Tank won’t let himself get hurt again, and that means resisting the heat that still burns between them. Because if he takes Pepper back, he knows he’ll never be able to let her go again.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I love a second chance romance book. The emotions, the back story, fight to make it work. Unfortunately, this book had none of those things for me. I never felt an emotional pull between Tank or Pepper. There wasn't really any dialogue, it was more a dual point of view of inner monologues. I skimmed a lot through this one.

Pepper comes back to try and make it work with Tank after a six-month vacation to Bali. Her excuse for ending the relationship was her mother dying. Tank was devastated when she left. He's not going to let her back into his life without a fight.

This book was definitely not for me.

This was a pretty boring read. I’m usually a pretty big fan of second-chance romances, especially when they’re written in dual points of view, but there was hardly any dialogue, it’s all just their thoughts. I found myself skimming most of it.

Pepper left 6 months prior, after the death of her mother. She’s returned 6 months later in the hopes of rekindling her relationship with high school sweetheart, Tank. Tank is mad that Pepper up and left after her mother’s death instead of staying and seeking comfort in him. Pepper is pretty vocal about wanting Tank back, but Tank is worried she’ll leave again. In the meantime, they own a bar/restaurant together that Tank has really gotten up and running while Pepper was gone.

The bulk of this book was the inner dialogue of both Pepper and Tank dreaming of the other. It built anticipation the first couple of times, but then became extremely repetitive and hence, the skimming. I found the plot line really lacking, it had an air of mystery from Tank’s “ex” showing up and someone “stalking” Pepper, but it just dies down all of a sudden. Another thing that really gets me is the lack of supporting characters in this book, it’s really just Pepper and Tank. There is talk of a party that is for their “best friends” at the beginning, but we literally never hear another peep about them, I found it quite odd. The only thing I really liked about this book was the chemistry between Pepper and Tank, it was hot and I hope the author does a better job with plotlines in future works.

Shana Gray’s passion is to enjoy life! She loves to travel and see the world, be with family and friends, and experience the beauty that surrounds us. Much of her experiences find their way into her books. She was first published in 2010 under the name Cristal Ryder. Her stories range from scorching quickie length to longer erotic romance novellas.

She splits her time between her house in a small Ontario town shared with her twentysomething sons, five cats, and two budgies, and as the world knows it, Meat Man’s house just two small towns away. It’s an adventurous challenge that she loves.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of After the Hurt by Shana Gray to read and review.

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