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Wicked Reads Reviews – Broken Love by Ghiselle St. James

This isn't a perfect story. It's gritty, dark, frustrating but beautiful. Love isn't all hearts and flowers and bullshit declarations that are hollow and empty. If you love someone, you have to PROVE you're worth they're love. The road to happily ever after is paved with mistakes and horrible decisions...don't hold mine against me.



I have been captured by the only person I hate in this life; a person that I once foolishly loved. He is poison to me. Will I ever be free of him? Will I ever see Rachel again? Will I ever see my parents, my brother again? And Ben...will he ever know how I feel about him? So many wasted days I spent resisting him. A tear trickles down my face at that; because as I see Rick shaking that needle with a wicked gleam in his eye, I know this is the last time anyone will ever see me alive.


I've worked very hard to maintain this control I have, but in just a few weeks Sullivan Beal came into my life and toppled my carefully constructed walls, and for a moment I didn't care. Now that she is out of my life, I should be happy...but all I can do is think about her; how I miss her smile and how she made me feel free. I have to get her back. The love I have for her may not be perfect, but our relationship scarcely is. And that's what makes it perfect. She may be tainted with demons from her past that she holds close to her chest, but I will free her from them; because as frustrating as my sweet girl is...I'm in this for the long haul. She might be broken, but I love her anyway.

But one phone call...that dreaded phone call has me in a tailspin. Sullivan is kidnapped & it's a race against time to find her before he hurts her...
Or worse...

The second in a three book series by Ghiselle St. James.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is the second book in the series and the first book should be read first. Sullivan has been kidnapped by her ex. Things got really bad in the first part of this book. Sullivan went through h*ll and back. Ben and Sullivan had broken up, in that week since they broke up a lot happened with Ben, he went back to his old ways but still couldn’t get Sullivan out of his head. Ben finally gets his head out of his butt, goes to meet Rachel and try to make things right with Sullivan when he gets the phone call that shattered his world. This was a really good book. The first part was semi-dark and the second part was love and rainbows. I can’t wait for the last book and see how this story ends!

Characters: The characters were well written and believable.
Sex: Yes
Religious: No
Would I recommend to others: Yes
More than one book in the series: Yes
Genre: Romance
Would I read more by this author: Yes

Broken Love is book two in the Tainted Love series, it starts where book one finished with Sully being kidnapped. I loved how we delved into the story better in this book, and we captured the turbulent passion between Ben and Sullivan. Her past life really interferes with what she shares with Ben and several times Ben is pushed to the breaking point. The road to happily ever after is paved with mistakes, and this book is definitely gritty. Overall entertainment is four stars.

Broken Love picks up right where Tainted Love left off and turned it up a notch. It's dangerous, suspenseful and super sexy. Broken Love is told in the point of view of the different characters, but primarily Ben. Oh Ben! I love Ben! We dig a little deeper into the hot, controlling Dom and get a glimpse of his sensitive side. And poor Delilah. It seems all the skeletons she has been running from, are creeping out of her closet all at once. Will Ben and Delilah be able to overcome the demons from Delilah's past? I am impatiently waiting to find out.

Broken Love is the follow up to Tainted Love featuring Ben and Sullivan (aka Delilah). To get the full effect of the relationship between these two reading Tainted Love is a must.

Ben is a dominant. Ben finds himself in a relationship that is something other than the D/s dynamic. This is a first for him. He doesn't need the Fulfillment room, his private BDSM room, as much as he thought he did. Sullivan is turning out to be everything Ben needs without even knowing it. Ben is saving her from a past she has been running from for years. When Ben walks away because of the pain Sullivan caused his mother, he's angry, hurt and lost without her. When he comes to his senses is it too late to get back the one woman he truly loves?

Sullivan's past comes back like a thief in the night. She finds herself kidnapped and at the mercy of the one man that can break her. Can Ben find her in time? If he does can they rebuild that relationship they had or will finding out who Delilah really is ruin everything?

I am so invested in this series. I have been rooting for Ben even though he truly can be an a$$ and completely hating Molly.

Best line I've read in a long time “Mother Nature, I hope you choke and die on a vial of your own menstrual cycle.” Hilarious!!

I didn't realize there is another book after this one until close to the end when I was in a panic that story lines weren't getting tied up. WOO thank goodness I was worried it was going to come to a fast conclusion. Can't wait see how it ends.

I would highly recommend that you read these books in order, or you will be missing out on some of the essential plot lines. This book carries on directly from Tainted Love, and catapults us back into the craziness that is Sully (aka Delilah) and Ben's lives. And though it is touch and go at times, Ms. St. James weaves a clever tale around their madness. Sometimes I find the writing style is too long-winded for my taste, but I needed to know what was going to transpire next, so I stuck with it. Now the wait starts for the final book in the trilogy...

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Ghiselle St. James is a Jamaican author who has a never-ending love for written thoughts: poetry, song lyrics and non-fiction. A songwriter by the age of 9, Ghiselle enjoys singing just as much as she loves writing. She has been writing erotic novels since she was 13 years old. Never mind that they went unpublished; she had something inside her that wanted to break free…and it helped that it made her popular with the boys (hehe). Writing has been her outlet for most of her life, and will continue to be.

Ghiselle lives in Jamaica with her husband, Chris, and her handsome baby, Panthro the cat. She works full time but always makes time for music, writing, reading and chatting on Goodreads.
Ugh, I hate talking about myself in the third person.

I went to the Jamaica Theological Seminary (haha, yes!) where I studied Social Work and graduated with honors in June 2010. Since then, the writer in me has reawakened and hasn’t gone to sleep. I completed my first novel in January of 2013 and had never felt so accomplished in my life.

I pray my passion brings you as much joy as it has brought me.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Broken Love (Tainted Love #2) by Ghiselle St. James to read and review.

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