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Love in Progress by Logan Grey Blog Tour

After years of hustling their music and uploading vlogs, Jayce and Blaine have finally landed the record deal of a lifetime.

When the label gets a taste of their chemistry on screen, the album vision is changed from a lyrical tale of two friends to one of a budding romance.
And that’s not all.

Even when the cameras stop rolling, Jayce and Blaine are expected to sell their new story.

The thing is, for Jayce, it’s a little too easy to play the role of 'boyfriend' instead of 'best friend,' until he realizes it’s not pretend at all.

With a life-long friendship and life-changing careers on the line, they’ll have to put their feelings aside and fake it ‘til they make it, or watch their dreams go up in flames.

*This friends-to-lovers romance is a standalone in the Heartbelt Records Series, and can be read as such. This is an M/M story containing mature content.

Book 3
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“So, to celebrate, we’ve decided to read some of the questions you tweeted us. But there’s a catch—”

“For us,” Blaine interjected, and reached down to their feet to pull up a bottle of wine.

Jayce turned both palms face up to showcase the wine and grinned. “We have to drink every time we see #Jaine mentioned.”

“I think we’re going to die,” Blaine groused. After twisting the cap off the bottle, he pulled both of their mugs closer and tried to pour without making a mess. Nerves and excitement were so mixed up inside him, he felt like a bottle of champagne, one shaken and ready to burst with the emotions.

After three years of going at it alone, Blaine had begun to let go of the dream of signing to a record label. And just when he’d begun to accept that no label would offer them what they deserved, Heartbelt Records came into their lives.

There he sat, announcing to their fans that their lives were changing. So yeah, you could say it was a big deal, hence his shaky ass hands.

Chill out, he told himself. If you spill wine on Jayce’s clothes, he will kill you.

“Don’t worry, honey, I’ll hold your hair back when you’re sick later,” Jayce responded to his comment and took the mug from him, avoiding spillage. As he leaned back, his crop top slid up his torso, a tease and a statement all in one.

Blaine ran a hand through his short hair out of reflex. It was buzzed on the sides, just like Jayce’s, but he kept his blond locks pushed back with a side part instead of letting the fringe fall into his face. He was also dressed in nothing more than sweatpants and a tee, whereas Jayce wore a highlighter bright, orange crop top and black skinny jeans ripped at the knees. Because of the camera placement, viewers would only see them head to waist, but Jayce never did an outfit halfway.

Patting his hand around on the couch, he found his phone and tapped the blue icon of the Twitter app.

“Ready?” he asked, and gestured to the wine.

“For alcohol poisoning? Bring it on,” Jayce teased, and sent the camera a flirty look before scooting closer on the couch.

Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

This is a sweet new adult romance about the changing relationship between two best friends. It’s a romance for GenZ YouTube fans, but universal themes of love and friendship make this a story which will also appeal to a much wider audience.

I have to admit that I’m still not entirely sure what Jayce and Blaine actually do on YouTube but it seems to involve a combination of music videos and lifestyle vlogging. We meet the pair just after they are signed for their first recording deal and their lives start to change dramatically. The best friends are sweet and funny and wildly in love with each other – something Blaine would completely deny at the start of the book.

This is a pretty gentle friends-to-lovers romance. I enjoyed the scenes where they make music and record music videos and I really enjoyed the connection between the two young men. It’s not a complicated read, but it’s entertaining and it made me smile.

This is the third book in the series, but can be read as a standalone. The one ongoing theme is the record label, and the possible secondary romance of its two front men. That said, the first two were a good read, so if you enjoy this, do go back!

Two very best friends who do everything together, and have done so since school, finally hit it big when they sign a record contract. Their previous life consisted of making music and getting it to pay by creating a vlog, releasing music online, and generally engaging people in their lives. Well, in all but one area, which has been a question mark for a very long time.

Blaine is a big guy, has only had heterosexual relationships, although to be honest, not many of those as he would much rather be with his closest friend, Jayce. Jayce is petit, fem, and out. In fact, it was being bullied as a young boy that introduced him to his knight, Blaine. Shippers on social media have been holding out for the two of them to be a couple, and whilst they play up to the idea, Jayce knows Blaine is not interested in him in that way... but maybe things change?

I really enjoyed this story from the music point of view, from dealing with issues of perception as well as the creative process. But it serves to highlight just how close these two guys are, and how something needs to give for them to be fully true to the romance as well as the love which is between them.

Cute, hot, and very readable, I recommend this to you.

3.5 Stars

Love in Progress is the third book in the Heartbelt Records series. The first two need to be read together as a duet but Love in Progress can be read as a standalone.

This is Jayce and Blaine's story. They are best friends and have been for years. They spend their time making music and videos about their lives and posting them on their vlog. Celeb and Jason from Heartbelt Records were quick to sign them to the label for the huge following they already have. Their fans have given them the nickname #Jaine. They all think they should be together; Jayce is out and Blaine is straight. The label picks up on their chemistry as well and wants them to pretend they are in a relationship. What starts out as "fake" turns into something more...

I liked these characters. They had a past and depth, but their relationship seemed to drag from chapter to chapter. It came down to if one would have said something to the other it would have progressed from there instead of dragging on throughout the book. I did enjoy it more once they were together and the ending was a perfect finish. I look forward to more of this series.

Also Available in the Heartbelt Records Series

Book 1
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Logan resides in Tennessee, convinced her southern twang is part of her charm. With two cats and a dog, her hands are full, and not just of treats like her pets would like to believe. As a full-time author, she dedicates all of her time bringing to life different characters and developing new worlds for her readers to lose themselves in. And more often than not, she loses herself in them, which is her favorite place to be: with a cat in her lap, a snack in hand, and voices in her head.

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