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Reviewer Spotlight – Beautiful Nightmare by Bella Juarez

Aaron Rosencrantz’s architectural firm is thriving—thanks to his brilliant and tough-as-nails COO, Natasha Rodriguez. But every day, they deny the powerful attraction raging between them. Corporate meetings and contracts rule their lives—not to mention a string of promises and commitments made to family. However, all bets are off when he catches a sexy glimpse of her desire for him. His hopes soar…only to be dashed by a horrible misunderstanding. So when mysterious and renowned Madame Eve sets up these two powerful personalities to come together at the Las Vegas Carnivore Club, which one will bend?

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Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Mary Jo☆☆☆☆☆
This book was a joy to read. Both Natasha and Aaron's strong personalities are a breath of fresh air and with their history, their love story is a natural progression. As the attraction between them heats up, Tasha tries to deny the feelings she has for him, but it seems that Aaron has decided to get his flirt on. Tasha knows that Aaron is a man who likes control, but she needs it. Knowing that he would never submit to anyone, much less her, Tasha tries to back away. Each step backward she takes, Aaron takes one forward.

Aaron doesn't understand his need to be with Tasha, the feelings he has for her, the way she calms him, until one fateful night in Vegas. Once he realizes she's the perfect woman for him, can he convince her he's the perfect man for her?

Also Available in the Knights of Red Horse Series

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Bella Juarez has a passion for writing and tells her stories with a high level of military suspense and erotic romance. A few years ago, Bella was an IT technician with a craving for military and espionage history and would devour anything, fact or fiction, about the subject. Today, she lives on a south Texas ranch with her family and dogs.

With stories of intrigue running through her imagination, she always dreamed of writing a novel. Finally, in 2012, she wrote and released Rapid Dominance, book 1 of the Black Ops Brotherhood Series. Since then, she has released five more novels in this series. Branching out, she’s written three erotic romance novellas all with military elements.

Her stories blend today’s headlines into thought provoking, intricate plots interwoven with razor-sharp suspense, intrigue, and scorching, white-hot romance.

Bella’s idea of a perfect day starts out with a run, followed by a pot of strong French roast coffee, to keep her going while she sits at her keyboard tapping away on another story.

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