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Stealing Her Heart by Sindra van Yssel

After years of trying to become a police detective, Vanessa gets her chance to work undercover. Posing as Mistress Lizabet’s submissive, Vanessa goes to the Barony, DC’s most exclusive BDSM club, to investigate the handsome Gerard Coven, supposedly reformed jewel thief and club owner. If she can seduce him and crack the case open, it could be her big break. If she falls for a master criminal, it could be her downfall.

The world she discovers at the club calls out to her, awakening her long-suppressed desire for domination. His ropes and his touch are electric, but the foundation of dominance and submission is trust. As much as her heart is attracted to the dangerous man, how can she trust a thief? She has a job to do, and no matter what he does to her, she has to keep her head...or he just might steal her heart.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
The romance part of the book seemed to flow easily, but the plot point that brought the couple together seemed rather forced to me. Vanessa is basically "pushed" to do this undercover assignment by her supervisor as the unspoken threat is she won't ever be more than a patrol officer.

As she starts her undercover assignment, she's not sure if she can go through with it. She's intrigued by the notion of BDSM but she's not sure if it’s for her and whether or not she can let herself explore it during this assignment. When she sees Gerard for the first time, she can't look away. She feels herself wanting to give into this desires, but knows that the outcome of this assignment will determine the fate of her career.

Gerard knows a set up when he sees one, and it doesn't take much to see that the supposed newbie is VERY green around the gills. The woman has no idea what BDSM is all about, but there is something inside him that knows she's a true submissive.

As the case progresses, can Vanessa and Gerard put aside the criminal investigation that brought them together and explore this tangible spark between them?

I enjoyed reading this story, the author has pitched it really well. The plot is rather obvious, the undercover element rather amateur, and the submission rather naive – which somehow make it charming. It did all seem to happen very quickly, but somehow it worked. The ropes are used to great effect and the sensuality of the scenes overcome the newness of the setting for Vanessa. It was fun listening to her inner monologue which clearly identified the conflict between her job and her pleasure.

Thank you Ms. van Yssel.

I’ve been writing all my life, but I published my first book in 2009 and since then have published over twenty romances, all with some element of BDSM in them. Along the way, I’ve received five star and top pick reviews from a wide variety of sources, and have had the pleasure of hearing from many readers.

I write about hot, dominant men and strong, submissive women. I have a soft spot for happy endings but I love torturing my characters. It’s fun to watch them overcome obstacles, and enjoy some hot kinky sex along the way. Hopefully you’ll enjoy watching them squirm as much as I do.

I’ve developed a passion for rope and all its kinky uses, and have enjoyed visiting play parties, clubs, and munches—all in the name of research, of course! It all helps to make my books as authentic and as sexy as I can possibly make them.

When I’m not writing, I enjoy playing disc golf, and board games with friends. I’m a fan of Australian rules football (go Eagles!) and travel to Australia occasionally. I’m also a big fan of European soccer, especially the English Premier League. I don’t like my men in helmets. I currently live in Virginia with a son who is just about to go off to college, and work a day job in the public library.

Having readers is what makes writing worthwhile. I still get a shiver out of knowing that readers are reading my books.

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