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Movie star 102: The headlines are never what they seem.

Quellcrist wasn’t new to fame or the effect it had on a relationship. He’d been married in the spotlight for as long as he’d been famous. But that was before Hale. He knew it was going to test him but even he hadn’t known the toll that months apart would take on his fledgling relationship.

Long days of shooting, different time zones, calls every day dwindled to days without calls, and rumors were all over the rags. Through it all Quell had to battle his own worst enemy but he didn’t know how to win against something inside him. Depression ate him whole and pain took over.

There was so much more at stake than losing his boyfriend, he was losing his best friend. His lifeline, the love of his life. Was there any way to come back from the damage done?

Can they rewrite their ending?

Book 2
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Reviews by the Wicked Reads Review Team

Rewritten is the second book and starts off right where Unscripted left us. You cannot read this one as a standalone, you have to read book one first to understand the past and current relationship.

In Unscripted, Quell and Hale finally get together, now we get to see how they navigate their relationship and the media. I love a good angst-filled read and this did not disappoint. The emotion is raw and so real. Quell's depression takes hold, it’s heartbreaking it's so authentic.

This book can take the reader down a path they weren't expecting so be warned, it is an emotional read but so worth it in the end.

3.5 stars of sadness and miscommunications

This is the second book in the series, and you absolutely have to have read book one to be able to fathom what is happening here and why.

We start off back with Hale and Quell in their new home, filming over, enjoying their newfound love, but keeping it out of the tabloids if they possibly can. It is difficult to tell whether that is really what either of them want, but as they both only voice their fears in their heads, they just travel along a path, fraught with potential risk. Once Hale gets signed up for a new superhero role and Quell gets his filming schedule for his long time Bond-like role, the die is cast for how they will cope with the distance between them. Given the problems that Quell has always had when on set, Hale feels he should possibly relinquish the role in favour of supporting his lover, but in the end, to different destinations they go.

What should be an amazing experience for Hale is tinged with guilt at not having time for Quell, and it only gets worse. I felt that Hale's feelings, attempts at being supportive, his guilt at being selfish, and his sadness as things go from bad to worst are all very well written. We also get Quell's side of the story and one can only feel for him too – but it is tough reading. It is sad, frustrating and I think most likely very true to fact. But after we had had such a wonderful story in Unscripted, that it felt like it was undoing everything, and nothing could ever be the same again. Naive of me, quite possibly, but I do mostly read for escapism, and whilst I often wish for more of a couple, when we see them settled and happy, this was a difficult story to wade through. Thankfully the men have good, supportive friends who do all they can to get some kind of closure for them both, ideally together, but at least by reducing the damage inflicted and endured.

Am I glad I persevered, yes, for sure – there are some poignant, hot, and lovely parts to the book, but it is also a painful read, so be ready going in.

I really enjoyed the first book, which you should read first. I wasn't prepared for this book. It picked right up at the end of the first book and I was happy how things ended in the last book. This book threw me for a doozy. I was sad to see a couple I loved go through all this crap. It just made me sick to my stomach. I didn't like this book as much.

There is a reason that most romance novels end with a Happily Ever After. Romance readers want a fantasy. We want an escape. And the first book in this series offered a great fantasy escape. A new actor and an established Hollywood star meet and fall in love on the set of a TV show. I loved first the book. But I don’t think it needed a sequel.

This sequel follows Quell and Hale as Hale’s career takes off with a Marvel-like role and Quell’s mental health starts to fall apart. This isn’t Happily Ever After, it’s months of angst-filled separation, gritty tabloid headlines, and a relationship that starts to crumble.

Yes, the sequel is probably the more realistic of the two books but it doesn’t work as a romance novel and it isn’t realistic enough to fit within more serious contemporary fiction genres. There’s a touch of Hollywood fantasy here – the men live the pampered, privileged lives of movie stars – but it is a tarnished fantasy that focuses more on the costs of fame than wealthy pleasures. This is the book that explains why no one in Hollywood manages to stay married.

Again, I loved the first book, but this one was hard work. Neither Quell or Hale is likeable through much of the story and the lack of communication between the men is infuriating. It’s a slow read and I really missed the chemistry and sexual tension that drove the first book.

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Gray is a cynical Chicago native, who drinks coffee all day, barely sleeps, and is a little too fashion obsessed. He writes realistic and damaged characters because everyone deserves a happily ever after.

J.R. Gray is Gender Queer and prefers He/Him/His pronouns.

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