Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The Dragon's Thief by Riza Curtis Blog Tour

Chester. Magpie shifter, renowned thief.

Chester knows better than to get involved when a dragon requests his services. Anyone who steals from a dragon's hoard is not to be screwed with. There's something alluring about Michal though, and Chester's always loved playing with fire...

Michal. Dragon shifter, first-born son.

Michal knows exactly who's taken the centrepiece of his hoard—his estranged brother. The one person he can't touch thanks to family politics. It seems simple enough to hire the little magpie shifter to retrieve what is his. But, Chester is nothing like Michal expected, and in the end he might need to decide whether the last piece of his mother is worth more than the man who could own his heart.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I was really excited to read this story, even though it's really short, because of the blurb and dragons. Honestly, nothing about this book worked for me. The book is only 65 pages and there were so many pages that didn't have dialogue. How can I connect to Chester and Michal with no dialogue? I couldn't. Michal hires Chester to steal a sentimental item. So much goes into getting to that part and then what happens when Chester does steal it, I felt let down. I couldn't connect to any of the characters. When Michal shifts into his dragon in the house to show Chester and then he could still talk to Chester, I lost all interest. I am sure many will enjoy this short story, it just wasn't for me sadly.

Riza began writing stories at a young age to the annoyance delight of anyone she could bully persuade to read them. Now somewhat older, if not wiser, things haven't really changed.

Riza lives in England where they enjoy adding extra letters to words, tea, and discussing the weather (it's always raining). She has a FdSci in Manufacturing Engineering and is currently working towards her BEng. When she's not writing, studying or doing her day job, Riza is obsessed with target archery and enjoys shooting barebow.

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