Sunday, January 11, 2015

Burdened by Peiri Ann Blog Tour

Eighteen-year-old Tracey Warren is a ‘run-of-the-mill’ high school student on the verge of graduation. She has her friends and her fun; she has life all figured out. Or she thought she did.

Her pedestrian reality crashes around her after an innocuous touch from a diabolically handsome stranger. Just one touch from Nathan Newcomb and her head and her world spins out of control. Soon she discovers that the only cure for the uneasy feelings and pain is Nathan himself. A man whose very existence balances between violent chaos and rigidly controlled dangers.

Nathan knows that the life of a woman mated to a burdened Sephlem is destined for peril beyond a human’s reckoning. But Tracey calls to his desire to experience love in spite of the hazards. And Nathan’s impossibly potent magnetism draws Tracey into a bonding that will put her in mortal danger again and again.

Once the pair becomes one, the threat escalates and nowhere is safe. There are enemies that lurk behind every corner. But the greatest danger may be in the bloodlines that course through Nathan’s veins.

Can a love for all time survive or will their burdened souls surrender and fade away?

Warning: Burdened contains mature contact and strong language some may not find appropriate for readers under the age of 16.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Burdened started off with such promise for a New Adult novel. The instant connection between the main characters started off with a natural paranormal feel. And then it was like the author stopped listening to her characters and forced them instead. There was a rollercoaster of oh my yes this good to hmm WTH with the overall flow of the storyline and interaction between characters. As a general read I enjoyed the book. I would read the next one just to see if the author improves the characters. I didn’t hate the book by any means but I just didn’t love it either.

Peiri Ann has been writing since childhood with her short stories and poetry published in school publications. She fell in love with the creation of new worlds and the people she imagined would live within them. Peiri has her Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English and in Psychology. You can find her in the heart of the Windy City reading, writing, enjoying the loves of life.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Burdened (Burdened #1) by Peiri Ann to read and review for this tour.

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  1. Hey Christy, Thanks for reading!! Sorry you didn't love it, but it's great you didn't hate it either, *smiles*.
    If you ever wanted to read book 2, I have a copy with your name on it!!
    Happy Reading!!


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