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Wicked Reads Reviews – Opening Day by Alexis Woods

When pharmacy manager, Aaron Lark, known to his best friends as Ace, is dumped by his latest boyfriend, he decides to step back from the dating scene. What he doesn’t expect is for the blue-eyed pharmacist, Darren Goldman, to step into, and rock, his world. Bonding over beer, brownies and baseball, Ace and Darren play a game where hopefully both end up crossing home plate as winners.

WARNING: this story contains sex acts between consenting male adults.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

I'm a sucker for a story about everyday characters with everyday jobs, so this story was right up my alley.

There isn't much to this story. They meet, date and have a very creative steamy scene. Easy enjoyable reading.

Aaron "Ace" has had no luck in the romance department, he's looking for mister right but finding a whole bunch of mister wrongs. He figures he'll take a break in the men department until he meets Darren. He's cute, sexy and just Aaron's type.

The story was about the Aaron and Darren and revolved around a baseball game. It wasn't at all what I was expecting for a sports story, especially when neither of the MCs are athletes. The chapter titles were all named after baseball innings and there was a ball game at the end of the book. It seemed like two stories somehow merged into one. Not a bad read at all just okay. The ending seemed a bit abrupt though. I would have liked to see how they got from point A to point B more.

Well that was certainly a tasty little treat. Opening Day is not your typical sports romance because neither of the leads are athletes. However, their opening day activities place this novelette squarely in the sports romance genre. Add to that a healthy dose of sexy man-on-man action, well I was enjoying a little bit of heaven as I read about Aaron and Darren’s meet cute and first date. Having been dumped yet again by another arrogant bad boy, Aaron decides that he needs to take a break from dating. But Darren’s arrival as the new floating pharmacist has Aaron second guessing his hasty decision. After an incident at work has Aaron coming to Darren’s rescue, his second guessing is gone and Aaron takes a well-presented opportunity to invite a new colleague out for a bite to eat. When the night goes well, they agree to a first date over opening day for their respective baseball teams, who just happen to be playing one another the following evening. What takes place during the baseball game is a highly erotic twist on the drinking games so many fans tend to enjoy, with the guys advancing from first base to second base and clothes being shed with well-timed strikes. As expected, the sensuality increases with each baseball play until it culminates in a seriously hot grand slam. I loved the chemistry between Aaron and Darren and can easily see myself rereading Opening Day when I’m looking for a quick read that combines a little bit of sweet with a whole lotta hot. I look forward to reading Evading Exodus to see what Ms. Woods has in store for the pair.

Always an avid reader and colorful dreamer, it was only a matter of time before taking pen to paper, oftentimes literally. I sing under my breath, tap my toes and swing my hips, much to the delight of my coworkers and friends. I'm a firm believer in every song tells a story and every story has a song, so each story I write has a song or theme, sometimes both, behind it. I freely admit that becoming a romance author is the best mid-life crisis a girl could ever have.

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