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Stand & Deliver by Rhenna Morgan

Live hard, f*ck harder and make their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six Men of Haven bleed by: taking what they want, always watching each other's backs and loving the women they claim with unyielding tenderness and fierce passion.

Security expert Beckett Tate has met his match in colleague Gia Sinclair. He longs to run his hands over each and every one of her lush curves. She’s wicked smart and wicked hot. He’s given her time to get used to the idea of “them,” but her time is up and he’s ready to go all in on claiming what’s his.

Despite her love of all things girlie, Gia’s no typical Southern belle. She’s built her skills and reputation in a field normally dominated by men, and now she has a kick-ass career she loves. She certainly doesn’t need a man to take care of her—especially not one who’s pure alpha. Still, Beckett’s the one man who can satisfy the desires she’s hidden under her tough exterior, and she’s hooked.

Letting Beckett take the lead in the bedroom comes naturally to Gia—not constantly proving herself to him professionally is more of a struggle. And when someone attacks her character and career, Gia and Beckett will have to find a balance: her willingness to let go just a little, with his trust in her abilities and his deep, primal need to protect his woman.

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Book 5
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Another man of the Haven Brotherhood falls in love and claims his woman. But this woman is not a girlie girl. She is a tough, independent woman who can take of herself.

Gia Sinclair is a security specialist and protecting people is her business, so she has the skills and mindset to take care of business the way some men don't. She has lusted after Beckett for as long as she has known him, but no one knows. He has a different woman on his arm each time you see him. She doesn't want to part of the revolving door to his bedroom. So, she keeps her feelings to herself.

Beckett Tate is a man that goes after what he wants. He has wanted Gia for three long years. Since they first worked together. But he knew she didn't mix business with pleasure but that was about to change. He was going to show her what they could be together and what her being part of his family would be like.

With the way Gia grew up, it is hard for her to trust and give up control in her personal and professional life. But with someone out to destroy her or her career, she has to accept defeat and give up her career or can she accept Beckett's help?

Will Gia hand over control so Beckett and his brothers can help her? Will Beckett's family be there for her in all ways that count? Can she let go and tell Beckett how she really feels? Will Beckett tell her how he has felt for years? Will they find out who is out to destroy her before it's too late?

I have loved everything about this series and each one gets better and better. I thought the last book with Knox was my favorite, but I think Beckett just nudged his way ahead. I want to find myself one of these Men of Haven and join this family, they are the best. And you can't forget the love and laughter that is in every story. If you are looking for a fantastic series filled with all the feels and suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat, then this series is for you. I hope you love it as much as I do. And I can’t wait for Axel's story, it just might be the best one of all.

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆☆
4.5 stars
M/F romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

This is another great story about the Haven brothers. I really would suggest reading the previous books in this series, as there are several characters and relationships that will make more sense if you have a background.

Beckett is a guy who takes what he wants without really questioning... however, he has found his match in his co-worker, Gia. She is a tough, independent woman who can hold her own in their business of protecting people. He has lusted after her since she first saw her, but because Gia was firm in her no dating co-workers, he's lusted from afar. He also has a revolving door of women than he brings to their get togethers after work, so he has never truly left that open for Gia to consider, since she didn't want to be part of his harem.

Gia is a woman who is amazing at her job. She has lusted after Beckett for the whole time she's worked with him... three years. But she is a firm believer that you don't date co-workers. On a night when she has had a little too much to drink, she reveals a more vulnerable part of herself to Beckett and despite not really remembering that, Beckett shows her that he's not willing to wait any longer.

When trouble starts brewing for Gia's career, Beckett and his brothers band together to show her what a family truly is. Gia's family life definitely leaves something to be desired, but when she sees Beckett's family, how much love they have for each other, she knows that being a part of that isn't bad.

The mystery behind this story was much more satisfying for Gia and Beckett. The catharsis in this story is amazing and I felt vindicated for Gia. I wish that we would have known more about the fallout of that, but maybe if there are going to be more books, we will see a little more into that aspect. Let's just say that I do hope that there are more books to come as they are entertaining, hot, and have a lot of action.

This is part of the Men of Haven series, and I would highly recommend that you read them in order. I’ve loved every single book. Each one is unique yet joined by the Haven brotherhood.

In this story, Beckett finally makes his move on Gia... three whole years after they first met. You can only imagine the tension that has built up over that time! And thankfully, whilst they do combust when they give into the chemistry, they both also survive the experience and learn that they really are meant for each other.

Gia is a fascinating character as she has bucked the expectations of her father and done well in the male-dominated world of security. Her family life was clearly terrible, but in a completely different way to Beck’s, yet they find that his family now will be all that both of them need in the future.

There is some drama due to someone in Gia’s past wanting to ruin her future, but the pairing is solid from the start, which makes for a really interesting take on the romance. I also loved catching up with all the lovely Haven family members and being along for the ride of a Haven ladies day out!

Definitely a recommended read – but I would suggest you start at the beginning and get all the goodness.

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Rhenna Morgan is a happily-ever-after addict—hot men, smart women and scorching chemistry required. A triple-A personality with a thing for lists and an almost frightening iPhone cover collection, Rhenna’s a mom to two beautiful little girls and married to an extremely patient husband who’s mastered the art of hiding the exasperated eye roll.

When she’s not neck deep in writing, she’s probably driving with the windows down and the music up loud, plotting her next hero and heroine’s adventure. (Though trolling online for man-candy inspiration on Pinterest comes in a close second.)

She’d love to share her antics and bizarre since of humor with you and get to know you a little better in the process. You can sign up for her newsletter and gain access to exclusive snippets, upcoming releases, fun giveaways and social media outlets on her website.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Stand & Deliver (Men of Haven #5) by Rhenna Morgan to read and review.

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