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Mosquitoes and Mistletoe by Ren Holly – Warmest Wishes

After Andrew’s boyfriend dumps him just before Christmas, he decides to take a job far, far away from city life. It’s a dishwashing job on a remote island off the coast of Georgia. Expecting sunshine, palm trees, and some quality alone time, Andrew is surprised to find alligators, mosquitoes, rattlesnakes, and Garrett—a devilishly handsome naturalist. Andrew desperately tries to resist Garrett’s charm, because a twice-broken heart before Christmas is just not an option. Besides Andrew’s new friend Anna might already have a thing for Garrett.

But where do Garrett’s interests lie, and will Andrew find out before he’s surprised by a visit from his ex?

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Ren Holly’s Mosquitoes and Mistletoe is a cute tale of a young man fleeing a broken heart, only to run straight to the one who’s meant to heal it. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of being bitten by three or more mosquitoes at once will understand just how desperate Andrew was to put all memories of his ex-boyfriend behind him when he agreed to remain on the island AFTER he learned that as an eco-resort, nothing was done to reduce the mosquito population, thus making the employees and guests, walking and talking mosquito buffets. There were times in the story that I wanted to scratch my own nonexistent mosquito bites. YIKES! But I digress…

As for the actual romance between Andrew and Garrett, it was actually very sweet. We not only got to watch Andrew make friends and begin to heal a bit, we also witnessed Garrett come to terms with his own sexuality. I thought Holly did a nice job with how Garrett approached Andrew, conveying his interest as genuine and innocent instead of simply a matter of convenience and curiosity. Because we got to see the guys during their work tasks and in their down time, it made it easy to see why they were smitten with one another, and how their personal baggage kept them from moving too fast. Even though I knew from the blurb that Andrew’s ex was going to show up, I never envisioned it happening the way it did – not only who Andrew turned out to be, but also what he showed himself to be. The bit of drama toward the end might come off as over-the-top, but honestly, I don’t know why anyone would expect a different result when Andrew went out on a skiff for the first time. I just wish a certain ex would have gotten the comeuppance he so badly needed and deserved. Mosquitoes and Mistletoe was an enjoyable read and I appreciated the glimpse into their future at the end.

Ren Holly is always on the lookout for new opportunities and adventures. She has tried her hand at a lifeguarding, physical therapy, toy store sales, graduate school, and wildlife research. She considers it all life experience for her newest endeavor—writing. Ren is a lover of regency romance novels, happy endings, coffee, and swimming. As part of her newest adventure, she is in route to South Carolina, where she will spend the next four years writing contemporary romance (with happy endings, of course) while her ever-supportive husband works on his dissertation.

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