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Strength of Arms by Danica St. Como

In the wilds of Maine on her way to complete an assignment, CIA Clandestine Ops agent Lorelei Randall is ambushed and nearly killed. She is rescued by retired Marine scout sniper Adam Stone and his spotter/partner, Lucian Duquesne, and taken to Sanctuary training camp. The men care for her, and sexual heat quickly develops between the three.

Unable to choose between them, Lorelei ultimately accepts both hard, muscled, determined men as her lovers—which puts her assignment, and her life, at further risk. With Lucian as their anchor, Lorelei experiments with both him and Adam, singly and together, realizing she's been missing such hot, over the top, ramped up sex. Although the men do their best to protect her, she stubbornly insists that she is totally capable of caring for herself. But changing the game plan at the last minute, her stubbornness places her at the wrong end of an assassin's gun.

Publisher's Note: This is a revised, re-edited book previously released by another publisher.

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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

When CIA agent Lorelei crashes her car and is almost killed she wakes up in the house of two hot marines. Need I say more?

Lucien and Adam are both drawn to Lorelei and she is drawn to them. Lorelei does what any smart girl would do, she has them both. The men, who have never shared a women, have to deal with their own issues and insecurities and learn to share. While this is going on they have to figure out who is trying to kill Lorelei and help her complete her mission.

This story is told from the point of view of each of them which worked very well. Lucien is easy going and affectionate while Adam is the brooding silent type.

This is a sexy read with smart characters and a bit of action thrown in. Strength of Arms is an entertaining story.

I am a firm fan of ménage romance, so it was no surprise that I found this a really enjoyable read. The fact that it had two retired marines and a covert CIA agent as leads ensured that there was also a back story! I loved the details of Lorelei's previous encounters; and marvelled at how well she took to being the centre of attention! The chemistry between the three of them was sizzling, and the twist at the end was great.

This was a fun read, with lots of hotness, and I look forward to future releases of Ms. St. Como's work.

Also Available in the Men of Sanctuary Series

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St. Como, a Jersey girl born and raised, now writes at her farm in central upstate New York's dairy country, usually surrounded by a gaggle of Whippets under and around her oversized, over­burdened desk—while being stared at from across the room by a giant, malevolent treadmill. She puts her pen to several subgenres, including contemporary erotic romantic suspense, featuring any of the following: MFM and MMF ménage a trois, MM pairings, erotic historical, paranormal – all hot, all steamy, and all sexually explicit. In addition to stand alone novels and the Men of Sanctuary series, St. Como also writes erotic romantic suspense under the pen name Sophia Roslyn, author of Dragonetti's Mountain and Her Special Forces. – Loose Id bio

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Reviewers on the Wicked Reads Review Team were provided a free copy of Strength of Arms (Men of Sanctuary #1) by Danica St. Como to read and review.

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