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Tempted & Taken by Rhenna Morgan

Live hard, f*ck harder and make their own rules. Those are the cornerstones the six Men of Haven bleed by: taking what they want, always watching each other's backs and loving the women they claim with unyielding tenderness and fierce passion.

There's no code Knox Torren can't break. He knows no limits when it comes to uncovering intel, especially on anyone who crosses his family. But a skip tracer with a sketchy history presents a puzzle he can't solve. When he finally meets the statuesque blonde with the intoxicating Russian accent, he'll try anything to unearth her secrets.

Darya Volkova has been living under an assumed identity for years. Searching for a job that will take her out of the dangerous life she's built, she has her sights set on Knox: the best hacker in the business. From their first meeting, though, something far more intimate than a professional connection develops.

Darya must overcome still-healing wounds to trust that Knox will take care of her in all the ways she needs. And Knox will do whatever it takes to make sure whatever—or whomever—she's running from never touches his woman again.

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Book 4
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Avid Reader☆☆☆☆
M/F Romance
Triggers: Click HERE to see Avid Reader’s review on Goodreads for trigger warnings.

I would definitely recommend that you read the previous books in this series, as the brothers are all very involved in each story and their dynamics are important.

This is Knox's story and he has always been kind of a loner. You know snippets about him, but really you just see that he's a great protector of the people he loves. He is also completely brilliant with computers and code.

JJ is trying to live her life to the fullest. She is also living her life for her friend who died after not being able to live a full life. When she seeks out Knox, she knows that she's taking a huge risk. JJ has a secret and knows that by exposing herself to Knox, she'll have to come clean.

Knox is drawn to JJ without really knowing why. However, he doesn't do relationships. He has short-term hookups where he doesn't need to become emotionally involved.

I loved the banter between Knox and his family. They pushed and prodded and almost teased Knox out of his shell. His brothers saw JJ for who she was and knew that she and Knox would mesh well together.

When JJ's secrets come back to get her, she has to decide whether she'll stand and fight or run again. Knox helps her with that decision and enlists his whole crew to help her as well. Knox has to know that love will conquer, and JJ has to learn to trust herself and Knox. Their relationship is hot and they have great chemistry because they have a lot in common.

I love that new members keep being added and hope more books are to come as I really enjoy this series.

Oh, these men of Haven! Who knew the geeky computer nerd would be so stinking HOT? Knox can whisper up a mean bunch of pillow talk and get your engine revving!! His alpha male, take charge persona was spot on and he was a dirty talker extraordinaire! He and Darya burned up pages when the two would get busy with some of the best scenes in this series. Throw in the Russian mafia and Darya being on the run from a crazed Russian mobster, you got yourself a very good read! Great action and great heat. Flashy Russian wedding at the end!

I have been waiting on Knox's story from the very first book in this series and I can say I was not disappointed. He was the one that was always stuck behind the computer screen and not much was told about him. Learning about his past kinda blew me away, but it was perfect. And who doesn't love a sexy, hot tech-savvy geek? Can he survive when the sexy Russian beauty shows up on his doorstep?

JJ/Darya is running from her past and trying to live her life to the fullest. After following or stalking Knox – take your pick – Darya knows he is the one to teach her what she needs to learn to make her mark in the world of computers. What she doesn't anticipate is that Knox will steal her heart before she knows it. But in turn, she does the same to him.

Knox has never been in a relationship but finds himself thinking about a future with Darya. Wanting to protect and provide for her, even lay down his life for her when her past comes back to haunt her. Can the brotherhood protect Darya and all the family from the devil himself? Will Knox get his happily ever after with Darya? Will Darya run to save Knox and the brotherhood from the danger chasing her?

I love everything about this series, but I think Knox is my favorite brother. The Haven Brotherhood is a perfect family of men and the women they love – and don't forget the moms who keep the men straight and fed. I love the way the men are with each other, one minute they are picking and laughing and the next it is all serious business. If you love a fantastic story with sexy, alpha males and the women who show them love, then you need to read this series. It is worth every minute and then some. I hope you love it as much as I do. I can't wait for the next one. I wonder who it will be?

4.5 stars

This is the fourth in the series, and I would definitely recommend that you read them in order to get the full experience. That said, this is a fast-paced, exciting, and very sexy book in its own right!

The Haven family is at the centre of everything that the brothers do, and they will do anything and everything to protect their own. And even if Knox has sworn to never let a woman get the chance to get close enough to matter, they still support him to the hilt when the time comes. I love how he transitions from someone who protects his heart before all things, to finding that maybe his heart doesn't beat only in his chest. It is a truly beautiful story, and one which Ms. Morgan does with great style and compassion. Add in the inventive ways in which he ensures Darya's pleasure, and this book hits all the right notes.

Darya is the perfect foil for Knox and she is written in a wonderfully understated, calm, and thoughtful way, as someone who recognises her luck at being alive. Then at the same time, she and Knox have the very best banter and cheekiness that brings you back to them both being fun people.

Another hugely enjoyable installment, and as the underlying Haven story moves forward, it would seem that the opportunities for more books is increasing – which makes me very happy.

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Rhenna Morgan is a happily-ever-after addict—hot men, smart women and scorching chemistry required. A triple-A personality with a thing for lists and an almost frightening iPhone cover collection, Rhenna’s a mom to two beautiful little girls and married to an extremely patient husband who’s mastered the art of hiding the exasperated eye roll.

When she’s not neck deep in writing, she’s probably driving with the windows down and the music up loud, plotting her next hero and heroine’s adventure. (Though trolling online for man-candy inspiration on Pinterest comes in a close second.)

She’d love to share her antics and bizarre since of humor with you and get to know you a little better in the process. You can sign up for her newsletter and gain access to exclusive snippets, upcoming releases, fun giveaways and social media outlets on her website.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Tempted & Taken (Haven Brotherhood #4) by Rhenna Morgan to read and review.

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