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Strike a Match by Fiona Riley

Every date that firefighter Sasha McCray has had in the last year has been orchestrated by matchmaker Samantha Monteiro through Perfect Match, Inc., and she still has nothing to show for it. After a series of near matches, Sasha has all but given up on finding that special spark with someone else.

Accountant by day and reluctant millionairess by night, Abby Rossmore wants nothing more than to be the normal girl she reads about in all those romance novels. But the truth is, once people find out about her family, their interest in her flares for all the wrong reasons.

When Samantha tries to help Abby and Sasha discover they have more in common than being unlucky in love, they have to decide if their shared passion will blaze on or burn out. Could they be each other’s perfect match? Or did the notorious Miss Match strike out?

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Book 3
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I love this series and Sasha is by far my favourite character yet. I absolutely loved the gritty firefighter details. The romance between Abby and Sasha is perfectly paced and full of wonderful grand gestures, magical dates, and tender, intimate moments.

Sasha “there’s more to me than amazing cheekbones and legs for days” is a fabulous leading lady. The Boston firefighter is strong and sweet, funny and charming, and she’s working two jobs to pay her father’s medical bills. She’s a complicated, fiery character and I couldn’t help falling in love with her.

I didn’t warm quite as quickly to Abby. She’s an heiress working for a family charity who attempts to keep her privilege a secret. It takes time for us to see beyond her wealth to her kindness and her humour. I’m not sure she ever fully understands Sasha’s struggles, but she tries and she cares and she’s pretty special in her own way.

I really love the strong and interesting women in this series. This is a pretty sexy read, but it is the relationship between Sasha and Abby that I found really special. Sasha and Abby make each other stronger and they complement each other pretty perfectly. I’m already looking forward to the next book in the series!

This is the third in the series, and whilst it involves a new couple, there are lots of references to previous storylines, which means I would suggest reading them in order. In my review I assume that you have.

Both Abby and Sasha had been matched with Shelly, but it didn't work out, now they have noticed each other, and in spite of misgivings on both sides, and complications due to family, they give it a try. The chemistry is certainly there, but the openness is not, and causes more heartache to both of them. Matchmaker Samantha, now a newlywed herself, is determined to give them another chance at getting it right.

Getting the full story, the reader is inevitably drawn to the fact that the secrets will all spill out, but the timing works very well. I also think that the closeness and friendship which was developing is key to the story, as it added the emotional to the obvious physical connection that they enjoyed.

With some great side characters, such as Edie, Sasha's parents, and Burger (!) there is both humour and intensity added to the story. I found this a very good addition to the series – and enjoyed the wedding which kicked off the proceedings.

I hope that Ms. Riley is busy writing the next installment, as I enjoy catching up with the gang and seeing who is next to benefit from Samantha's intuition and skills!

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Fiona Riley was born and raised in New England where she is a medical professional and part-time professor when she isn't bonding with her laptop over words. She went to college in Boston and never left, starting a small business that takes up all of her free time, much to the dismay of her ever patient and lovely wife. When she pulls herself away from her work, she likes to catch up on the contents of her ever-growing DVR or take a walk with her dog.

Fiona's love for writing started at a young age and blossomed after she was published in a poetry competition at the ripe old age of twelve. She wrote lots of short stories and poetry for many years until it was time for college and a "real job." Fiona found herself with a bachelor's, a doctorate, and a day job, but felt like she had stopped nurturing the one relationship that had always made her feel the most complete: artist, dreamer, writer.

A series of bizarre events afforded her with some unexpected extra time and she found herself reaching for her favorite blue notebook to write, never looking back.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Strike a Match (Perfect Match #3) by Fiona Riley to read and review.

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