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Dream Lover by Stacey Keith

In one little town in Texas, even toeing the straight and narrow might lead you to a joyride...

April Roby believes in avoiding entanglements—and her beloved sisters have given her a master class in what heartbreak looks like. So, no matter who tries to fix her up, April is sticking to her thick manila folders and her frumpy beige skirts, and putting her time and energy toward helping the kids of Cuervo, Texas as a social worker. Her latest client, foul-mouthed fourteen-year-old Matthew McBride, would be enough on his own to keep two of her busy. And his big brother Brandon is a whole different type of problem.

Brandon is the kind of muscle-bound, motorcycle-riding bad boy that no well-meaning relative would ever try to shove in April’s path. He’s prickly, he’s rude, and he’s downright obstructive. But there’s something about him that makes her want to take the smirk off his face the fun way. Neither one of them is looking for a fairy-tale ending. But in Cuervo, Texas, they just might get one anyway...

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆
I enjoyed this book. April is a girl who doesn't ever want to be the center of attention. She just wants to do her job and go home, do her thing. She can't often do that because her family and friends think that she's hiding from life by not going out and dating. When she meets Brandon, the brother of one of her social services clients, her heart beats a little faster and for once knows what desire feels like.

Brandon doesn't mind the attention. He's had to do a lot of different things to survive. Now as the guardian for his teenage brother, he's trying to be on the straight and narrow, but he feels trapped. When the do-gooder social worker comes by to check on Matthew he's not impressed – or is he?

The romance between April and Brandon is nice and sweet. I enjoyed watching April's confidence grow as well as Brandon's maturity level increase.

This is the third in the series, and gives the very mouse-like third sister, April, her shot at love. After her two sisters have found the 'one' and both of them being happily settled with their millionaire plus men, April is being pushed to find love too. After the high roller lifestyle of Jake and the NFL angle with Mason, Brandon is a completely different type of man, and we get a very different story, but it is just as hot and thankfully, April recognises his good qualities.

Now that her sisters have gone, so has a lot of colour from April's world, so when she meets 'bad boy' Brandon on a child truancy visit about his brother... well, she discovers that she does have inappropriate thoughts. Much more strangely though, is her impact on Brandon. All we have to do is turn the pages and find out just how this can possibly work out!

I enjoyed how everything fitted together without being too predictable, and I loved how much care Brandon took with ensuring that he gave April the best experience he could.

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Book 2
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Award winning author Stacey Keith doesn’t own a television, but reads compulsively—and would, in fact, go stark raving bonkers without books, most of which are crammed into every corner of the house. She lives with her jazz musician boyfriend in Civita Castellana, a medieval village in Italy that sits atop a cliff, and she spends her days writing in a nearby abandoned 13th century church. But the two things she is most proud of are her ability to cook pasta alla matriciana without burning down the kitchen and swearing volubly in Italian with all the appropriate hand gestures.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Dream Lover (Dreams Come True #3) by Stacey Keith to read and review.

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