Sunday, May 31, 2015

Fortune by Aurelia T. Evans

He’s the reason to be careful what you wish for.

After her jealous boyfriend makes an angry, careless wish, Maya DeLuca finds herself trapped in a traveling demonic circus and at the mercy of a devious jinni, Bell Madoc. She joins the other lost souls of Arcanium who suffer in perpetual purgatory under the weight of their wishes, all making the best of a cursed situation under the rule of Bell and a sadistic Ringmaster.

But Maya’s not even cursed because of her own wish, which means she still has three for Bell to grant.

He may be fond of her—the passion they share as hellfire hot as it is wrong—but that doesn’t mean she’s safe from his endlessly inventive, wicked imagination. He might twist her wishes at his whim for his own pleasure. Or he might just give her what she wants…which could be even worse.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of exhibitionism and voyeurism, as well as graphic horror-related violence, including dismemberment. There are references to clown, incubus and succubus murder, scenes of BDSM and non-BDSM related whipping. All sex scenes are consensual in Arcanium apart from one brief scene of sexual assault and attempted rape. Scenes of ménage, both MFM and FMF, with multiple partners. There is also reference to needle play, graphic biting during sex and some talented tentacles in a sex scene.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This story completely caught me off-guard. I'd like to mention that I went to the circus with my 5yr old about a week before reading this, and that may have affected my enjoyment of this story (in a good way).

Arcanium is unlike any circus/human oddity show I've ever witnessed, but it isn't so far out of the realm of possible. Clowns, trapeze artists, lion tamers – you name it, this show has it. The question is, who – or more appropriately – What are the real performers?

We start the story as Maya and her longtime boyfriend, Derrick, visit a fortune teller, who just so happens to be part of the Circus that's located in a Renaissance Faire. Upon setting eyes on Bell, the fortune teller, Maya is enthralled. Derrick? Not so much - but that doesn't keep them from enjoying the main attraction: The Circus!
It's amazing how just 1 teeny, tiny moment in time can be responsible for so many branches the road of life can take.
One insignificant sentence, uttered in the "heat of the moment" can irreversibly change one person's life forever – without their knowledge of what's going on!

The Arcanium is a magical place, one filled with magic – golems, jinn, incubus and succubus, demons – oh my! So many characters, so little time!
I was utterly hooked by the 2nd Chapter – I liked Maya and was confused, excited, and completely sympathetic toward her. Upon learning her fate, I was angry but titillated by the possibilities this afforded her.
Bell, the one who made wishes come true was an enigma.

Interesting, unique, exciting, and at times quite steamy – this story transported me to a different world where wishes can come true, not all demons are evil, and love can still conquer all!

Aurelia T. Evans is an erotic writer with a fondness for horror and the supernatural. In addition to writing, Aurelia enjoys baking, taking late night walks, and listening to almost every genre of music.

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Fortune (Arcanium #1) by Aurelia T. Evans to read and review.

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