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Omega Defiant by Dessa Lux Blog Tour

An omega who wants nothing to do with alphas...
An alpha who wants to save omegas, but never meant to fall for one...
And a thousand-mile roadtrip that will change their lives... if they don't kill each other first.

Omega werewolf Casey Niemi has grown up in the safety of his adopted pack. He can't remember what took him from his original family—and he doesn't want to, even if it might explain why getting too close to an alpha makes him panic. He's moving on with his life and totally has it under control—until a new alpha shows up and throws Casey's world completely off kilter.

Alpha werewolf Adam Vinick wants to improve the lives of omegas through the power of rigorous scientific research. After the death of his omega dad, he left his father's pack and has never looked back. But he's been having a hard time finding omegas for his study, and his life's work may be cancelled if he can't show results soon. When he turns to the Niemis for help, he's not expecting an omega like Casey.

Adam and Casey have instant chemistry—the kind that explodes on contact. When the Niemis send Casey to assist Adam on his research trip, enemies become reluctant allies and it doesn't take long for them to argue their way into each other's beds.

But can their long road lead them to each other's hearts?

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

3.5 Stars

Dessa Lux is a new-to-me author.

Omega Defiant is the second installment in the Wolves in the World series. While I hadn't realized this was the second in a series, it didn't offer any confusion while reading. With that being said, I do believe a few of my issues would have been resolved if I had read the series in order.

Alpha Adam is a researcher, doing a genetics study on omegas. His personality comes off as cold and clinical, distanced with an emotional shield firmly in place. While Adam's personality and profession fit perfectly, it was hard for me as a reader to fully connect with him. I'm more of a cerebral person, so I could understand to a certain extent, but it made the emotional and romantic connection seem cold and clinical as well.

Omega Casey is a midwife, not living with his birth pack, after painful events happened to him when he was a small child. I won't go into detail, as that was part of the mystery of Omega Defiant, not shown until far into the novel, details given as the novel progressed.

Casey is manic. That's the best word I can use. Manic. He's suffering PTSD over events he doesn't remember, with his pack walking on eggshells around him or forgiving any transgression because it was Casey, not expecting more out of him.

Science and emotion collide in a perfect balance between the alpha and the omega, some of their interactions more angsty love-hate, slow-burn, where they ignored their immense attraction to one another. While yummy, the manic and the clinical never resonated with me, as neither Adam nor Casey were easy to read, both personalities rather grating at times.

Adam goes pack to pack, signing up omegas in a genetics study, with Casey as his guide, where they grow closer together, while exploring issues from both of their pasts – those issues that caused their personalities to be what it is today.

On the surface, the plot and the delivery should have had me turning the pages at a rapid rate. However, it took me nearly two weeks, reading a chapter here or there, to finish the novel, simply because I was never as hooked as I felt I should be.

The pace is definitely on the slower side, without much of a hook at the beginning, with the clinical monologue. I fear some may stop reading before they get to the meat of the story, as the novel's pace is slow, the length long, and the details are strung out, not necessarily released when necessary to keep the reader's attention.

My inability to connect to either narrator may have been resolved had I read the series in order. While the world-building is not confusing at all – definitely not shown in much detail, sticking to the norm of the genre – if I had read the first, I may have developed an emotional connection to the characters and the universe they were structured in, where I would have connected better with Adam and Casey.

In the future, I may go back and read the first, then reread this novel. If my view of the story changes, I will edit my rating and review accordingly.

I do recommend this author, novel, and possibly the series, as the plot was a solid one. My issue was simply how I never connected to the narrators.

Dessa Lux also writes fanfic as Dira Sudis and has one novel published as Dira Lewis through Less Than Three Press. She is a confirmed Midwesterner, a librarian, and a Diet Coke addict, but she does not own a cat.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Omega Defiant (Wolves in the World #2) by Dessa Lux to read and review for this tour.

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