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Finding My Way Home by Kendel Duncan Blog Tour

“Have you ever been so lost that you couldn’t remember what home looked like, what it felt like?
So lost that home was a distant memory – a place that you never had hope of finding it again?
That’s how I felt, how I’d felt for years, for longer than I could remember.
Until I found you, Bas.
I just wish I could tell you that…
I’m coming. I’m coming for you, Bas. And I’m going to do my best to try… for you.”

For longer than he could remember Tenley ‘Ten’ Pinkerton had been lost. Wandering this earth with no hope, no soul, no heart, no purpose. The day the love of his life, Sawyer, had been brutally murdered was the day that everything beyond the basic elements of survival – like breathing and a beating heart – had been shut down.
Until him.
Sebastian ‘Bas’ Monroe
Fucking Bas Monroe
Somehow the man had wormed his way past Ten’s defenses, past the armor plates surrounding his heart, past the pain. Somehow he’d gotten inside.
Ten wasn’t really sure how he felt about that.
But the day that Bas went missing?
Ten knew that he would die if he that’s what it came to in order to find Bas, in order to save him.
The question that remained:
Was he going to be saving Bas Monroe? Or was he going to be saving himself?

Intended for adult readers

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Book 2
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Ten followed Morgan back out to his car. They were both completely silent for the twenty-minute drive to what looked to Ten like an abandoned warehouse complex. But when they got closer Ten could see the tell-tale signs that this was a secret government facility: the electronic laser fencing, the high-tech motion sensors.

“I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy,” Ten said quietly.

He looked over to find Morgan smiling slightly even though every other part of his body was tense, “You would be correct scarecrow.”

As he turned into a weed covered parking lot, he slowed by what looked like a large rhododendron. As he rolled his window down, Ten mumbled, “Tin man.”

“What?” Morgan said as he looked back at Ten.

“I would be the Tin man in that scenario. No heart, remember?”

“Oh,” Morgan said as he leaned out to move a large branch to the side revealing an electronic keypad with a fingerprint scanner below it, “You’re full of shit,” he mumbled as he punched in a code and pressed his thumb to the scanner. There was a barely imperceptible beep, the circle around the fingerprint turned green and then Morgan let his foot off the brake.

“That’s it?” Ten said as he looked out the windows, “All it does is beep? How do you know you’ve been given clearance?”

“Because nobody is shooting at us. And you’re still full of shit.”

“What do you mean?”

“About the shooting or the shit?” Morgan said with a smirk.

Ten rolled his eyes, “The shit, smartass.”

“You have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You just choose to have it locked down tight.”

Morgan could pretty much hear the silent huff that Ten made as he glared at him. “Stop trying to fix me, Morg. It’s not possible.”

“And yet here you are ready to do anything and everything to save Bas.”

“Because you asked me to!”

“Bullshit. That’s bullshit, and you know it.”

Ten opened his mouth to say something else but Morgan interrupted him. “Tamp it down, Pinkerton. We’re here,” he said as he put his car in park and shut it off. He turned in his seat and pinned Ten with a look that said listen very carefully, so Ten did.

“Don’t do or say anything in there unless I tell you to. Stay with me. Don’t touch anything, don’t, just don’t…”

“Don’t what?”

“Just fucking behave, okay?”

Ten smirked, “Yes, Dad. Can we go into the secret clubhouse now?”

“This is not a fucking joke, Ten. Anyone in this building could kill you between heartbeats and there wouldn’t be a damn thing that I could do to stop it. Do you hear me?”

Ten dipped his chin, the smirk long-gone from his face, “Yeah, Morg, I get it.”

“Okay, good.”

They both climbed out of the car and Ten frowned when Morgan didn’t lock it, “You’re not locking it?”

“They’re going to search it while we’re inside and when we leave so there’s really no point.”

“They can break into your car that easily?”

Morgan shook his head, “These people can do anything they fucking want to, Ten. How can I convince you of that?”

“Okay, Morg, okay. I get it. I promise, I get it,” Ten said as he walked over to Morgan and touched his tense shoulder.

Morgan took a deep breath and sighed it out, “I hope so, Ten. I really hope so,” he said and then together they began walking to the front door.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This book was just as good as the first book. I am the kind of person who looks at the cover and if the cover doesn't grab my attention I usually move on. I know that's stupid but that's even how I buy wine, if I like the label design I buy it. The covers for the books aren't eye catching but the content inside is amazing. This book was more than just Bas and Ten. It was also about Trent, Liam, and Aleksy. We got two for the price of one and it was worth it! I loved that we got an insight from each character, it made you connect with all of them. Then you throw in little Lily and your heart just melts. These men have gone through hell and back and come out stronger and with the love of a good man... or men in Liam’s case. Super steamy and I can't wait for Case and Riot next!

This is the second book about Morgan Doyle’s private security firm and I enjoyed it more than I did the first in the series. After an operation to save three people from an international terrorist, the rescue team divides into two groups to keep the men safe. Liam and his daughter are protected by a cop and a security team member. Bas is taken to Ten’s home for medical care and protection. Inevitably, Liam, Aleksy and Trent fall for each other, and Bas and Ten begin to explore the relationship that almost started in the first book.

I enjoyed this book more than the first story in the series, which I didn’t get on very well with. This time, the writing feels more fluid and the dialogue between characters feels more natural and believable. There is still too much story (or too many stories) and far too many characters to be fully fleshed out in a relatively short novel and there is still a little bit of a frenzied “and then, and then, and then” feel to the writing. The theme of grief is dealt with more sensitively than the abuse in the first book was. I still had issues with the way characters were presented (Liam’s 9 going on 3-year-old daughter did my head in) but I found this an easier book to get into.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a dual romance narrative organised quite like this one. Romance readers have become used to dual narratives with chapters or scenes alternating between the partners’ points of view, but this book actual alternates between the two different relationships. Formatting issues with the ARC I was given meant that the flip between the Trent/Aleksy/Liam story and the Bas/Ten story often happened between paragraphs on the same page with only a number separating them. I found this confusing and I hope that the formatting is more clear in the final copy. With overlapping issues and storylines between the pairings (both Liam and Ten are widowers and the men know each other through various connections), I found it difficult to keep the two stories straight in my head.

The start of this story is exciting and there are some sweet moments between the various partners. Like the first book, I kept feeling like I should know more about the various men in Morgan’s organisation than I’ve been told in these two books. I think I’m probably done with this series, but I liked this book more than the first one.

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I was born and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California but have made my home in the Pacific Northwest for the last two decades. My husband & I live on a small farm surrounded by chickens, goats, rabbits, a turkey, 5 dogs and a cat, in the shadow of stunning Mt Rainier.

With my grown children and grandchildren nearby, my life is always busy, happy and full of laughter.

I am an active Blogger, having created Love Unchained Book Reviews out of my love for all things MM books.
Owner of Dare Press- Offering quality, affordable services for indie authors, including: Editing, Publishing, Book Cover Design.
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When I’m not on the phone with my best friend (which is at least once every day) – I am an avid, addicted reader. It is my passion, my escape, my joy.

And I am most definitely a writer. The characters in my head are constantly demanding that their story be told.

But above all that – I am a human being. My passion for people is unparalleled, my firm belief in Love is Love unwavering, my hope that all can be accepted, undying. I do not write because I want to, I do it because I have to. I write because these voices, these beautiful men, have chosen me to tell their stories – and how damn lucky am I for that?

As an author, I write under both my name and a pen name, with total transparency and honesty: Dara Nelson and Kendel Duncan.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Finding My Way Home (Doyle Global Securities #2) by Kendel Duncan to read and review for this tour.

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