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The Young & the Submissive by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, & Isabella LaPearl Blog Tour

Raine Kendall has everything a woman could want…almost. Sexy, tender Dom Liam O’Neill is her knight in shining armor, but Raine is constantly pinching herself. Is he too good to be true or is this growing connection one that could last a lifetime? She’s constantly torn by her abiding feelings for her commanding boss, Macen “Hammer” Hammerman, especially in the wake the mind-blowing night he cast aside the barriers between them and ravaged every inch of her body.

Hammer, Liam’s former best friend, can’t stop coveting Raine. But Liam is determined to hold and guide the woman he loves and see if she can be the submissive of his dreams. However, he’s finding that her trust is hard won and he needs a bloody crowbar to pry open her scarred soul. So he risks everything to win her once and for all. But once he’s put his daring plan in motion, will it cost Liam his heart if he loses Raine to Hammer for good?

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book picks up right after the end of One Dom to Love. Raine still has her walls up; she is in love with both Liam and Hammer and doesn’t know what to do. Liam and Hammer are still at each other’s throats and both are in love with her. There is a lot of bickering, arguing, lack of trust and of course hot steamy sex! We find out more about Hammer and why he is the way he is. We see more of Beck, who I love and hope he gets his own book. Just when things FINALLY seem to be ok and everyone is on the same page, a phone call happens…….

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Holy hotness
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: BDSM/Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆
This books picks up where the first one leaves off. Lots of angst, misunderstandings and insecurities abound in Liam, Raine and Hammer.

Raine loves both men but is fearful of what the future will bring. She tries to be a good sub, but can't help but test Liam's control. Liam knows that Raine has feelings but Hammer, the prick who only wants her now that she has moved on.
Hammer needs Raine and blames Liam for stealing her from him.

The only way to make Raine happy and to keep her is for Liam and Hammer to work together, but only time will tell if they can put aside their insecurities to focus on the woman that holds their hearts.

The second in the series, and having just finished it I am desperate to get my hands on book three! I think that the story is strong, the lead characters are hot, flawed, fascinating and ... getting there, finally. This book is better than the last, as all three of them admit or recognise what they want, what they might achieve, and what that means for each other. The two foils, Seth and Beck are a brilliant plot device, as they can fill in so many blanks – I loved them and their role in the story.

I do hope that this trio of writers is busy penning the next book, as I need to know what happens next! And that they plan on collaborating again, as this series is a rich mix of their talents.

There is so much going on in this book. It picks up right where One Dom to Love leaves us. Hammer (Macen) and his inability to tell Raine how he feels about her, Liam collaring and training Raine, and Raine being in love with both men. There are so many emotions associated with this trio with all their ups and downs. They are all fighting for the same goal, but can they trust enough to do get there together? Just when you think they have it all figured out, nope jealousy rears its ugly head. Can a HEA actually work for them?

I wonder what lies next for the trio, it can only get better right?

While Liam and Macen are running lead in this book, I really feel the need to learn more about Beck and Seth. I love the sensitive soft side mixed with the sexy sadist in Beck that we got to see more of in this book. Seth always seems to be the controlled understanding one, I would love to see him break out of that!

Nooooooo!!! Even knowing that book three is releasing next month, I wasn’t expecting The Young and the Submissive to end on a cliffhanger. Curse word! Curse word! Curse word! I don’t think it would have blindsided me so much if I hadn’t been sharing vicariously in Raine, Hammer, and Liam’s post-orgasmic haze. Oh yeah baby. The writing team of Ms. Black, Ms. Jacob, and Ms. LaPearl saw fit to give me my much desired ménage for the trio. From the bottom of my heart ladies, thank you so much for that. I don’t even have a word for how hot that scene was. But don’t think that just because the trio finally got their groove on that they’re all set to begin their happily ever after together. Nope.

The Young and the Submissive picks up where One Dom to Love left off, with all three back under Shadows’ roof and Raine collared as Liam’s submissive. As Raine struggles with her feelings for Liam and Hammer and potential pregnancy, the two men continue to antagonize one another causing Raine to feel as though she is the reason for their deteriorating friendship. When Liam takes a drastic move to give Raine a wake-up call, it works but not in the way he intends it to and neither he nor Hammer can find her. After confronting her past, Raine returns to Shadows to face the men that she loves in hopes that they can give her the time she needs to fix herself and a Domme to teach her submission. As much as they each want Raine for themselves, neither is willing to send her to a Domme for training and Liam and Hammer finally begin to work together. Their counteroffer of having them both train her together gives Raine hope that she may actually find happiness with both men. But nothing is easy for these three as they must learn to communicate and trust one another.

While there is still plenty of angst and drama in this installment in The Doms of her Life series, I don’t feel like it’s the same kind of angst. In One Dom to Love, much of the angst was due to a lack of communication between the characters. This time around, the drama is due to the secrets and truths that are revealed as they ALL learn to communicate with one another. While failures to communicate still occur, they do so at a decreasing level as their story progresses. Learning about the events that led Raine to Macen’s alley bring both her and his behaviors into perspective. Her walls and tendency to run are completely understandable, as is Macen’s protectiveness. Getting to know Beck even better was an added bonus to this installment as was the introduction of Seth. I’m not sure that the trio would have made as much progress as they did in this book were it not for the two men. The Young and the Submissive has joined One Dom to Love on my re-read shelf. Thank goodness I have less than a month to wait for book three, The Bold and the Dominant, to find out what the authors have in store for the trio.

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Book 3
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Shayla Black

You know what they say about curiosity and the cat...but if you still want to know, read below.

Shayla Black (aka Shelley Bradley) is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of over 40 sizzling contemporary, erotic, paranormal, and historical romances produced via traditional, small press, independent, and audio publishing. She lives in Texas with her husband, munchkin, and one very spoiled cat. In her "free" time, she enjoys reality TV, reading and listening to an eclectic blend of music.

Shayla's books have been translated in about a dozen languages. She has also received or been nominated for The Passionate Plume, The Holt Medallion, Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and the National Reader's Choice Awards. RT Bookclub has twice nominated her for Best Erotic Romance of the year, as well as awarded her several Top Picks, and a KISS Hero Award.

A writing risk-taker, Shayla enjoys tackling writing challenges with every new book.

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Jenna Jacob

Bestselling Author Jenna Jacob's erotic romance comes from the heart of submission. With over twenty years’ experience in the dynamics of the BDSM lifestyle, Jenna strives to portray Dominance and submission with a passionate and comprehensive voice. Her stories will make you laugh, cry, and may leave you with a better understanding of the fulfillment found in the BDSM power exchange.

A married mom of four grown children, Jenna and her husband lives in Kansas. Her passions include her family, reading, camping, cooking, music, and riding Harleys. She loves to make people laugh with her outgoing and warped sense of humor. If you're looking for hot romance with a kinky twist, pick up one of Jenna's books.

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Isabella LaPearl

My name is Isabella and I am a new Author of Erotic Fiction. I have recently published two short stories, one a stand-alone "Connexions" and the other is the first book in a series called The Quickening and is entitled "Scandalous." The next two in the series, will be coming out in 2013 and are called "Momentum" and "Geminus" respectively.

December 4th 2012 was a WOW day of biblical proportions for me personally. My first novel was published, entitled "One Dom to Love" co-written by Best Selling New York Times Author, Shayla Black and by Author Jenna Jacob. I can't even begin to express how privileged and thrilled I was to work with both these wonderful, incredible women, and how proud I am to call them friends. "One Dom to Love" is the first book in The Doms of her Life series and for those chomping at the bit already after finishing this book, you'll be delighted to know that Book 2 is currently being written.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of The Young and the Submissive (The Doms of Her Life #2) by Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, & Isabella LaPearl to read and review for this tour. Mary Jo and Angela reviewed their personal copies of the book.

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